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Diabetes meal plan and what to include in it can be such a challenge but need not be such a pain. The important thing is to eat an assortment of healthy food with a good balance in mind and to consume moderate portions. I know this is easier said than done but we will not make it a chore.

Let me tell you about bananas and I'll devote this web page on them. No, I'm not going bananas. This expression does not really connote anything bad for as a CCNY professor said this phrase comes from the effects of this fruit on the brain. I don't really care what it means because including this fruit in the diabetes meal plan is not a bad idea.

Did you know that bananas have natural sugars in them? Three in fact. What are they? Fructose, sucrose and our friend glucose and combined with fiber, it is quite an energy booster. Studies have verified that two bananas give adequate energy to exercise for 90 minutes. Now I know the secret why star athletes all over the world prefer bananas as their number one fruit. Hmm, maybe there's hope for me to be an athlete yet.

But you know what? Adding bananas in our diabetes meal plan does not only provide us with energy, but also helps defeat or prevent a number of conditions such as depression, anemia, PMS, blood pressure, constipation, heartburn, hangover, morning sickness, mosquito bites, ulcers, strokes and warts. And there are supporting facts for each of these conditions.

There are so many of them, let's just deal with the evidence on the conditions that may affect the diabetics. After eating a banana, a depressed person is found to feel better because it contains tryptophan. This is the kind of protein that is converted into serotonin, known to make people more relaxed and improve the mood. So add them to the diabetes meal plan.

For PMS ladies, don't take the pills for bananas have Vitamin B6 which regulates the blood glucose levels which can affect the mood. Blood glucose levels? Wow, that's right up our alley. This is it. From now on, my diabetes meal plan will include this fruit.

Then it helps beat blood pressure. How and why? Okay, okay, one at a time please and let me catch my breath for this fruit is making my head spin. Well, bananas are low in salt and extremely high in potassium. That is why the Food and Drug Administration has permitted the banana business to officially claim that this fruit can reduce the risk of, drum roll please, stroke and blood pressure!


Hmm, my doctor's appointment is next week; I better eat a banana everyday in my diabetes meal plan. My blood pressure has a habit of going up whenever I see a doctor in uniform. I know it could be just a white coat syndrome but it's better to cover all the bases. Right?

You think I'm done? That's not all folks. To avoid morning sickness, nibbling on bananas between meals could be the answer to your prayers for this fruit helps keep the blood sugar levels up. To be honest, I am not sure whether the morning sickness they're referring to is due to pregnancy or to low blood glucose levels after fasting overnight.

It must cover both, for our friend glucose is mentioned. But let's leave that for now and think of how bananas help calm the nervous system because of its high Vitamin B content. Expectant mothers, listen up. In Thailand, they eat bananas to make sure their baby is delivered with a low temperature. Don't you make me explain that.

Do you know why you could be overweight at work? Austria's Institute of Psychology studied this and found that work pressure leads to overeating comfort foods like chocolates, no, not the dark healthy type. Do you know what else they found when they studied 5000 patients in the hospital?

They found that those who were obese had stressful jobs so to avoid craving for unhealthy food, they said it is wise to snack on foods high in carbohydrates every two hours to keep the blood sugar levels steady. This is if you have the go-ahead signal from your doctor and dietitian.

Smoking is bad for diabetics and here come the bananas to the rescue. With their Vitamins B6, B12, magnesium, and potassium, you have an army to help the body deal with nicotine withdrawal. And now here comes the New England Journal of Medicine to tell us that eating bananas as part of the diabetes meal plan can lower the risk of death due to strokes by 40%.

Need I say more? Oh, okay one more time, I promise. Bananas with their tryptophan, a natural mood enhancer, help those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. No wonder monkeys are such happy creatures. And because they're such a natural remedy for many conditions, they beat apples hands down.

Compared to apples, bananas have four times the protein, two times the carbohydrate, five times the Vitamin A and iron, three times the phosphorus and two times the other minerals and vitamins. Can you blame me if I include them in my diabetes meal plan? No more apple a day for me. From now on it's a banana a day keeps a doctor away.

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