Diabetes Miracle Breakthrough, a Review

Most diabetes books do not give new information but this one is different. Although you've read some of them and perhaps followed advice, this one will spur you into doing something to beat this condition. I generally do not buy these books because I find I can read the information somewhere else, but not this one: Diabetes Breakthrough.

I must confess I almost didn't read the whole sales letter. Why? Because it sounded like a hard sell. It sounded like the other sales letters I've seen but then I came down to the testimonials especially when a Nobel Prize winner made a pitch for the book. Well, that turned me around.

An American microbiologist and scientist, Dr. Robert O. Young, said that if we get rid of the root cause of diabetes, this condition can be stopped cold. Dr. Young is the top nutrition scientist in the country who said that if the beta cells that help produce insulin is covered by acid, then they will stop working sooner or later.

It's true the diet sends so much acids and toxins to the body that the pancreas get so overworked that eventually it will produce less and less insulin. This is the root cause of diabetes The pancreas becomes sick of all the sugars, acids, fats, carbohydrates and uric acid so much so it does not have any choice but to stop working.


When these acids are prevented from flooding the pancreas, it is able to rest from having to work overtime in attempting to absorb and neutralize them. This results in cleansing the pancreas and so it has time to heal and to recover slowly.

Now that the cause is out of the way, the pancreas are able to rebuild the beta cells. What are these, you asked? These are the cells responsible for the production of insulin. Without the insulin that makes the pancreas constantly overworked, the pancreas can concentrate on rebuilding these beta cells.

What is the solution? This is where the Diabetes Breakthrough comes in. The remedy is to get back to the natural state of health by cleansing the pancreas and stopping the attacks on this organ from the type of food we eat.

These are what this eBook will bring. It will show how to determine the damage done to the body by this modern diet. It will give information, among other things, the specific fruits and vegetables that will help clean up the extra acidic waste.

In addition, it will give information on how to stop the overflow of acids in the body. Best of all, it will reveal the scientific discovery that will help the body do its natural function like producing insulin. It will heal itself in the process.

Dr. Young's findings are sending shockwaves in the scientific community. His findings are taken seriously especially he is one of the top research scientists in the world. He has conducted tests in collaboration with the John Hopkins Medical School.

As I read more about it and I was struck by the passion and sincerity that shone through the author's sales letter. He sincerely wants you to get well. He really does want to spread the word in order to reach as many people as he can. What he says makes sense.

There are two other things that made me recommend this product. It can be bought through Clickbank, a secure way of buying digital products, which you can download as soon as you pay for it. And here's the best thing of all. This purchase comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. So go and check it out at Diabetes Breakthrough .

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