Diabetes Medications, a Community Project

Diabetes medications may be necessary after trying to control the disease by lifestyle changes. If diet and exercise cannot control Type 2 diabetes then oral medications could be required. There are two basic types of these pills:

  • Sensitizing drugs which reduce insulin resistance and insulin levels. These make the cells more receptive to insulin. Biguanides, an example of these drugs have been shown in studies to have been effective in reducing diabetes complications.
  • The other type of antidiabetic drugs (sulfonylureas) helps stimulate the pancreas to provide more insulin.

There are so many of these diabetes medications it is important to have the community help those taking them get the right ones for them. I know the doctor will determine which diabetes medications will be right for them but the community can help by encouraging the proper use of these pills.

What can the community do? It can try to raise the level of awareness of everything about the disease including the diabetes medications. This could be done through distributing brochures on how to control the disease at a Health Day Fair, or have a diabetologist to give a talk on diabetes medications.

The community can organize ongoing activities to help maintain awareness of diabetes control through diet and exercise and diabetes medications. This could be a year long battle with diabetes through monthly activities and providing support for the people with this disease.

There are so many ideas like displaying posters on bulletin boards, encouraging people at work who distribute newsletter to include an article on this topic. This article could cover topics like diabetes medications and their possible side effects and what to do about them.

Here are other ideas:

  • Send emails to friends and co-workers a message on how diabetes is serious, common, expensive but controllable.
  • Show posters at the next club meeting.
  • Request the library to distribute bookmarks with a diabetes message.
  • Ask the health care team and church leaders to display posters in their work place and place of worship.
  • Contact festival organizers to display posters or provide space for a display of brochures.
  • Talk to local newspapers and request for a story on diabetes.
  • Prepare diabetes-healthy recipe cards and plan an exchange with the neighbors.
  • Invite the neighbors to go on a walk on any given night.
  • Organize a screening of blood pressure at a place of worship.
  • Prepare an exhibit in the library featuring diabetes books and posters.
  • Ask a bookstore to display diabetes books and posters.
  • Request a local restaurant to give a demonstration on preparing diabetes-healthy recipes.
  • Give a neighbor a ride to his next doctor’s appointment.
  • Offer a senior to pick up his groceries or prescriptions.
  • Call a diabetic person once a week to find out how he is.

Here are the two types of diabetes medications with information on how long they last, the action, and the average dose. The sulfonylureas help the pancreas to make more insulin and the body to use it efficiently. Remember to eat three meals a day when taking these pills.

Names of Pills How Long the Pill Lasts The Pill's Action Average Daily Dose
Orinase and Mobenol 6 hours short 2-3
Diabeta and Euglucon 12 hours Medium 1-2
Diamicron 12 hours Medium 2-4
Dimelor 12 hours Medium 1-2
Diabenese 36 Long 1

Biguanides are the other pills which help the body use sugar more efficiently. To avoid the side effects of nausea, diarrhea and upset stomach, Metformin is taken with a meal.

Names of Pills How Long the Pill Lasts Pill's Action Average Daily Dose
Metformin or Glucophage 6 hours Short 2-3

It is possible to have different types of diabetes medications given together. Glucophage (Metformin) taken by itself does not produce low blood glucose level. The doctor may sometimes order insulin in combination with these pills.

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