Diabetes Life Expectancy, a Prevention Goal

Diabetes life expectancy? Yes, we can live longer if we prevent or delay diabetes. How do we do that in the most natural way possible? By eating less and moving more, we might be able to achieve our goal. We've covered all about the eating part. This time, we will tackle the issue of physical activity.

To improve the diabetes life expectancy, most change the lifestyle by walking quickly for thirty minutes, five days a week. At home or at work, there are things one can do to be active without having to go to the gym or play sports. Just keep moving at reasonable intensity, but consult with the doctor first.

Make it fun. Don't exercise; play instead. Moving more does not have to be such a pain. Do what's most enjoyable for you. Just keep moving because this will help lower the diabetes risk and in so doing will increase your diabetes life expectancy.

Dancing for one is a superb form of exercise. You don't have to go to a night club to dance away the hours and those pounds. Just put a cassette or a CD on and dance away even in the kitchen while you're waiting for the lean meat to get broiled. You can dance while you dust the furniture and you don't need a partner to improve your diabetes life expectancy.

While in a workout that's routine like aerobic exercises and walking on a treadmill, you could listen to recorded books or your favorite music. This will make the exercise more enjoyable because you're combining it with something you enjoy. The diabetes life expectancy will then be on the rise.

There are more appealing things to do than watching TV so find them. Watching TV should come with a warning: This could raise your diabetes risk and lower your diabetes life expectancy. For what else can burn fewer calories than watching TV? Just lying still or sleeping, that's what.

Sometimes all those gadgets at home prevent you to be more active. For instance, do we really need a coffee stirrer? So next time you're tempted by some ads to buy a labor-saving device, think whether you can do the task better the old-fashioned way by hand, get some exercise at the same time and raise your diabetes life expectancy.

Don't think of weight lifting as something for someone who would like to be Mr. Universe. Why? Because weight lifting improves the muscle mass and it's the muscle that gets most of the glucose out of the blood. It also burns most of the calories and thus lengthens the diabetes life expectancy.

Gardening is a form of exercise, did you know that? And it could provide one with healthy organic vegetables. A double benefit indeed towards achieving the goal of a longer diabetes life expectancy. And one doesn't need acres of land to plant a garden. If a window sill is the only thing available then by all means, plant a tomato or two.

Get a buddy to walk with. Walking will be more pleasurable with a friend. This friend will also benefit from a healthy lifestyle. With this cooperation and support, you can't fail. And if you fall off the wagon once in a while, who cares? Your buddy will be there to listen and encourage you.

Since you want and need to move more and your elderly neighbors may not be able to do much, offer your help. Tell them they'll be able to help you if you can do some of their chores. They can't refuse then. And helping others might help you stick to the moving more mantra.

When you've given in to the temptation to eat more on special occasion, there's no problem. Just combine this with more pleasurable forms of exercise so you won't feel you have to punish yourself for eating more than you need. Just lessen the damage by adding more exercise to your routine.

Spend some time with little children as in a nursery. They're full of energy and following them around will surely burn calories. Or take the kids to the park; you'll do a lot of walking then. Or get a baby sitting job to watch the little people. That will burn a lot of calories and lengthen the diabetes life expectancy.

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