Community Guide to Help Control Diabetes

Community Guide? What is its role in the diabetes dilemma? Well, the National Diabetes Education Program identifies the community as the place where people live, work and play. It recognizes that here they have the right to use the facilities in order to reach those with diabetes. To do so, they have put up a community guide.

The goal is to have better treatment and result for people with diabetes, their families and friends. The purpose is also to encourage early diagnosis with the ultimate end of preventing the arrival of the disease. Cool, huh? Now we are set to get effective support to learn more about diabetes especially on the issue of achieving control over it.

The community guide will inform people that diabetes is a serious disease and that is not unusual and it is costly but that it is controllable. So how will they accomplish this noble gesture? They already have done this by running campaigns and promoting products to spread the word.

They have done this through working with troubled individuals and associations in communities all over. They are disseminating the message that every body can help in the battle against this disease. In this way, they are able to raise the profile of the disease as serious but controllable.

Who are they reaching with this community guide? It is reaching not only the people with diabetes but also other key audiences like the general public, policy makers, health care providers, consumers as well as the business and those who administer care. In other words, they have everything covered.

How are they accomplishing this mission of the community guide? They run public service campaigns and promote community interventions. They work together with concerned individuals and organizations in many communities to make sure the message that diabetes is serious gets through. Also, they give support to people with diabetes in their effort to control the disease.

“Control your diabetes. For Life.” is the topic of the first awareness campaign run by NDEP. They wanted the community to understand the seriousness of the disease. They wanted to drive home the fact that diabetes is a silent thief. Why? Because one-third of people with diabetes don’t even know they have diabetes until the complications have arrived.

Poor eating habits is on the rise in the community of South Central Los Angeles. This is a problem as poor health and obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes. This video explains why those who live in South Central have problems in maintaining their health Let's see what the community is doing in order to help solve this problem:

The message to the community is clear. Learn to take control of diabetes. Only then could there be hope that we can win the battle against this disease. Let us all then heed the call for the power to help our community is in our hands.

The NDEP has invited us to use the community guide. They have developed Community Interventions Workgroup. Let us then accept that invitation to start making a difference in people’s lives. These people with diabetes do not have to stand alone. Let the people in the community who love them stand along with them. And we will be there to lend a helping hand.

So now that we know where we stand, let us look for some helpful information to help us get started. How do we start? Where do we start? What will we need? Who else can help us? What community resources will be available for us? These and similar issues will be discussed in the following pages.

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