Diabetes Management - Crucial in Self-Care

Diabetes management, of course this is needed for diabetes is a serious disease. This means your blood glucose or blood sugar is too high. Now don’t get me wrong. You need glucose in your blood because it furnishes you with energy. But too much of it? It’s not good for your health.

Why should you engage in diabetes management? Because controlling your diabetes will help you feel better and healthy. If you keep your blood glucose close to normal, you will avoid life-threatening complications. And this is not all the benefit you’ll get if you make changes for the better. You will improve your quality of life as well.

If you find yourself having a hard time because of the many things you have to do to manage diabetes, you may need Diabetes Burnout: What To Do When You Can't Take it AnymoreWilliam Polonsky (Author)

NewsalertThere's something new that came up from the researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and other sites in Massachusetts regarding a trial they conducted at eleven primary care centers. Among those enrolled, 244 had diabetes. This is what they found: the use of personal health record in the web increased the rate of adjustment of medication related to diabetes.

How do you go about diabetes management? Well to control diabetes, you will have to know your blood glucose levels and your target goals. Testing is crucial because it will help you know if your condition is under control. This way you will be guided accordingly as to what choices to make regarding diet, exercise and other factors that can keep you healthier and live longer.

Why should you check your blood glucose? Because with diabetes management it will help you control your diabetes. This way you and your health care team will know what changes to implement in your treatment plan. This way you will be able to determine what it is that is affecting your levels. Is it the food, medicines, physical exercise, stress or sickness?

How do you check your blood sugar level? You do not need to go to the doctor to do this. The pharmacist will help you choose the glucose meter and lancet that you will need for the test. Lancet, what is that? Well, it is a tool to get a drop of blood. The meter will use the blood to give you a number which is your blood glucose level.


Some words of warning are essential here regarding the different types of meters available. Some meters are made especially for people having problem with their eyes. Some are made specifically to take blood samples from your finger or other parts of the body. The pharmacist and other members of your health care team will guide you on the right choice of meters and how to use them as well.

It's essential to monitor your levels, but there are other steps you can take to manage your diabetes. There are certain medicines you can take, as well as exercising. In fact, if you use an Android tablet, like the new T-Mobile 7" Samsung tab or an iPad, there are many apps you can download that give great recommendations for living with and managing diabetes.

Here's a video on an ex-diabetic (author of "Death to Diabetes") gives lecture about beating diabetes in 10 steps ( This might give you the inspiration to do the best in order to beat this condition. This man had over a thousand blood sugar level, had severe hypoglycemia and was in a coma. So there is always hope.

Good diabetes management places the onus on the patient. Really most of the daily care is up to you. The choices you make if they are the right ones will have a positive effect on your diabetes. Such choices as what when and how much to eat, taking medications, being physically active and monitoring your blood sugar levels are all up to you.

Here' what will make it easier for you. Why not give a hint to a loved one to give this to you?

My Diabetes Organizer: The Essential Planner and Record-Keeper for People with Type 2 Diabetes

My Diabetes Organizer: The Essential Planner and Record-Keeper for People with Type 2 Diabetes

The Essential Planner and Record-Keeper for People with Type 2 Diabetes A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes means a lifetime of monitoring both diet and blood sugar. Packed with charts, guides, and advice, this complete health management system helps organize and simplify the lives of people with diabetes. With the planning tools in this handbook, patients can keep track of test results, contact information, and medication records. Favorably reviewed by the American Association of Diabetes Educators, the organizer features: -12-month check-up charts-envelopes and pockets for bills, lab test results, doctors' business cards, and more-a 30-day journal to get readers into the routine of daily care By looking beyond bare facts and providing real goals for living with type 2 diabetes, this book serves as a constant companion for vital self-care.

The two tests you can do are the lancet test and the urine test. The urine test is not as reliable as testing the blood so we will concentrate on SMBG or self-monitoring of blood glucose. Mind you this is a short term test, meaning, it shows what is happening now. In the beginning, you should do this four times a day. Wait before you get mad at me it’s only at the start that you test this many times. You will see things more manageable as this website updates information.

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