Diabetes Bracelets and Other Medical ID's

Diabetes bracelets? What are these? Are we talking about diabetes jewelry? No, don't be silly. The last thing in our mind is anything for cosmetic reason although it is your choice to opt for stainless steel at the lower end of the spectrum to the high end ones of the 14kt gold variety.

All I care about is that if you need it you should wear one for your protection. One never knows when one won't be able to communicate one's needs. These and other medical identifications are essential to identify one as suffering from complications related to the disease.

For example, one of the most common causes related to this particular condition is low blood sugar. This could result from inadequate food consumption, over-treatment with insulin and other agents or too much exercise. The trouble is the symptoms could be mistaken for a drunk and so help may be denied. This is where diabetes bracelets come in handy.

Thus, when one is undergoing a hypoglycemic episode, he may be in need of urgent medical care. But because he looks intoxicated due to the symptoms that mimic the actions of a drunk, he may not receive the care he needs. This is where diabetes bracelets are necessary tools in getting the immediate care needed.

What are these symptoms that mimic drunkenness? Well, like staggering way of walking, difficulty in speaking clearly or weakened speech and mental confusion. Are you now convinced of the importance of diabetes bracelets and other medical identifications?

When one is experiencing hypoglycemia needing treatment and this treatment is neglected because his symptoms are dismissed as those of an inebriated person, then we know it is vital to have some form of medical identification like the diabetes bracelets or necklace.


In addition to the diabetes bracelets and other medical identifications, a diabetic identification and information card in the size of a wallet should be kept on the person at all times. This way there will be no mistaking the symptoms that arise due to hypoglycemia.

All those who have this condition should wear identification of some kind. The most recognized are the MedicAlert bracelet or necklace. Don't worry about the styles. The most important thing is for one to get help when it is needed.

Anyway, the new styles are not in red letters anymore announcing to the world one is diabetic. Rather, some are quite discreet with personal ID number, medical information and a number to call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All these are engraved on it.

Here's a video on a girl who has type 1 diabetes. I think she's wearing a diabetes bracelet. Check it out and Let me know if I am wrong:

I cannot stress the fact that these bracelets or necklaces are vital for people who live with diabetes. There are companies that provide custom-engraved ones that are more stylish than the traditional generic metal tags. Some offers are less costly than other personalized medical alert jewelry in the market.

Here's a good place to check out how much are the diabetes bracelets. When you go there and it does not show the diabetes bracelets right away, you can do a search by typing the words "diabetes bracelet" and hit the search button. But wait! If you scroll down a bit on this page you will find a live auction going on at eBay on diabetes bracelets. Good luck!

Some of them, in addition to each purchase, one gets a free membership on the Online Medical Registry. This is an easy to use online personal health record. And the best thing of all? There are no membership fees or renewal charges.

Remember when it is crucial to get medical care immediately and decisions are made hurriedly, these tools and other medical identifications may be your only voice to share lifesaving information with the other health care professionals.

If you have a positive experience regarding the wearing and other medical identifications, would you share them with us so we can help the other readers by filling the contact form below? I reply within 24 hours but for now I am finding out that my service provider is having a hard time delivering my reply. I am working on it.

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