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With the latest findings on what it is, and how it happens Brittle Diabetes is a type of diabetes we have to dig deeper into. It is also called labile or unstable diabetes. Why is it called unstable, you asked? Well, it’s because in this type of diabetes, a person’s blood sugar goes from one extreme to another. And nobody seems to know why.

This swinging of blood sugar from high to low occurs for no apparent reason. The reason? There may not be symptoms before it happens. To top it all, this rise and fall is quite unpredictable.

Confused? I don’t blame you. Nobody really seems to understand the fluctuation of the blood sugar. I know people who have been hospitalized for a high count of 500. Then it goes down to 80 and becomes stabilized for awhile until it goes back to 500.

Someone complained her glucose level bounces like a yoyo. It goes up and down and the fluctuation occurs by the hour. There didn’t seem to be a solution to regulate the swing of the blood sugar from one extreme to another.
So you see even the doctors don't agree on this matter. If you want to learn of their disagreement on this matter, just go to what I call the great debate. Do you know investigators are saying that anorexia nervosa may lead to brittle or unstable diabetes? This does seem to make sense because people with anorexia nervosa may flush out their calories, thus reducing how much insulin they use.

Some define brittle diabetes as difficult to control. They even go to the extent it is an antiquated term. They even say it has no place in the current management of diabetes. But tell that to the people whose blood sugars swing widely. Don’t lose hope, though. Just get your glucose level tested regularly.

Didn’t I say don’t lose hope? For even though they say brittle diabetes is not a distinct form of diabetes, they do add that it will respond favorably to a more thorough team approach to care. And I will not stop trying to get the latest information on this issue.

No one seems able to pinpoint the reason behind this wide fluctuation. It would be good though to know what is the reason behind it. This way, we will know what to do and where to go to find out what the problem is. The trouble is the hospital and the doctor can’t seem to offer help for now. The free hypoglycemia report may shed some light. One doctor suggested that an endocrinologist would be the best physician to treat brittle diabetes. In this case if the swinging from high to low occurs, it is best to have an appointment with an endocrinologist.

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