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Management of neuropathy_7 also deals with the burning mouth syndrome which is a painful problem in the mouth. This report and the subsequent ones come complete with the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, natural and alternative treatment. As well there will be suggestions on how to keep the mouth healthy and how to prepare for a dental visit.

What Is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

This refers to that burning sensation in the mouth that may also affect the gums, tongue, lips, roof of the mouth, and cheeks. It could also be widespread and cover the whole mouth. The pain is severe and feels like the mouth is scalded.


The cause is still unknown but it has been associated with painful dentures, damage to the nerves, unhealthy diet, dry mouth and changes in hormones. It also appears that medications, diabetes, or unhealthy foods can all play a role.

The cause can be classified into two types - primary and secondary. It is primary when the cause is unknown although some researches say it is due to problems with taste and sensory nerves of the peripheral or central nervous system.

The syndrome is secondary when it is caused by some medical condition like nutritional deficiency (not enough zinc, iron, vitamin B-9, B-1, B-2, B-6 and B-12, medications like those for high blood pressure or health issues such as oral yeast infection, depression, anxiety and too many worries about health.

Nerve damage, dentures that place stress on some tissues and muscles in the mouth and oral habits like grinding of the teeth and thrusting of the tongue can be a secondary cause. So do food allergies, reflux of stomach acid, hormonal imbalances like those linked to menopause, too much irritation in the mouth due to over brushing, overuse of mouth rinses, too much acidic drinks and endocrine disorder like hypothyroidism and diabetes.


Although quite a number of factors are linked to the appearance of the symptoms, no single cause has been found to be involved. There is no set pattern for the pain. It may come every day with less pain in the morning that becomes worse or it may last the whole day. It may even come and go with days when there is no pain at all. It may last for years or it may just disappear. Here are the symptoms:

Dry mouth
Bitter taste or metallic taste

Burning feeling that may have an effect on the tongue, gums, lips, throat, palate or the whole mouth.

Loss of taste and sore mouth
Increased thirst
Pain in the mouth gets worst as the day moves forward
Numb feeling or tingling in the mouth or on the tip of the tongue

We have run out of time again but on the next pages there will be topics on this issue that will cover the whole gamut from risk factors, complications, preparing for the doctor’s appointment, tests and diagnosis, treatments, lifestyle and home remedies plus prevention of burning mouth syndrome.

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