Diabetes Diets_3, How to Be Successful With Low-Carb Diets

Diabetes diets_3 features suggestions or recommendations to get the best out of going on low-carb diets. You want to make sure you get the best chance of success. Because like it or not, some people still do have problem about weight loss regardless of the kind of food they eat so here are some suggestions:

Accept the fact that there is no easy way to lose weight. In fact, it is easier to stop an addictive behavior than to moderate one because we cannot just stop eating the way we can just stop smoking cold turkey. Someday, science may find a way but for now, we just have to accept and work at it.

Regular exercise is an important component of weight loss. We have to think of ways to fit it into our routine because the problem is not in engaging in exercise but to do enough of it every day. Even a quarter of an hour a day is worth it if you can fit it into your daily schedule.


Any change should be done gradually. Don't train for a marathon the first day you exercise or cut your calories in half the first day. Start slowly and gradually build up the intensity of the exercise. As for weight loss, I'd aim to lose one pound every two weeks. That's a total of 26 pounds a year!

Cutting calories from carbohydrate may be better than reducing protein and fat. I am not for any particular type of diet but medical advice tells us that if we must reduce calories, it should not be solely at the expense of protein. That is one concept that came out of the research I did on diabetes diets_3.

Find out if there are other reasons that make you overeat. Depression and anxiety sometimes make one overeat. Some find comfort in food. Deal with those unpleasant feelings really before going on more details about diabetes diets_3.

Don't take diet pills because they are not safe as in the case of fen-phen. Remember that? Besides, the weight loss you gain from them is only 10% and once you stop taking them, the weight loss will come roaring back. In addition, don't believe people who tell you that some over the counter diet pills work.

Keep a food journal because researches have shown people have the tendency to underestimate the total amount of food eaten.

Not enough sleep has been known to make it difficult to lose weight. Besides, one cannot exercise when feeling tired from inadequate sleep, right?

Gastric bypass has helped some people but there are strict standards to meet to qualify for this procedure and rightly so. One of the criteria is to have a BMI that is greater than 40 or greater than 35 if there is a health issue that is related to weight. Just remember that there are risks involved but this option has been known to cure hypertension and diabetes in 90% of patients.

So now you have the knowledge on losing weight. Oh sure, you knew all of these before and I believe you but in our busy life, we have the tendency to put this in the back burner of our mind to deal with it later. You know what I mean? So take this as a reminder of the potential benefit of this type of diabetes diets_3.

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How to Be Successful With Low-Carb Diets

How to Be Successful With Low-Carb Diets

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