Free Diabetes Diets Alert Needed for Exercise to Treat Type 2 Diabetes


Diabetes diets alert, why? We have to address this because of the effects of diabetes on our health. Over a period of time, diabetes could result in more risk of cardiovascular troubles such as strokes and heart attacks, kidney malfunction, eye disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The longer one has diabetes, the worse it gets. That is why we are doing something about it now. Diabetes diets is one area we have to work on.

Effects of Diabetes
Affected PartsProblems or Complications
CardiacHeart Attacks
KidneysKidney Failure
MusclesLoss of muscle mass; weakness
NervesBloating, nausea, diarrhea, heart burn, dizziness, numbness & tingling in extremities
Blood VesselsArteriosclerosis develops rapidly due to narrowed blood vessels and lower blood sugar to brain and extremities


Carbohydrates and Diabetes, how are they related? Simple and complex carbohydrates are the two kinds. It is simple if only one or two sugar molecules are linked together like in milk, sugar table, and pop. They are quick-acting and so enter the blood stream fast, increasing the insulin levels thus providing the body with immediate energy. If the insulin level does not increase, then the blood sugar level goes up. They are such a crucial part of diabetes diets. We may have to resort to carb counting.

When low blood sugar or hypoglycemia occurs due to excess insulin, too much medication and exercise, the choice is clear. Simply eat a simple carbohydrate and this will almost without delay increase the blood sugar to an acceptable and safe level. Can you see now how our diabetes diets can help?

Complex carbohydrates like rice, bread and cereal are of a different breed. Their sugar molecules are connected together in a chain. They are absorbed at a slower pace, supplying the body with energy for a longer period of time. They will not cause a rapid increase in both the insulin and blood sugar levels in diabetics. That is why they are the carbohydrate of choice for people for their diabetes diets.

So what has the diabetic diet got to do with exercise which has an important role in the prevention and treatment of Type 2 diabetes? Well, carbohydrates is the source of energy the body can use during exercise. Once this is in the blood stream, it is either used by the cells or stored in the muscles and liver.

There is a difference between these two storage areas. The sugar stored in the muscles can only be used by the muscles that store it while the blood sugar stored in the liver can be broken down and used by the other parts of the body.

So how can we use this information to integrate it with the diabetes diets so we can get on with the exercise? Contrary to what some people believe, the diabetics have a lot of food choices. There is no one best diet. Whatever diet the diabetics are on are healthy diets that’s good for everybody.

Review Diabetes Diets? Or Early Symptoms Diabetes Type 2?


Here are the recommended diets for people with diabetes:

1. Calories from fat should only be 30% or less of each day’s total.2. Lower the 30% to 20%, if overweight.3. For carbohydrates, the total daily calories should be 50-60%.4. Carbohydrates should only be from fruits and starches like rice, bread and pasta and not from desserts, candies, fruit juice and sodas.

5. Eat an assortment of vegetables for vitamins, minerals and fiber.6. Avoid frying the food. Instead bake, broil, steam or poach.7. Eat most calories during peak of insulin and medication action.

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