Diabetes Information from Diagnostic Tests

Diabetes information?  This is what is needed in order to confirm the diagnosis.  There are symptoms to go on like frequent urination and others that may give a clue.  For some, however, it is wise to take precaution for sometimes the symptoms do not appear until the condition is more advanced.  Therefore, if one is at risk, it is wise to see the doctor to get tested.

How does one know he is at risk to develop this condition?  This is one diabetes information that is good to have in order to catch it early.  This way, there is a better chance to try to prevent it along with the complications that may come with it.  Here are the risks:

  • Family history - Having a parent, a bother or a sister with diabetes will put one at risk.
  • Weight - One who is obese or overweight, especially with greater than 35-inch waist for a woman and 40-inch for men will put one at greater risk.
  • Lack of activity - One who gets little or no exercise has a greater risk.
  • Age - The risk of type 2 diabetes is higher for those 45 years old and over.
  • Race - Hispanic American, Black American, Asian American, American Indian, Alaska Native and Pacific Islander have a higher risk.
Now that the risks are there to help one decide whether to get tested or not, there are other diabetes information the doctor will need for proper diagnosis. The doctor may think a patient has diabetes because of the symptoms but to be sure, blood tests are used.

Before undergoing the test make sure one is in good health.  That is, one does not have flu or cold or something else.  Why?  With a cold or some other illness, the reading may not provide the correct diabetes information.  There may be problems in getting the accurate readings. 

The doctor is the only one who can diagnose diabetes.  Once at his office, the doctor will give a screening test.  What is involved in the screening test?  It requires a drop of blood that will tell the doctor that one might have diabetes.  If this is so, the doctor will then do a diagnostic test that will provide the diabetes information needed to be sure. 

The first test, called the fasting plasma glucose test, is simple.  The blood glucose level fluctuates and is at its highest after eating and the lowest after overnight of fasting or at least for eight hours.  The doctor takes a small amount of blood from the vein and sends it to the lab for assessment.

The diabetes information showing a blood glucose level below 100 milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood is considered normal.  If the reading is between 100 to 125 mg/dL, the diagnosis is impaired fasting glucose which is known as prediabetes.

The random blood glucose test is also simple.  There is no special preparation like an overnight fast.  The oral glucose tolerance test is different.  It is hardly used now because the other tests are less expensive.  This involves an eight hour fast.  The patient will be asked to drink eight ounces of liquid that contains about 75 grams of sugar.

There you have the diabetes information needed to make a firm diagnosis.  It is good to get this early because researchers have learned a lot on how to diagnose the condition early and how to manage it.  These advances will help one live well and prevent complications if the doctor’s advice regarding eating, exercise, medications and glucose monitoring are followed.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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