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Diabetes diets_1 for some do not work and people who try to lose weight get frustrated and ultimately give up. The go on every system imaginable and they still fail and it is not due from lack of trying. There are psychological and physiological mechanisms that make it difficult to lose weight.

Knowing the psychological and physiological mechanisms will be helpful in leveraging that understanding into strategies that will work to lose weight. Studies have shown that those who have lower stress, greater eating self-efficacy, and higher general well-being maintain their weight better.

Those who maintain weight engage in physical exercise regularly and consume a low-fat diet. Behavior is of importance in maintaining the weight. The inability of maintaining good healthy meals and exercise habits long term is the cause behind the fluctuation of weight.


There is also a law called the law of thermodynamics stating that the amount of energy stored in the body = the energy intake - the energy expenditure. This is valid to all biologic systems. This difference in humans is kept close to zero but cumulatively, the effect over a long time can be large. So even if the consumption is only .3% over what is burned, the results could be a 20 pound gain.

This is why some have difficulty losing weight even if they consume less calories. So if one is once overweight, he has to eat less calories than the one with the same weight now who has never been too overweight. Some people just have the tendency to store fat and maintain a resting metabolic rate that is lower.

Here comes the type of diabetes diets_1 that give emphasis to low-carbohydrate meals. What is this anyway? Basically, this emphasizes replacing carbohydrate calories by calories from protein and fat. This is by any means not new for over a hundred years ago, William Harvey, an English surgeon, discovered it.

Over the next hundred years the diabetes diets_1 of low carbohydrates was rediscovered by Pennington in 1953, by Taller in 1961, and by Stillman in 1967. The last proponent was Dr. Atkins in 1992 which he explained in his New Diet Revolution. He claims the following:

  • One can eat unlimited calories and still lose weight when on a ketogenic diet.
  • Hunger is reduced by ketosis.
  • Ketogenic diet reduces plasma levels of insulin and high levels of insulin leads to obesity. It follows therefore that eating a ketogenic diet will result in loss of weight.

Some have come up to challenge these claims. For one thing consuming an unlimited number of calories on the ketogenic diet and still lose weight is contrary to the first law of thermodynamics. In fact, there is proof that those who eat a low-carbohydrate diet lose weight for the simple reason that they end up eating less food.

Then there is the known fact that the accelerated weight loss during the first 10 days is due to loss of water. The reduction of hunger when on a ketogenic diet, has been documented in large studies as true. Hunger is reduced when one is on a 500 calories a day.

Possible causes of hunger reduction are the high protein content of the low carbohydrate diet, the sameness of such diabetes diets and the characteristic of the protein that has not yet been identified in such meals. Besides, it has been proven that hunger is greater when the food consumed is preferred or if there is a variety of food choices available.

Next time we will explore the benefits as well as the risks of low carbohydrate diets. Then after the discussion on these pros and cons, hopefully we can make up our minds as to the best one that will provide us the protection we need from these types of diabetes diets_1.

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