Diabetes Forecast on Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes forecast? Sure we'll tell you but first let's recap what we've covered on diabetes prevention. To prevent or delay diabetes we've been following the small steps/big rewards plan. Losing weight by eating healthy and being physically active will not only offer us the big reward of delaying or preventing the disease but also give us peace of mind.

You should be grateful if you have pre-diabetes because you can do something about it. If nothing is done about it, the diabetes forecast will indeed be bleak because this is a red flag, sort of a warning sign. There's danger ahead and you must take action. But this action will mostly depend on you because you're the only one who can change your lifestyle.

Here's another small step. Keep track of what you eat and the exercise you get. Write down what you eat and drink and the number of minutes of physical activity you get. And what's the big reward? This is one of the best ways to keep focused on your goals. When you lose weight, and this is the diabetes forecast, you'll feel better.

On to the next step which is to start your own team to prevent diabetes. You don't have to do this alone. Involve your family and friends; the new lifestyle will be good for them anyway so says the diabetes forecast. They may be resistant at first but later on as they see you get slimmer and stronger, they may just agree. How will you do this?

Start a walking group in the neighborhood, or at work or church. Exchange healthy recipes and weight loss strategies. Tell family, friends and co-workers about the small steps you're taking. Changing all by yourself will be difficult. It will be easier when there is a larger group involved and the diabetes forecast will be brighter.

And what's the big reward? Oh, I thought I said it already that the diabetes forecast will be brighter. But really the big reward is that the more you include other people, the more likely you will be focused and help others prevent diabetes along with other health problems. You'll be the hero!

So take the small steps now. Add a healthy change every week. If you feel you're not getting anywhere, don't despair. Just keep getting focused on your goal. It's better to continue trying to reach your goal than to stop and make the diabetes forecast drab, dreary and desolate. Trying to prevent diabetes is good for you, your family and friends. Remain focused.

By now you know what diabetes is and the complications that are likely to come along with it. At least that's what the diabetes forecast has in store. So if you're at risk, have your health care team test you for it and if the result is pre-diabetes, be grateful but get cracking and take action.

So what's the next step? Ask your health care team for your blood glucose numbers. It is vital that you know this early because early treatment will prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. It certainly can prevent the serious troubles as a result of high blood glucose. Here's a chart to help you know the blood glucose numbers better:

Know Your Blood Glucose Numbers

Fasting Blood 2-hour Oral Glucose Glucose Test Tolerance Test

Normal Below 100 Below 140

Pre-diabetes 100-125 140-199

Diabetes 126 or above 200 or above

There you have it, what small steps and big rewards to take to prevent or delay diabetes. We will show you more small steps to take to eat healthy foods. This way the diabetes forecast will indeed be brighter. So take the steps right now.

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