Diabetes Done Right in the Work Place

Diabetes done right in the work place? What do they mean by that? Well the business community recognizes the fact that workers spend more than a third of their days in the work place and that about 6% of the US population have diabetes. So to make a difference, the choice is clear: the business community has to make sure diabetes is done right.

Diabetic employees are found in all the ranks in the work place. These are hard workers who keep on working and controlling their glucose levels at the same time. They do not want to have diabetes stand in their way and stop them from doing a good job.They make sure diabetes is done right. How about the company?

These workers want to stay productive while doing their job. They can continue to produce and add to the success of their employers. These they can do with the help and support of their work place and their labor unions. So the company has a huge chance to provide the education and backing for these employees. They, too, have the chance to make sure diabetes is done right.

The company does not have to be a big one. All types of companies can provide support for their employees. How can this be done, you asked? Well, your company can provide support for their employees who have diabetes by bearing the following steps in mind:

1. Work out a helpful environment where the diabetic employees will feel at ease in implementing appropriate actions to maintain tight control of their diabetes.

2. Encourage employees to embrace healthier life styles to decrease their risk and prevent the onset of chronic diseases.

3. Organize and manage all efforts that lead to diabetes control for efficiency and accountability.

4. Be adamant in demanding the best medical care for diabetic employees.

What is the goal in all of the aforementioned steps? This goal is critical in all efforts of the business community and should be kept in mind in every step of the intervention. For what good are these interventions if it is not meeting the goal? Okay, calm down. I will tell you what the goal is now. Drum roll, please. It is, appropriate blood sugar level! This is essential in the efforts to make sure diabetes is done right.

Keeping the blood glucose around the normal level is crucial. Why? Not only will this make the employees’ quality of life better but also it will trim down the company’s cost both human and economic. Bear in mind that diabetes is costly, but more so its complications.

Why is there so much hoopla about diabetes? No, this is not just noise and excitement. It’s much more important than that. For one thing, it’s the 7th leading cause of death in the US and affects more than 15 million people in the US alone.

And here’s another thing. We know for a fact that diabetics have 2 to 4 times more risk to have heart disease and stroke than those who do not suffer from diabetes. And the costs ascribed to it and its complications are staggering, to say it mildly. It’s in the billions! And of course this affects the business community.

So you see how crucial it is that diabetes is done right. And how could we be sure that diabetes is done right? Well the next pages will explore how the company is affected by this disease and the ways it can approach the necessary actions and interventions.

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