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Any diabetes forum will advocate a change in lifestyle is essential in the prevention of this disease. And this is what the small steps - big rewards game plan is all about. Completely changing one's lifestyle is not easy we all know that. That is why for those who decide to embark on this journey, sincere congratulations are for you.

Of course, one who has not been diagnosed with diabetes yet will not have the motivation to totally alter the lifestyle. But any diabetes forum will say that this should be an additional inducement because with a diagnosis of prediabetes, there's no question as to what comes next.

Therefore, prevention will delay the inevitability or even stop the arrival of diabetes. Any diabetes forum will agree with that. So with the game plan, keep track of what you eat and the exercise you get. Those who keep a daily record of food and exercise are more successful in losing weight than those who do not.

Here’s one small step. Find out if you have prediabetes with the help of your health care team for this will show if you are at risk for diabetes. And any diabetes forum will confirm this. And what is the corresponding reward? You will have peace of mind knowing you have the power to delay or prevent the onset of diabetes.

Then ask yourself these questions. Why do you want to prevent diabetes? Sample answer from any diabetes forum is that you don’t want to have the complications like going blind and having heart attack, stroke or kidney disease. The other question is who do you want to do the prevention for? For you, family, or friends?

Here’s another small step: Start your game plan. Ask your health care provider, friends and family to help form a winning team as any diabetes forum will attest. Studies have shown that losing weight will lower the risk of diabetes. This will mean you have to set your weight loss goal. A good goal is to lose 5 to 10% of your current weight.

How do you figure out the goal? If you ask this at any diabetes forum, someone will probably give this answer. If you weigh 240 pounds, multiply that by 7% (.07) which will give 16.8 pounds. Round this up to 17 and then subtract this from 240 which will give 223 pounds. Therefore if you weigh 240 pounds, the goal will have to lose 17 pounds and bring the weight down to 223 pounds.

Think of how well you will feel when you achieve your weight goal. Think also of the fact that losing just a few pounds will help prevent a full-blown diabetes. Any diabetes forum will advise you to weigh yourself once a week and write down your improvement.

How will you reach your weight loss goal? Any diabetes forum will say that you can do this through low-fat foods, decreased calorie eating plan and increased physical activity. Here’s a chart from the DPP Lifestyle Manual of Operations to help you out:

Recommended Calories and Fat Grams Daily
Current Weight Calories and Fat Grams per day
120-170 pounds 1200 calories w/33 grams fat a day,
175-215 pounds 1500 calories w/42 grams fat a day
220-245 pounds 1800 calories w/ 50 grams fat a day
250-300 pounds 2000 calories with 55grams fat a day

From the above you can arrive at how many calories grams of fat you will allow yourself per day. I can have DPP send you a booklet of fat and calorie counter if they still have it. Just go to contact page of this website and once you have your correct name and email address, I can ask you the address to send the counter to. This way no one will see your address and name but me. We have to be careful about this because there are spammers out there.

Now the only other thing you have to is to move more. Walk, dance, bike, swim and do any other activity that will keep your heart rate up. Do it 30 minutes a day or in 10-minute sessions. There will be other tips later or any diabetes forum will put you on the right track.

What is the big reward for this? Losing weight by eating wise choice of foods and getting more active will help prevent diabetes and decrease the risk for certain types of cancer, heart disease, arthritis and a lot of other stuff we do not want in our life. Also, you will feel better and look better, too. Any diabetes forum will say, “How’s that for a big reward?”

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