Diabetes Pictures on Diagnosis

The diabetes pictures on this disease have changed. The most important change is the revision of the clinical guidelines. Where before having one's sugar level inch a bit higher was not taken seriously, now it is treated as a red flag. Some of those changes that may oblige the health care team to do are as follows:

  • Check the people at high risk regularly for diabetes instead of waiting for the symptoms to appear.
  • Educate those at high risk on ways to prevent and delay the onset of diabetes.
  • Try meal planning and lifestyle changes before prescribing medication is part of the new diabetes pictures.
  • Motivate those with diabetes to self-test their blood glucose levels.
  • Make sure which medications affect the level of insulin.
  • Encourage the development of more help and centers.
  • Make sure who should use insulin and not prescribe it with medication.
  • Prevent complications by driving home the fact that the diabetes pictures make it imperative patients understand and comply to diet and lifestyle changes.

The diabetes pictures indicate that the prediction is that more and more people will be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This will mean there will be less education available as the health care team gets overloaded. It is up to us then to learn as much as we can and take action.

Just be thankful that the diagnosis has come this early in the game where you can take action and prevent the complications like heart disease, impotence, blindness, strokes and kidney disease. Taking action will keep these away.

The diabetes pictures of being diagnosed with the disease are that of shock and disbelief. The question of "why me?" will come up often. What did I do wrong? No, whatever you do, don't blame yourself. This is not your fault, for you can't control your genes. Remind yourself of this as you deal and cope with diabetes.

The diabetes pictures indicate that the sooner the diagnosis is made, the easier it will be to control it. Thinking that you only have borderline diabetes may be dangerous as it may discourage you to take action. If this happens, there will be more problems later on.

So how did they come up with this diagnosis? Is there a chance the diabetes pictures could be wrong? To encourage to take this matter seriously, here's how they diagnose diabetes. Any abnormal results are confirmed by repeating the test to make sure. Here's a table I found in Dr. Nathan and Linda Delahanty's book, Beating Diabetes:

How We Diagnose Diabetes
Test Diabetes Level Pre Diabetes Level
Fasting Plasma Glucose >or=126 mg/dL 100-125 mg/dL
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test >or=200 mg/dL 140-199 mg/dL
Random Plasma Glucose >or=200 mg/dL

Note that the fasting plasma glucose is calculated after an eight hour fast. The oral glucose tolerance test is conducted by asking the patient to drink 75 grams of glucose after fasting overnight. Then the plasma glucose is measured after two hours. The random plasma glucose measurement is taken any time.

So you see, the diagnosis is not made lightly. The diabetes pictures indicate that a careful study is made of different tests before making the diagnosis. All possible factors are taken into consideration before any diagnosis is finalized. There's no jumping into conclusion here. But rest assure that this is not your fault. Just do what has to be done and avoid the complications.

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