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The diabetes educator is sought by the physicians often times. This is quite a time saver when an expert walks the patient through the fundamentals of the diabetes self-management training (DSMT) right from the start. This way they see positive results such as the following:

  • improved blood sugar levels
  • reduced risk of developing complications
  • weight loss
  • overall positive behavior change through lifestyle modification and more

The diabetes educator will counsel the diabetics on:

  • how to eat healthy
  • the importance of physical activity
  • how their medications work
  • how to monitor their blood glucose level to avoid complications
  • how to solve problems and adjust to diabetes.

In fact no care team is complete without the aforementioned help. Due the complexity and the constant care needed and the need to motivate to self-manage their condition, no one provider can do this all so what is the solution? A multi-disciplinary team, that’s what.


Do you know that there are seven self-care behaviors that every diabetic person needs to know? And all of these can easily be achieved. The diabetes educator will provide the skills, knowledge and tools to develop the seven self-care behaviors. Here they are:

  •  Healthy eating
  •  Being active
  •  Monitoring
  •  Taking medication
  •  Problem solving
  •  Healthy coping
  •  Reducing risks

Here comes Theresa Garnero, a diabetes educator extraordinaire. In fact, she even wrote a book entitled “Your First Year With Diabetes: What To Do Month By Month”. This book will give the diabetics expert advice on how to manage their health and their lives. Here is a list of topics included in her book:

  • Data on the latest medications, meters, and more
  • Guide to healthy eating in a step-by-step format
  • How to employ sense of humor to enhance one’s health
  • Help for creating a diabetes care plan you can live with
  • Tricks for getting more exercise and activity in your schedule

This book will provide month by month help on what to do every step of the way during the first year. Then day-by-day advice is featured for the first twenty-eight days and weekly guidelines after that.

There is an interactive checklist each day for the first twenty-eight days and also after the close of each week. This will certainly help the diabetics track their progress. Then at the end of each month, there is a review that will be a summary of the lifestyle changes whether they have been successful or not. If unsuccessful, they will be given help to focus on what should be done.

There are illustrations and charts and many questions and answers. The readers will gain comfort and inspiration from the book. Above all, they will be given advice that is easy to understand that will help them manage their condition.

No wonder Theresa Garnero has done such a wonderful job for she is an award-winning Certified Diabetes Educator. In addition she has an advanced Practice Registered Nurse with Board Certification in Advanced Diabetes Management and has a Master’s of Science in Nursing.

Formerly a national educator of the year, she is also a cartoonist and is the global recipient of inspired by Diabetes. Her book “Your First Year with Diabetes" is available at http://store.diabetes.org at bookstores everywhere or by calling 1-800-ADA-ORDER.

Diabetes Educator, an Important Member of the Health Care Team Diabetes educator is part of a successful diabetes self-management and this has been recognized in the new Health Reform passed by the House of Representatives. After months of intense debates and meetings, the Affordable Health Care for America Act (H.R. 3962) was passed. This includes terms to improve access to DSMT (Diabetes Self-Management Training) by authorizing the certified diabetes educators as certified Medicare providers.

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