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Dealing with stress is something one should know especially if one is diabetic. Why? It is because it affects the blood sugar level. How does getting anxious change the blood sugar level? It does it in two ways. Hopefully after knowing this, people will be convinced how important it is to know how to cope with the anxiety.

Let us discuss the first way it alters the blood sugar. Some if not all of the activities may change the glucose level so if dealing with stress is not something one knows how to do, he will be in jeopardy. First of all, people who are under strain may not take good care of themselves. They may drink more alcohol, smoke more, not plan healthy meals and not exercise.


Now let's look at the second way anxiety affects everyone. The stress hormones believe it or not have the capacity of changing the blood glucose level. And the sad part is one doesn't know which way it will go. Experiments on animals generally show elevated levels but for people, the results have been mixed. So isn't it better to be dealing with stress for one has a better knowledge how it will affect him. It makes sense, doesn't it?

So now that people are hopefully convinced, what lessons can be learned about dealing with stress? There are two ways of responding to this: one is focused on the problem and the second one is focused on the emotion. How does one do that?

To focus on the problem is to determine the cause of the stress. Is it because the cell phone is so loud it is such a bother? Then confront the person using the phone in a friendly way and say how it is making one anxious. If the person is reasonable, he will consent to either lower the volume or stay farther away from the one who confronted him. If the person is one of the nasty types, then move away from him and do something that is relaxing instead.

Now how about the emotion-focused solution to the stress-producing situation? Say the family's teenager is being belligerent. Instead of getting mad at him, try to change the way of responding to him. Give him a smile and tell him it's nice that he’s around. Now this may not change him, but the feeling will be a little less stressed.

Then learn to relax. There are different ways of doing these Here are some of them:

  • Take deep breath. Breathe in and out, trying to relax the muscles at the same time. Do this once a day.
  • Exercise by moving the body in the way that is fun. It could be yoga, dance or just taking a walk.
  • Learn the technique of progressive relaxation. There are tapes one can follow on this. Imagine a favorite place, relaxing each part of the body at the same time.
  • Change the bad thoughts into good ones.

Travel is a favorite way to relax so since packing will be a problem for some diabetics, we will have a page on this. But you know, some can’t get away more than a week at a time for how can I communicate with you then? That will not be the right way of dealing with stress.

Dealing With Stress, Join a Support Group

Dealing with stress is something one has to do as some causes of stress are a part of living and are not going away. One way of reducing the stress is joining a support group. Knowing other people in similar situation will make one not feel alone.

The people in the support group will also be able to offer suggestions based on their own experiences, on how to cope with any difficulty. Having a friend in this group will make one's situation less daunting.

Another way of dealing with stress is to take time off from the the day-to-day routine. Going on a cruise is an example:

Holland America Cruise Line

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