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Diabetes cure_2 at breakfast, would you believe it? Let me see if I can win over some skeptical mind. Breakfast, as we know it, is the most important meal of the day yet it is the one that is missed by most. And it is unbelievable because it is also the easiest one to prepare. Yet it is understandable as waking up late in the morning makes it such a beehive of activity.

It is an important meal of the day for the simple reason that after a whole night of imposed fasting, the body needs nutrition, blood sugar and liquid to perform all the required functioning of the day. It also affects what is eaten the whole day. A healthy breakfast plays a role in developing good health eating habits and more stability in the blood glucose. It also makes one consume less calories at lunch and supper.

Now how can we make breakfast as a diabetes cure_2? It's easy for there are many choices that take only a very short time to prepare. We don't need to be fancy about it. Just pour a bowl of cereal, have some yogurt or poach an egg. You could fry an egg and have a whole wheat toast and an orange.


Yet so many of us do not eat breakfast. We have a gamut of excuses from not having enough time, to oversleeping to having to rush to go to work. But really the problem is that we have not established a regular breakfast habit. Once you have created a ten-minute breakfast, it will be goodbye to excuses.

After you have a healthy breakfast every day, the blood sugar is lower and you will lose some weight. If you do not think this is a diabetes cure_2, then what will you call it? Don't the doctors tell us to eat healthy and lose weight to look after the diabetes? Then I call eating a healthy breakfast some kind of treatment.

A healthy breakfast generally consists of one serving each of whole grains, dairy that is low-fat, protein, and fruit. It should be about 300 calories. At the start of establishing a breakfast ritual, prepare it in advance before going to bed by putting a bowl, a box of whole wheat cereals, and a banana on the breakfast table. Let me make it easier and give you some samples of healthy breakfasts plus some hints:

  • Have some oatmeal. My father always said if I want to be as strong as a horse, I should eat oatmeal every day. Each cup has four grams of fiber and the blood sugar just loves it. No wonder research has shown that eating a cup of oatmeal six days a week lowers the risk to develop type 2 diabetes by 39%. Put in some cinnamon instead of sugar and voila, a diabetes cure_2.
  • If you get tired of oatmeal then a bowl of whole grain cereal will do. It has at least three grams of fiber per serving. Sprinkle a few nuts in the cereal, eat a piece of fruit and there you are. You have a perfect breakfast.
  • A plain yogurt with some added berries plus half a whole wheat muffin is perfect.

  • A slice of whole wheat toast, a fried egg in olive oil and a banana is another perfect breakfast.
  • Instead of drinking the juice, eat it by having an orange instead. It's full of fiber unlike fruit juice which in addition to sugar has concentrated carbs.
  • Have a doggie bag from yesterday's restaurant meal? There's no law against eating that for breakfast with a glass of fat-free milk. I have had a slice of pizza for breakfast and enjoyed it immensely.
  • Have your breakfast at home instead of on the go like going for coffee and donut. The fancy coffee can have as much as 500 calories. And don't even ask me how many calories are in a donut. A breakfast at a diner of eggs, sausage, hash browns and orange juice can top 1000 calories that are high fat.
  • Invest in ground flaxseed that you can sprinkle a tablespoon or two on cold or hot cereal and yogurt. Flaxseed is rich in fiber and protein and is good for the heart and blood sugar. Like our friend the salmon, it has fatty acids that help lower cholesterol. I even sprinkle flaxseed in dessert. Shhh, don't tell my kids, okay?

There you have all what you need to set up a breakfast routine that you can get ready the night before in the same place where you will eat. Rotate the three easy breakfasts, stock the supplies and eat each at the same time every day and you will have established a healthy breakfast that will be a diabetes cure_2.

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