On Diabetes Meters, What the Community Can Do

Diabetes meters or glucose monitors are essential in the daily testing of the blood sugar. There are simple do-it-yourself tools now but the people who have to use them may need help and encouragement. So what can the community do about this?

There are plenty of ways the community can help to encourage people on the proper use of diabetes meters. Hospitals, libraries, grocery stores and other retailers can place brochures of instruction on the registration desks or by the cashier centers. Here are other ways:

  • Utility companies, hospitals and employers can stuff brochures on how to use the diabetes meters in the customer bills and paychecks.
  • Drug, clothing, shoe and grocery stores can announce over their audio system when the next demonstration on how to use the diabetes meters will be held.
  • Doctor offices, health clinics and banks can play a recording on the importance of disease control for their customers while they wait.
  • Private businesses can display posters on the use of diabetes meters.
  • Community groups and clubs can dedicate their next fund raising campaign to increase diabetes awareness.
  • Gyms, dance and recreational centers can display posters.
  • Video stores can distribute tips on how to combat the disease.
  • Police, fire and other departments can hand out copies on controlling the disease to prevent complications when they conduct safety checks.
  • Churches can display posters on their bulletin board on how to get help to control the disease.
  • The media can spread the word around as to the on-going activities on how to help the people win their fight against this disease.
  • The community leaders and the politicians can encourage the businesses to participate in the activities to control diabetes.
  • Movie theaters can show a clip on the use of the diabetes meters before the feature presentation.

You can conclude from the above that the community can make a difference in maintaining awareness of this disease. There are ongoing activities those afflicted and their families. Why do we have to target the family members too? Because they play a significant role in the control of this disease.

The family members can help the one afflicted with this disease better when they understand it. They can then give support by eating healthy meals, taking part in physical activities and motivating the diabetic in their family on the use of diabetes meters and to take medications as the doctor ordered. This will be a tremendous help.

How about you? What can you do to increase awareness of the disease and how to control it? There are a lot you can do. Let's start with ideas on what to give people with this disease as gifts for special occasions. Give them gifts that will help them control their diabetes. Here's a list I gathered from the National Diabetes Education:

Gift Ideas for People with Diabetes
Gift Ideas Estimate Costs
Treadmill $100-$500
Wheel Chair $200 or more
Nordic track or exercise machine $100-$300
Exercise Bike $100
Diabetes Meters $50-$100+
Blood pressure cuff $35-$65
Test Strips $10-$30
Recipe Book for Diabetes 0-$20
Exercise Video $10-$20
Thermometers $5-$10
Coupons for free ride to doctor Free

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