Diabetes Information on Herbs

Diabetes information has shown some plants that revealed their effects on blood sugar. Experiments have shown their hypoglycemic effects although how they do it is not clear. It is true that some plants have insulin which is a material like insulin. Do you want to know some examples of plants that prove to be this helpful?

Spanish moss has been used by Cajun healers to treat diabetes for a long time now. It is known that diabetes information shows Spanish moss to hold a substance that drops not only blood sugar but also cholesterol. Not only has it been used to treat Type 2 diabetes but also heart disease, edema and hemorrhoids.

More diabetes information tells us that the ivy gourd and karela have been tested on patients. And you know what they found out? These have lowered the blood sugar by about twenty percent. Cinnamon also appears to decrease the amount of insulin to manage sugar levels. Among these, we’ve only used cinnamon, and I tell you, it has done my husband’s diabetes a lot of good.

To tell you the truth, my research on diabetes information has shown numerous hypoglycemic plants. They significantly add to the over-all management of diabetes to those who are not yet insulin-dependent. Alas, it cannot take the place of the insulin therapy for those who are insulin-dependent.

Here are some more plant hypoglycemic that laboratories have screened and proven helpful through our diabetes information. Most of them are from the list in a booklet authored by R. N. Ellsworth. They are alphabetically arranged for easy access so that when you find some herbs elsewhere you can cross check them with this list:

Alfalfa This is used not only for the treatment of diabetes as our diabetes information let us know but also for the out of order thyroid gland. Some research studies have also proven that eating this herb decreases the absorption of cholesterol.

Aloe This is also used for diabetes and for treating skin irritations and burns. I notice that beauty product manufacturers are using this and touting it to be very good for the skin.

Ash Just take a look at all the things this herb is used for: diabetes, rheumatism, kidney diseases, disorders of uric acid metabolism and for terminating uric acid deposits. How is that for diabetes information?

Bean This is very familiar for who hasn’t eaten beans. The chromium salts contained in this herb may have an anti-diabetic effect. It also acts as a diuretic.

Bilberry I have used this for my eyes so I was not surprised when I read that grape and bilberry extracts are mainly used in the prevention and treatment of retinopathy. It also helps boost the production of insulin treats such illnesses as kidney and urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, gout, dermatitis and arthritis.

Bitter melon also known as balsam pear This is known to lower blood sugar level. You can drink the fresh juice of the bitter melon if it is not ripe for medicinal purposes. It is available in Asian stores or even in health stores. Take 1- 2 ounce of the fresh juice three times a day. It will be bitter, I can assure you unless they put something in with it. But why take this when you can eat the real thing? This way it will be unprocessed. Mind you, it will still be bitter but I have a recipe that just thinking about it now just makes my mouth water. I can’t wait to put up the recipe in the diabetic diet section of this website. Bitter melon is comprised of several elements with established anti-diabetic properties. An example comes to mind of charantin in bitter melon which is a hypoglycemic agent found to be more powerful than the oral hypoglycemic drug tolbutamide.

Buchu leaves In the 1800s, this herb was sold as a treatment of diabetes and various kidney ailments. It is also listed as a treatment of urinary tract disorders.

Oops, I’m down to the last line again and we only covered the A and B’s of the herbs. It’s okay because the next page will have more diabetes information on herbs.

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