Diabetes Meters, Key to Disease Management

Diabetes meters are crucial in putting the power to control the disease in your hands. If the glucose levels are checked regularly or as needed then adjustment can be made in the diet and exercise plans to manage the diabetes effectively.

First, find out from your health care team what are the blood glucose levels for you. Question them as to the type of diabetes meters you have. Some measure whole blood while others measure plasma values. It follows then the blood glucose goal will be contingent to the kind you use.

The majority of the new diabetes meters provide outcomes as plasma values. Ask your health care team how you will check your own blood sugar levels. Then learn to compare the results with the blood sugar level goals. What are these goals? Here are the levels that most people strive for.

Plasma Values
Before Meals1-2 hours after meals
90 - 130below 180

Whole Blood Values
Before Meals1 - 2 hours after meals
80 - 120Below 170

Ask your doctor when you need to check your blood glucose level with your diabetes meters. Ask him how often you should check it. Really, it should usually be checked before and after eating and sometimes before going to bed. Do the monitoring of the blood glucose level more often if you're on insulin therapy.

Keep a record of the results of the diabetes meters testing. Write down the number and note what you ate and did in relation to the outcomes you received. Was it because you ate too much? Did you exercise a lot? Were you sick? All these could have affected the results.

The results of the diabetes meters monitoring will give you an idea as to what changes you will make in order to achieve the reading as close to the goal level as possible. If you have no idea how to do it, show the results to your health care team especially after two or three days when your results are higher or lower than the goal. Why?

Your health care team will be able to help you plan ways to manage the disease better. They will tell you what to do if your reading is higher than normal. Similarly, they will guide you in formulating a plan to change your exercise, meal plans and medication when your result is lower than the goal. So you see the diabetes meters play a crucial role in managing the disease.

At this point, it is good to know what makes your monitoring give results higher or lower than the goal. Once you know what conditions affect the results, you will be able to make your own adjustment to your diet and physical activity. Regarding your medication, even if it needs changing, you will have to consult with the doctor first.

What conditions make the blood sugar level too high?

  • Eating foods high in sugar content
  • Eating more than you normally eat
  • Stress
  • Exercising less
  • Taking some medication
  • Not taking diabetes medication
  • Sickness

What conditions make the blood sugar level too low?

  • Taking higher insulin dose than required
  • Exercising more
  • Eating less, missing a meal
  • Taking too much medication

There you have it. One way of managing diabetes is through self monitoring of the blood glucose level with the help of the diabetes meters. It is fortunate that nowadays it takes only a few seconds to test the blood glucose level. Tracking the blood sugar level is so much easier. You can do it!

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