Diabetes Cure with Herbs

Diabetes cure with herbs? Some swear to its efficacy; others? Hmm, how can I put this in a tactful way? Well, people are entitled to their opinion, but it is widely accepted that treatment for a medical problem through sensible cure with herbs can be done at home. Anyway, it is good to have an open mind. Right? Okay, here we go this is the last of the Mohicans, oops, herbs:

Huckleberry- This may help in the production of insulin.

Kelp- This helps in different metabolic processes because it supplies a lot of trace elements. For example, it has chromium which plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism.

Jambolan- Jambolan seed is used not only for diabetes but also for a number of ailments like depression and exhaustion, nervous illness, diseases of the pancreas, gastric and pancreatic problems. Diabetes cure with herbs indeed.

Licorice root- This is known to stimulate the production of adrenal hormone and so makes quick energy available. This is very good for people in hypoglycemic state. Taking licorice will let them function until they eat.

Life root- With three important uses, life root enjoys its place in diabetes cure with herbs. Why? Because it is used not only for diabetes mellitus but also for high blood pressure and as a uterine stimulant.

Mountain ash berry- This has many uses as well. Diabetes cure with herbs is happy to inform us all how this is used for diabetes, rheumatism, termination of uric acid deposits and uric acid metabolism complaints.

Nettle- Used as a part of diabetic teas, this has not been recommended by doctors. I have not been able to find out why but as soon as I know, you will get the information here.

Oats- Diabetes cure with herbs recommends this for diabetes. Oat bran which is the inner husk of the grain was wildly used as a dietary way of reducing blood lipid.

Onion- Studies have shown time and time again the ability of onions to lower blood sugar levels so why don’t I like them? Actually I like them a little burnt so guess what I tell the waiter when I order fajitas?

Psyllium seed- Mexican researchers tested this on 125 Type 2 diabetic subjects. These were asked to add to their meals two teaspoons of psyllium in water three times before meals while the others were given a placebo. After six weeks, the psyllium group had considerably lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. How’s that for diabetes cure with herbs?

Pterocarpus marsupial- This can boast of a long history of use in India for the treatment of diabetes.

Reed herb- Oriental medicine employs this as a treatment not only for diabetes but also for breast cancer.

Salt bush- Researchers began studying this herb when they found out that rats whose diet was rich in salt bush were switched to regular rat foodstuff. In no time, they developed severe diabetes but when switched back to their old diet, there was a quick about face of their condition. Israel studies on humans with the use of 3 grams each day showed improved blood glucose levels. I say that’s one point for the good guys, the proponents of diabetes cure with herbs, don’t you?

Silymarin- also known as milk thistle has been found to be useful in the fight against diabetic complications as reported by the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.

Spinach- Johana Seddon, M.D. studied 900 people, 326 of whom had macular degeneration. What did she find out? Eating fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidant at least five times a week cut the threat of macular degeneration in half.

Sunflower- This helps in treating diabetes mellitus.

Uva-ursi- Some studies have reported that this herb with its two important components of arbutin and quercitin has decreased excessive hunger and thirst on mice.

That’s it. That’s all I know about diabetes cure with herbs as of now, but I know I will keep looking for more information that I will share with you. And I know some of you have data on this so share them with me through my contact page.

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