Diabetes Charts on the ABC's

Diabetes charts to help you manage self care? Sure, for after your visit to your doctor, the ball is in your court. It’s action time, folks. So what steps can you take to prevent heart disease as complication of diabetes? It sounds as simple as ABC.

A is for A-1-C. What is it? Short for hemoglobin A-1-C , it is the blood glucose test with a memory. It tells the story on the average blood glucose for the last two to three months. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) suggests the blood glucose goal to be below 7%. This test should at least be done twice a year. We will have a record of this in the diabetes charts like this one.

Blood Glucose Readings
Date Result Date Result Date Result Date Result
{ [ [ [ [ [ [ [

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B is for blood pressure. High blood pressure is a serious disease that makes your heart work hard. The numbers will tell the force of blood inside the blood vessels. ADA recommends a goal of below 130/80. This test can be done every doctor visit or once a week if you have the equipment which is not expensive. Again, we will keep a record of this in the diabetes charts just like this one.

Blood Pressure Readings
Date Result Date Result Date Result Date Result
{ [ [ [ [ [ [ [

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C is for cholesterol. Its numbers tell how much fat is in the blood. Some are good because they behave and protect the heart like HDL cholesterol. Watch out for the others like LDL because they clog up the blood vessels. Triglycerides are also bad because it raises the risk for heart disease. The LDL goal is below 100 and the test should be done once a year. Here is one of the diabetes charts we can use.

Latest Blood Lipid (Fat) Results
Type of Blood Lipid My Results Goals
LDL Cholesterol below 100 mg/dl
Men‘s HDL Cholesterol above 40 mg/dl
Women‘s HDL above 50 mg/dl
Triglycerides below mg/dl

Then what? What can we do so we can reach our goal? Take action, that’s what. You have started it by going to the doctor and doing the tests and recording the results in the diabetes charts. Keep working with your health care team, your friends and family to achieve your goals. To live longer for your family and friends, improve your health and lessen the risk for heart disease, here are some helpful guidelines:

1. Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables, beans and whole grains.

2. Use low-fat methods when cooking like roasting, baking and grilling.

3. Eat foods that are prepared with less salt and sodium.

4. Eat less fat especially saturated fats in fatty meats, butter, 2% or whole milk, ice cream, cheese, coconut and palm oils, hydrogenated oils, trans fat, lard and shortening, and get this, poultry skin. Ah, goodbye Swiss Chalet poultry skin. I used to love them so but my heart is more important than taking pleasure in eating poultry skin. You can make one of those diabetes charts and check the ones you are following.

5. Choose lean meat and meat substitutes.

6. Eat fish two or three times a week selecting the kinds that are kind to the heart like rainbow trout, albacore tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel and herring.

7. Reduce foods that are high in cholesterol like meat and poultry that are high in fat, egg yolks and dairy products that are also high in fat.

8. Use fats that are lower in cholesterol like canola and olive oil. Eat nuts especially walnuts because they contain a healthy type of oil. If you put this in some form of diabetes charts like a checklist then you can monitor your wise choice of foods.

The above are only for wise food choices. Eating the right kinds of foods can make a difference on your ABC’s. What are they again? A-1-C test, blood sugar and cholesterol. Once we have these wayward three under control, we are on our way to a long, healthy and happy life. We will have the last laugh then. The diabetes charts you will keep will be proof enough.

The estimate for the number of people with diabetes stands at 20-million Americans. They say that not everybody complies with the treatment. The doctors are now trying to make it as easy as ABC. Here is a doctor who will try to educate us on the importance of ABC through a video that will only take a minute or two. Check it out and see what he says. You can always stop it whenever you want to.

So make sure you’ll keep a record of what you do in your diabetes charts though I apologize for the way they appear here. I spent a long time doing them but would rather continue with the presentation than by being bogged down. The other stuff we have to do for optimal healthy heart will be covered on the next page. Meantime, be happy and don’t let anything bother you.

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