Diabetes Discussion on Heart Complications

Diabetes discussion on complications? Sure I’m all for it especially if we end up preventing them. Complications are varied and may include damage to the kidneys, eyes, nervous system and the heart. These are all so important, let’s take them one at a time. For now let’s tackle the fact that diabetes raises the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The trouble with the heart complications is that the heart may already be damaged even before the symptoms of diabetes appear. As long as four to seven years, can you imagine that? Not fair, huh? That’s why it’s imperative that one who is at risk for diabetes gets checked for its presence to beat it at this deadly game. At least that’s what this diabetes discussion leads to.

How does this happen, you asked? I don’t blame you for no one wants something to come in stealthily and rob us of our health with no signs whatsoever. We don’t want to have to wear a pacemaker like the one in the graphic below. But really, it’s the lack of oxygen that could damage part of the heart. I will show you a little later in this diabetes discussion how this plaque to the heart develops.

Perhaps you have been told you are at a high risk for heart or you have had already a heart attack. What’s important in this diabetes discussion is that if you have diabetes or you are at risk for diabetes, take special care of your heart. Having diabetes or being at risk to having it means you are more probably to have a heart attack or stroke.

This does not have to happen, if, and this is a big if, we manage the diabetes or its risk. This is the good news. Why? Because if you take steps to prevent heart attack or lessen the chances for it to happen, then you are in for the long haul. A long and healthy life is ahead of you if you manage your blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure. All diabetes discussion will inform you of this.

The diabetes discussion and research also lead up to this. Over the years, not managing the blood sugar level can wreck havoc to essential organs like kidneys and the eyes. The heart will have to work too hard when the blood pressure is high. And the bad cholesterol? Well when left unattended, it builds up to block the heart arteries. So you see managing all three is crucial to your health.

What is coronary heart disease anyway? The diabetes discussion and research say this is caused by the blocking of the arteries mentioned above. If these blood vessels that carry oxygen and other things the heart needs are blocked, naturally the diabetes discussion will conclude that a heart attack can occur. What else can we expect to happen if the blood supply is cut off or reduced?

What steps can we do to prevent heart attacks from happening? All the diabetes discussion and research lead up to this. First, go see your doctor and ask the following questions. Then keep a record of your readings and the goals you want to reach. I will try to put up sample charts where you can keep your record, if not on this page, then the next will have to do. Sorry to digress but here are the questions to ask your doctor:

  • What are my blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels?
  • What should be my best target with the above levels?
  • What can I do to achieve those targets?

Once you have this information, then we can start on the steps and strategies to combat this complication to the heart. There’s more data gathered from the diabetes discussion and research that one page alone will not be sufficient to report them to you. It is good, at any rate, to pause from time to time to collect our thoughts.

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