Burning Mouth Syndrome_1, A Mouth and Tongue On Fire?

Burning mouth syndrome_1 is part of the management of neuropathy. We covered some issues at Burning Mouth Syndrome but this time we will discuss more signs, how one knows if it is linked to diabetes, and how to keep the mouth healthy. Hopefully, this will impress both the doctor and the dentist and keep us from feeling the mouth and tongue on fire.

Here Are More Signs of a Problem in the Mouth The teeth could be loose. Feeling pain when chewing Pain in the jaw, mouth or face stays a long time or does not go away. It is the same with ulcer or sore that stays and does not heal. The sense of taste has changed. The teeth have dark spots or holes in them.

How To Tell If the Burning Mouth Syndrome_1 is From Diabetes? Check the mouth if there are signs that are linked to diabetes. Tender, swollen or bleeding gums are the first signs. The trouble is that sometimes there are no signs at all until it becomes serious. The best thing to do is to visit the dentist two times a years for check-up and cleaning.

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Here's someone who suffered from Geographic Tongue and compiled all his years of research into a 172 page book called Treating and Beating Geographic Tongue and other Tongue Problems. In it he covered not only Geographic Tongue but also Thrush (Candida), Tongue Fissures, Black Tongue, Hairy Tongue, Hairy Leukoplakia, Burning Tongue and Burning Mouth Syndrome.

When To See A Doctor and A Dentist

You have to see the doctor and the dentist if you are experiencing some soreness or pain on the lips, gums, tongue as well as in the other parts of the mouth. You have to do this as soon as you experience pain. Both the doctor and the dentist will work together to see what's wrong, determine the cause and to put together a treatment plan.

How To Maintain a Healthy Mouth

Before going to the doctor and the dentist there are things we can do prevent developing problems in the mouth like the painful burning mouth syndrome_1. Here are some steps to keep a healthy mouth. The doctor and the dentist will thank you for this.

1. The top of the list is keep the blood sugar level as close to the target level. Why am I not surprised this is first among the steps. Anyway, it may not be simple to follow but the doctor will tell you your target level and will explain what to do when they are out of whack.

2. Since fluoride safeguards the teeth from decay, use fluoride toothpaste when brushing the teeth at least twice a day. The goal is to brush the teeth with a soft toothbrush upon awakening, before bedtime and after eating a meal or snack.

3. Don't forget to brush the gum line gently with circular and small movement, the front and back as well as the top of every tooth and the tongue too. Change the toothbrush at least every 3 months or earlier if it gets worn out as it will then not do a good job of removing the plaque.

4. Floss between the teeth once daily because this will help prevent plaques. Use dental floss by sliding it up and down and curve it around the base of every tooth using the clean part of the floss as you go from one tooth to the next. You can also remove the plaque between the teeth by using a brush or dental pick that are available at the drug store.

5. Eat healthy with plenty of fruits and vegetables, fiber and whole grains.

6. Drinking water with added fluoride is also a good idea. So is using mouth rinse with fluoride to avoid tooth decay.

7. Get advise from the dentist about using a type of mouth rinse that is anti-gingivitis or anti-plaque for obvious reason.

8. When dentures are used, they should be kept clean and adjusted when they become loose or uncomfortable to wear.

9. Visit the dentist right away as soon as you notice a problem in the mouth. At any rate, you should visit the dentist twice a year for check-up and cleaning. The dentist may even recommend more visits. Tell him you're diabetic and any other health changes and medicines and the results of blood tests and A1C tests.

If the dentist tells you there is something wrong, do something to correct it right away. Follow his advice and any treatment or steps to maintain a healthy mouth. Find out from the dentist if there is a need for antibiotics before and after your treatment especially with an uncontrolled blood sugar.

10. Finally and last but not least, quit smoking.

All these steps should make your mouth healthy. And that, my friends, got us to the end of this web page. Next time, we will deal with how to get ready for the doctor and dental appointments so we can get the best out of the visits. Meantime, congratulate yourself for refreshing your mind about avoiding burning mouth syndrome_1.

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