Diabetes Education on How to Reach the ABC Goals

Diabetes education to reach the goals? Sure that’s a must but let’s recap what our goals are to reduce the risk to heart complications. For blood glucose level, it’s below 7 on the A-1-C test. The suggested target for blood pressure is below 130/80. And the recommended target for LDL? It’s below 100.

Now the burning question is how do we reach those goals? That’s easy. Just a little bit of diabetes education will do the trick. We’ve covered the first part which is regarding wise food choices. Now let’s tackle some of the other issues we have to do in order to achieve our goals.

The first one on the agenda is smoking. Ah, that’s a biggie for some, isn’t it? But I think it’s the easiest one to deal with rather than tackle the bigger issues like physical activity and weight control because these two deserve a page each. We can have our diabetes education on medication, aspirin, and smoking all in one go.

What does diabetes education tell us about smoking? Stop it and seek help because smoking is bad for the whole cardiovascular system. Why? Because it lowers the good cholesterol and brings in carbon monoxide into the body. We know that oxygen sticks to the red cells in the lungs and of course this red cells’ duty is to carry this oxygen all over the body.

Now, we inhale carbon monoxide when we smoke and this attaches to the red blood cells instead of the oxygen so naturally diabetes education tells us there will be less oxygen for the heart, muscles and the whole body in fact. This is particularly important for the diabetic who is already at risk for heart problems. And people who smoke may have irregular heart beats.

One who has had a heart attack or bypass surgery is particularly vulnerable. There is an increased chance for a second bout if he persists to smoke. I know it’s hard to stop smoking from experience. No, not me personally but my husband smoked for a number of years since medical school.

What drove him to it was his studies on cadavers. But I must confess I nagged him to stop because I wanted to grow old with him. What stopped him was when he saw an ashtray full of ashes and he thought it wasn’t a good idea to put that into his body. So he stopped cold turkey. He is lucky because he was able to do that.

For you, it may not be that easy. What can help you quit smoking? Talk with your medical team. They will know where you can find help to quit smoking. Diabetes education tells us among other things that joining a support group or a program to stop smoking will help. If you have any suggestion on helpful hints from your experience, let me know through my contact page. This way, we can share the information with others.

Now let’s see what diabetes education tells us about aspirin. Well, the American Diabetes Association suggests that aspirin be taken by those who are at risk for cardiovascular problems. Aspirin can reduce the risk of heart disease. Your health care team will help you decide if taking a low-dose of aspirin every day will help.

Ask your health care team if you will benefit from aspirin which comes in either 81 mg or 325 mg. The reason you have to see your doctor is three-fold. One, you may be allergic to it. Secondly, you may have a tendency to bleed. And third, you may be on anti-coagulant treatment.

To help you reach your ABC goals, there are medications available that could lower the cardiovascular risk. You may need several medications. As well, there are medications to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol level. They will certainly help protect the heart.

As far as medication is concerned, it may help improve your diabetes so take your medication the way the doctor tells you but monitor your body’s reaction to it. This way your doctor will be able to find the best medication match for you. There are two kinds of medication so does diabetes education tell us: insulin for Type 1 and oral medications for Type 2.

Insulin comes in different kinds. Diabetes education informs us that it could either be extracted from animals or synthetic. You may need different amounts on any given day so work with your doctor in order to get the best kind and amount for you. Insulin is so important, it may need a whole web page to devote to it.

Some lucky souls with Type 2 diabetes can control their condition by diet and exercise. Some may need insulin or oral medication which are of two types. One type reduces insulin resistance making the cells more receptive to insulin. This can be very effective in decreasing the risk for complications.

The other type stimulates the pancreas to make it do its job of providing more insulin. Your health care team will help you decide which one is best for you. There you have it, what diabetes education tells us to reach our goals so we can lower our risk for heart complications.

To recap, in order to reduce the risk for heart troubles, take action by eating the right amount and kinds of foods, stop smoking, take aspirin and your medications. There are two more we have to deal with a little later and they are, drum roll please. None other but physical activity and weight control. If we do all these, it is success all around. We will all be healthy and live happily. This is my fervent wish, my legacy, to leave this world a better place than when I found it.

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