Diabetes Exercise to Protect the Heart

Diabetes exercise to protect the heart? Let’s put things in perspective here. We want to reach our ABC goals (A-1-C test below 7, blood pressure of 130/80, and cholesterol LDL of below 100) and to attain them we have to make wise choice of food, quit smoking, take aspirin and medication according to doctor’s order and now this.

Don’t frown; it’s not so bad. Thirty minutes a day of diabetes exercise will go a long way. And you can even start at five minutes a day and gradually build it up. Think about what activities you can incorporate with your routine now. Think of something you like to do. Brisk walking and aerobics are good, but run it by your health care team. They’ll know what’s safe for you.

The diabetes exercise guidelines tell us there are three important things to consider before you embark on this journey. That’s why it is important for you to discuss this with your health care provider. They will know your present status. Now for the three things to consider, here they are:

  • Type of exercise
  • Amount and length
  • Intensity

Let’s take them one at a time. As for the type of diabetes exercise the best form, so do the diabetes guidelines tell us, is the aerobic kind. No equipment is needed and neither is a club membership required. What these exercises require is oxygen, lots of it.

What are some of the aerobic exercises we can engage in? The diabetes exercise guidelines tell us that these include walking, rowing, cross-country skiing, swimming and jogging. Find something you enjoy doing because you will less likely give up then.

As for the amount and length,what I have gathered from the guidelines is that every healthy adult should have at least 20 to 30 minutes a day, five days a week. If we add up all our hours in a day, we will find that this figure of 20-30 minutes is only 2% of our day. Not bad, when the dividends are great. We will feel well and look well too.

Now let’s take a look at the intensity of the diabetes exercise. The guidelines tell us it is imperative that we warm up first. This will be slow walking for about five to ten minutes. We may be able to exercise longer if we go on a slower pace.

How often should you do the diabetes exercise? And how hard do you have to exercise? Try to do it in as comfortable a manner as possible, especially when you’re just starting out. Here are some instructions from our diabetes guidelines:

1. It is good to be sweating because this means your body is working hard enough for your muscles and the heart.

2. Do your diabetes exercise in such a way that you notice you’re breathing but not to the point that you can’t carry a conversation.

3. Remember to warm up before you exercise with a few minutes of slow walking. Then at the end, always cool down by again with a few minutes of slow walking. Stretching after is a good thing.

4. Exercise every day if you find yourself not tired from the previous day of exercising.

Make the diabetes exercise a part of your every day routine. There can’t be an excuse because walking for thirty minutes a day is simple to do. You can even take a walk for ten minutes after each meal. Also you can walk up the stairs instead of going up via the elevator. Park the car farther from your destination so you can walk from there. Please do this for your heart.

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