Diabetes Hall of Fame


Our very own Diabetes Hall of Fame is unique in the sense that not only famous people get to be included but also ordinary people who have done extraordinary and not so extraordinary things for diabetes. All have diabetes but have managed their condition to the point that they have not made it stand in their way to succeed. If you want your name added or deleted, just let me know through the contact form.

Here are some names so far. They are alphabetically arranged so it will be easy for you to find your name except the first one because she has inspired me to keep this record:

Mary Tyler Moore

Halle Berry

Mikayla Cappabianca

Bob Chaisson

Will Daniels said that diabetes made him stronger.

Mike Havel is such an inspiration, I added him to our Diabetes Hall of Fame. Why? Because losing both his legs did not deter him from pursuing an active life. He has learned to walk with his prosthesis and now his next goal is to go elk hunting which is more difficult because it will involve walking on uneven ground.

Jimmy Healy

Nick Jonas is living the dream despite diabetes

Charlotte Rose LaMotte

Jay Leeuwenburg battles successfully the stigma on diabetes.

Grace McCullough

Sonia Sotomayor

Melanie Stephenson should be commended for the role model that she is. We added her to our Diabetes Hall of Fame for her determination and success in defeating diabetes. It just goes to show one can live a fruitful life despite this condition.