Diabetes Controversy in Schools and Nurses

Diabetes controversy in schools and nurses is such a shame when the only consideration should focus on the health and safety of the child.  Just like the doctors' Hippocratic Oath part of which is to first do no harm, so does the nurse’s universal Florence Nightingale Pledge to “devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.” will put the welfare of the patient above all else.

But this is not the case now.  Of course, there are many nurses out there who do nursing care for diabetes of the kids in school and we thank them with all our hearts.  Not one of them is a nurse specialist, yet they keep people alive.  But there are a few who make the diabetes care in school such a complicated and controversial issue that now it is up to the California Supreme Court to make a decision. 

Is this for the good of the kids?  Can a low or high situation wait for a nurse who may be busy in another school?  Should we wait for someone to die before we can see the light?  Some people are already trained to administer insulin.  Why can’t they do it just because they are not nurses? 

How about the millions of people who are already administering insulin to themselves in order to survive?  Most of them do not have a nursing degree in order to administer insulin properly.  Are we going to stop them too in order to protect the jobs of the nurses?  Heck if they waited for a registered nurse to come, they would be dead now.

What is amazing about this case is that all the courts that ruled to allow only school nurses to give diabetic children insulin and that no one else should be trained to do this because it is only a function for the nurses for it requires scientific knowledge and some skill think the law is wrong but they cannot do anything about it because it is the job of the legislature.  They know that this is about the American Nurses Association and job protection.

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