Diabetes Complications to Guard Against

Diabetes complications? Yes, there’s quite a few and diabetes is a serious disease, but it does not mean you will not live a full, enjoyable life. You will still be able to live a fruitful life. You will still be able to pursue your dreams. Diabetes will not affect your goals in life, unless you allow diabetes complications to do so.

Just look at the names of people with diabetes who have fulfilled their dreams. There is Halle Barry who won the Oscar for best actress one year. And you know she didn’t win that honor, just sitting around. Her roles are full of drama and actions. Seeing her emote on the screen as James Bond lady, you wouldn’t think she had diabetes complications, would you?

Then there is Mary Tyler Moore who after all those years of leading a hectic life is still living a joyous life. Not for a minute did I think she had diabetes while on her grueling show. Yet she did without the diabetes complications. Now we can, too.

In sports, we have role models too. There’s Ron Santos, a professional baseball player. There’s Chris Dudley, a professional basketball player. Hockey is represented by Bobby Clark, a superstar of the Philadelphia Flyers who became president of this organization. He even had to inject himself with insulin in between periods of the game. Can you imagine that? You will not see Bobby Clark in following graphic, but it’s there just to show you how hectic the game is.

Then there’s Miss America 1999, Nicole Johnson. She achieved her dream against the odds. All these people did not allow diabetes to stop them from realizing their dreams. Just like them, don’t let it stop you. We will forge ahead and show diabetes who is the boss.

Sure, diabetes is not a simple disease but several diseases. It is a complicated disease to say the least. But the more you know about it, the better you can fight and ultimately control it. When you were first diagnosed, you were probably given some essential information. Don’t stop there. Keep learning more.

Advances in medical science have grown in such a rapid pace, allowing people with diabetes to live normal, long and healthy lives. However, there is still no cure and we face greater risk for other health complications. These we will address one at a time in the following pages.

There is good news. Before insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting, diabetes was a fatal disease. Now with some effort, we can overcome this disease. No wonder the committee awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Frederick Banting and John Macleod in 1923.

And you know what? The amazing thing was the patent for insulin was sold to the University of Toronto for one dollar. Frederick Banting made sure that this will be made available to everyone without anyone getting rich out of it. We certainly owe a debt of gratitude to Frederick Banting who could have made millions out of his discovery.

Still, diabetes complications can result in problems with the kidneys, heart, feet, eyes, skin and nerves. You have to take good care of yourself. What you do now in this area will affect your future. If you keep yourself healthy your risk for developing some of these complications will lower. We will discuss how we can reduce the risk for these complications on the next pages.

There will be strategies to ease the pain and decrease the discomfort. Persistent pain can be tremendously and troublesome burden. Anyone suffering from chronic pain will feel the negative effects on their life so here are some suggestions to make these situations more manageable:

1. Keep moving as exercise can do wonders. Low-impact exercises are great like walking, swimming, physiotherapy or yoga. But please consult your health care team before starting an exercise regimen.

2. Talk to your doctor about options to relieve the pain.

3. Get support from community groups to learn about how to manage the pain and listen to stories how others cope with the pain. There are devices that will help ease the pain like cane to help with walking that should be within reach and shoes that are supportive and comfortable.

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Report Reveals True Diabetes Cost

Diabetes UK is saying that they’re facing the biggest health challenge in diabetes to the point it calls this condition a silent assassin. Apparently NHS spends 10% of its budget on diabetes. But really the cost is more than that for the people afflicted by it because so many do not know they have it for as long as ten years and by that time 50% are found to have started having complications.

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Here's a video that gives quite a hope for people suffering from diabetes leg pain or even diabetic foot ulcer. It looks like amputation could be avoided in some cases according to doctors at Mayo Clinic. Watch the video right now.

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