Diabetes Diet for Thanksgiving

Diabetes diet for Thanksgiving? Sure, we can have this. Just remember, Thanksgiving is not only for thanking people for a good life, but it's also about the bird. We can use the same recipe except substitute low fat ingredients. Here's a Roast Turkey Stuffed with Parsley Recipe that has been in the family for years. Don't pass this on to others; this is strictly for you, my readers.

Roast Turkey Stuffed with Parsley

With this, you'll have diabetes diet Thanksgiving celebration!


12-lb turkey 3 quarts somewhat dried bread cubes1 tsp thyme 1 tsp sage1.5 tsp salt 1 tsp rosemary1/3 cup chopped parsley 1/3 cup finely chopped onion1/3 cup low melted margarine 1 cup canned chicken broth


1. Mix all ingredients except the turkey and broth. Toss lightly before and after adding broth. This makes 8 cups or enough stuffing for a 12-lb turkey.

2. Just before roasting, stuff and truss. Rub large cavity with salt before spooning in the stuffing. Do not pack. To settle the stuffing, shake the bird. (Extra stuffing can be baked covered while roasting the turkey for the last half hour. Baste it once in a while with the drippings in the pan.)

3. Put the skewer across turkey opening and lace it closed with cord. Tie legs and grease skin thoroughly.

4. Put bird breast up in covered roasting pan and cook for 4 to 4.5 hours at 325 degrees. Remove cover at the last half hour.

Now just relax and wait for an incredible diabetes diet Thanksgiving celebration!

Great Gravy

1. Place roasted turkey on heated platter and keep it warm. Leave crusty bits in pan. Pour off meat juices and fat. Skim off fat when it comes on top. Place 2 tablespoons of fat back into the pan for each cup of gravy.

2. To serve 6 to 8 servings of gravy, stir in 1/4 cup of fat and 1/4 cup of flour. Blend these two ingredients and stir while cooking in extra low heat until mixture is bubbly.

3. It is important to remove pan from heat. Use meat juices, water, skimmed milk and low fat broth.

4. Add crusty bits and return pan to heat. Season with pepper, salt, three beef cubes and a dash of rosemary. Simmer for five minutes and then serve. Yummy!


For Diabetes Diet for Thanksgiving, Go Local

For this holiday, food is changing. Now is the time to discover fresh local foods. Local pick for California for instance is chestnuts. Make a chestnut salad with roasted beets and shallots. This locally grown food will start a new gastronomic trend which is good as part of a diabetes diet.

For New York, the local choice is squash. One can cook this in different ways. It can be roasted and simmered with onion, apple and chicken broth. Brussels sprouts are the local choice in Ohio. For Thanksgiving , one can have pan-roasted brussels sprouts.

Ohelo berry is top choice in Hawaii, oops, perhaps second choice as they have pineapple there all year round. Once I went there and saw endless pineapple farms as far as my eyes could see. Everyone knows pineapples are delicious in a sauce for pork chops. Ohelo berry? It can be used in any recipe instead of cranberry. It's a perfect relish.

In Texas, crowder peas take center stage. They're available until Jack Frost makes a visit. They make a nourishing ragout with carrots, celery and onions. After adding olive oil, vegetables and herbs, cook until transparent-like. Add peas and beef broth and voila, you will have a nourishing meal. Now who says diabetes diet is not interesting?

Let’s join the local food movement. Food grown within 50 to 100 miles has become popular for a lot of convincing reasons. Remember the E coli in spinach bags? How about the contaminated seafood from China? So buying local makes more sense. Local food tastes better anyway because it’s fresh and has not been picked weeks before shipment. Perfect for a diabetes diet for Thanksgiving.

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