Diabetes Side Effects of Denial and Depression

Diabetes side effects could be the complications that may come when the diabetes is not controlled. But just like medications that could lead to harmful results, I feel this condition could lead to damaging responses so I made up this term as something that could come as reaction to the disease.

Mind you, side-effect diabetes is a term that could explain secondary diabetes which could happen as a result of a particular prescription medications like Dilantin which can raise blood sugar level or if the pancreas are severely injured or removed, but let's not go there.

The diabetes side effects I am thinking of are the feelings of confusion, fear, anger, guilt, depression and denial when one finds that he has diabetes. Denial is a natural response but it is dangerous because it prevents one from taking control and moving on.

It is all right to feel angry at first for this is one of the diabetes side effects for some, but don't blame yourself and think that had you not eaten junk food or done something, you would not have developed the disease. If truth be told, there is no single cause and it is not a punishment. This condition is often the result of many factors beyond anyone's control.

Depression is one of the diabetes side effects. One may feel sad almost as if he had lost something important. In a way, it's true for it seems like the healthy self is lost. But if this feeling takes too long it can have harmful effects to the ability to deal with the condition effectively.


Try to keep a journal about your feelings. Sometimes expressing these feelings can make it less difficult to cope with these emotions. Call or email friends and family to articulate the emotions you feel as they occur.

Dealing with stress is something all of us should learn. Accept that stress is part of everyday life but too much of it can increase blood glucose levels which could lead to hyperglycemia. The diabetes side effects of too much stress from anxiety, worry, depression, anger and guilt can lead to deeper depression.

So how do we cope with this stress that is making us depressed? Sometimes what is required is a simple adjustment like putting all your glucose monitoring supplies in one area so you do not have to go back and forth getting your supplies one at a time.

Sometimes one needs the strength of mind to use positive thoughts to survive. Emile Coue, a French physician once wrote on his prescription pad for his patient. Repeat twenty times in the morning and twenty times before bedtime, "Every day in every way, I am getting, better, better and better." I read that this got remarkable result.

This type of healing utilizing positive thoughts can indeed make one turn around. This mental exercise can make you relax and stress-free. It is indeed commendable to use all the mental power we have to deal with diabetes.

Here's what someone I know does in times of great emotional distress. He tests his blood sugar level. This gives him time to reflect on what is causing the stress and to think of whether it is necessary for him to get stressed. Then he walks around and breathes deeply.

There is another powerful theory in getting rid of these so-called diabetes side effects. Apparently, the right brain is the instinctive part of the brain while the left side takes care of everyday concerns. Learn the inner consciousness of the right brain and you may be in for a surprise. Let's end this with a promise to develop the most positive attitude to healing.

Diabetes side effects could be reduced by eating porridge, so do the scientists claim. University of Highlands researchers think that cereal could help with diabetes control more effectively.

With low glycemic index, oats could be effective because their carbohydrates are more slowly broken down which allows the glucose to be gradually released into the blood as well.

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