Diabetes Diet For Easter - The Risk is on the Table? No Way!



Diabetes diet for Easter faces a challenge that may pose a problem to the daily care of diabetes. Have no fear though for there is a way to keep maintaining the blood glucose level while the children are not prevented from having fun during this holiday.

The children should all be allowed to have fun and games with just a bit of planning ahead. The important thing is to let the children know that they can have most everything except that they have to exercise some moderation. They can still enjoy the diabetes diet for Easter. Overdoing it is not a good idea of course. Want to have some tips? Here they are:

  • Sugar-free treats- Get the child to help you bake and decorate cookies that are sugar-free. These can be in the shapes of bunnies, eggs and other symbols of the holiday. He can take these to school to share with his classmates. He will not feel left out in the process and his friends will realize that sugar-free cookies can taste delicious.
  • Easter baskets- Parents will have to be really creative in filling these up and replacing the candies with fun things like games, crayons and coloring books, magazine, chewing gums, videotape, lollipops that are sugar-free, Easter books and magazines. It can contain a small quantity of chocolate eggs.
  • Easter egg hunt- There are Easter eggs made of plastic with small toys coins, jewelry and sugar-free candies. Hide them all over the house and backyard.
  • Decorating Party of Easter Eggs- Invite some friends to decorate one or two Easter eggs. They can personalize this by putting on their own name or trademark. The party-goers can then each take them home in a basket with additional treats.


The challenge is at this time, chocolate is everywhere. But you know what, they say that chocolate has some benefit for one's health. They contain antioxidants in the form of flavanoids. These are also found in vegetables, fruits, red wine and tea. The meal planning will certainly not suffer with a little bit of this treat.

Flavanoids they say may also help prevent cancer and heart problems. And cocoa is supposed contain more flavanoids than green tea. The best is dark chocolate because it contains higher flavanoids than milk chocolate. The worst news for me is the fact that white chocolates do not have them at all. Ah, what a shame because they are my favorite.

Sorry to have digressed but Easter is known for chocolates and I love them. They also contain potassium, magnesium and copper. Milk chocolates also have calcium but not as much as milk, cheese and yoghurt. They are high in saturated fat but this is what I don't understand. Studies have shown that those who ate chocolate did not affect their cholesterol level. So we can all eat a little bit of it.

The first thing a newly-diagnosed diabetic learn is to avoid foods that have high sugar content like candies because they make the blood sugar high. That is why it is good to be creative when handing out treats during the holiday season so our diabetes diet for Easter will not make our blood sugar level go wild.

A few months after diagnosis, children may have adjusted to the condition and to learn the importance of eating healthy and self-managing of blood sugar level Following the correct balance will keep the children live normal, happy and healthy life. What to balance this time of the year? Exercise, medication and the diabetes diet for Easter.

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