Diabetes Diet, the Cornerstone of Diabetic Self-Care Plan

Diabetes diet? There’s absolutely no question that this is the foundation of diabetes management. Nothing can be done without it. The dramatic transformation in a person after following the diabetes diet with the nutritional guidance is amazing. I know for I have experienced it first-hand.

I know this will be difficult at first because let’s face it, some of us love junk food. We have grown addicted to it but with our health in jeopardy, we can try to eat better and we will do it. It will only be hard at first, I promise. For after a week or two of eating the diabetes diet of good food, we will grow accustomed to it. Then the rest is easy.

When you have diabetes, nutritional control and rigid checking are the keys that will open the door to good health. You have to exercise control over the diabetes diet on what you eat and keep correct glucose levels. Of course these two things take some preparation. Let’s take these two crucial points one at a time.

First is dietary control. Eating a diabetes diet of light meals often throughout the day that are high in complex carbohydrates, protein, raw fruits and vegetables high in fiber and low in fat is good for a diabetic. Hey, I should not have said that because the above diet is good for everybody. Who knows? Perhaps had we eaten this type of diet right from childhood, we wouldn’t be encountering this health problem. This type of diabetes diet lowers the need for insulin and lessens the fat level in the blood.

Fiber assists in managing the blood sugar level and restricts the refined sugar consumption. Specialists recommend to limit the cholesterol intake to 300 mg a day and the calorie intake to 20% daily from lean proteins. As well, they recommend to have no more than 9% from saturated fat and more than 9% from polyunsaturated fat.

Meal scheduling too plays an important role especially for the ones using insulin. With insulin use, a skipped meal may lead to considerable low blood sugar called hypoglycemia. That is why it is good to eat a diabetes diet of small meals scattered throughout the day. This helps maintain blood sugar in acceptable level. One or two big meals a day will not do it.

Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, a well balanced diabetes diet is on the whole more essential for diabetics because it will be a natural source of nutrients. Follow the main food groups recommended. You may have to take vitamins and mineral supplements to make up the difference.

As for keeping your glucose levels at appropriate levels, the question is: What should your blood glucose levels be? No problem, for we have the answer. The target blood glucose levels for people with diabetes as are follows:

Target Blood Glucose Levels
Before meals 90-130 mg/dL
1 to 2 hours after start of a meal less than 180 mg/dL

As for your target glucose level ask your doctor or your health care team to provide them for you. Keep a notebook where you can write them down. Ask how many times you should check your blood glucose level by yourself. Then ask for an A1C test at least two times a year.

Your A1C reading provides the average blood glucose for the last three months. This number and your own blood glucose monitoring will determine whether your diabetes self care plan is effective. You may use the following chart to record your progress:

Result of my Target Blood Glucose Levels
ADA Targets for Blood Glucose My Usual Results My Targets
Before Meals: 90-130mg/dL _____to_____ _____to_____
2 hours after start of a meal less than 180mg/mL _____to_____ _____to_____

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One way to keep your blood glucose level within normal limit is to be vigilant about the lifestyle change. That means keeping physically active, taking medications as prescribed and eating healthy meals.

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ADA is abbreviation for American Diabetic Association. Following this target along with the wholesome diabetes diet will lead along the road of good health.
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