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Diabetes Journals_1 that I regularly visit are those that are favorites of mine. One of them is the British Journal on Diabetes and Vascular Disease. They have quite a few articles that will shed light as to the type of care given the diabetics.

An example of an article they had recently published is the one on which diet helps with the loss of weight and the maintenance of the same. Is it the one with the low or the high carbohydrates? Or is it the one high in protein or fat? Duh! That's easy enough to determine, isn't it?

Well, now I am not going to fight with the experts but the jury is out. They are now saying that it is not the composition of the diet that determines the weight loss and the maintenance of the same but rather it's the calorie deficit that does it. This begs to ask the question as to which one of the diets around will do the job best. This led to more questions asked at the diabetes journals_1.


Is it best to follow a specific diet? If so, which one? Their answer to this is that the short-term use of any of the commercially prepared low calorie diets has done well with people with diabetes when it comes hand in hand with some educational support. I think the diabetes journals_1 are right on the money on this one.

The second issue addressed is the fact that some initial loss of weight from such diets as the South Beach and Atkins are encouraging. However, these are difficult to maintain. Besides there are some safety issues regarding the use of these diets for both the long term and short term use especially with the diabetics.

The third consideration here is that the type of nutrients taken can have such an effect on the glycemic control and also on the energy metabolism. The diet which is low in carbohydrates may boost initial weight loss by lowering the water content but if the fat is not reduced accordingly, then this may not help with the lipid profile for vascular disease risk.

Then there is the fact that high protein and high fat diets that are low in carbohydrates may increase the risk of hypoglycemia among those who are on insulin therapy. This may also support excess fat metabolism and ketogenesis especially those who are vulnerable to insulin deficiency or lack thereof.

Diets that contain very little protein are not good for the diabetics as they tend to have reduced lean body mass. If more foods are excluded, micronutrient excess can happen. Glycemic control in this case is affected by the amount and type of fiber consumption. Support programs therefore are needed to reach the weight loss goal thus preventing obesity and ultimately type 2 diabetes.

Consumption of smaller portions of a diet that is well balanced plus the adjustment of the medications will promote the loss of weight in a healthy manner. There's a wide choice of food for our enjoyment, thus allowing us to live the good life. This along with exercise will help maintain the weight loss. It is really required to have some kind of self control. Such is what I get from my regular perusing of diabetes journals_1.

Diabetes Journals on Losing Weight - A New Approach

Diabetes journals has given us the news that there is now a change in focus when it comes to weight loss. Since most diets are not effective in the long term, the researchers studied how a weight-acceptance intervention will work and it appears that this works better. So the approach now is from the weight-centered to a health-centered approach. They call this HAES which is an acronym for Health At Every Size because they think that health is linked to behaviors regardless of size. I love this new approach, don't you?

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