Article 4 Gestational Diabetes Diet, A Nutrition Therapy 

Most women just need to choose healthy and correct portions of food in order to keep their blood sugar levels within the target levels the doctor has recommended.  Of course, they will have to add mild exercise in their diabetes management.  This may limit the weight gain.

When planning the menu, it is good to consider to set a goal as to the daily calorie intake. Why?  This is because more women who are either overweight or obese  develop gestational diabetes than their counterpart who are of normal weight.  That is also why the recommended weight gain for obese women during pregnancy is limited to fifteen pounds.

It is good for the pregnant woman to be able to plan her own menu because then she will be able to include the foods she needs and the food she enjoys eating.  She will be the best judge to know what works best for her.  What is important is to choose foods wisely and to monitor the effect of the choice on the body.

The best gestational diabetes diet will let the woman eat healthy meals while considering what food items she enjoys eating.  If she loves spaghetti and bread for example and does not miss butter, then by all means, she can have them.  She can indulge in a low-fat diet.

Here's another example.  If  she can’t live without meat but doesn’t miss bread that much then perhaps a low carb diet may be the best choice.  There is another option.  If one hates having to give up any kind of food, then she may have to go on a diet, counting the calories and paying close attention to portions.  

It is also good to match the choice of foods to the lifestyle of the person.  This is allowed not only in the gestational diabetes diet but also in any other kinds of sensible diet.  If one goes to school or work in the office, she will have to check what is available in the cafeteria.  Then if there is nothing there that is healthy enough, it may be wise to pack up a lunch to take to school or work.

The gestational diabetes diet should not only match the woman's lifestyle but also what she can afford to pay.  Going on a low-carb diet with lots of meat and vegetables will not be the right mix for one who is on a limited budget.  It is of course the opposite is true for someone who has adequate financing.  There is a wide selection of foods at her disposal then.

One thing to remember is not to jump on the band wagon for every pronouncement that this or that is the best diet.  Sometimes this statement is retracted because a lot of times what is flaunted as the best diet does not work.  Using the best judgment is the best way to go when considering a  gestational diabetes diet.

The trend now seems to be low-carb.  Tomorrow who knows what will be the next movement?  Give the low-carb diet a try.  Just make sure to monitor the blood sugar level at the same time to see if it works. The gestational diabetes diet is only good if it helps one to maintain optimum health. 

It cannot be emphasized enough that managing the diabetes during pregnancy should fit one’s experience and  personal needs.  The neophytes may want more information.  Here are some of the gestational diabetes diet guidelines when embarking on this most important journey:

1.  Take folic acid just before conceiving for the simple reason that diabetic women have  a risk for neural tube defects in babies.  Consult with your doctor first as your condition may be different.  He will also give information on the dosage to take.

2.  Another thing to try to do before conceiving is lose weight but stop as soon as one gets pregnant.

3.  A nutritionist will be invaluable in the discussion regarding the nutritional fundamentals as pregnancy craving for food and other food intake will have an effect on the blood sugar.

4.  Carb-counting will help make managing the diet easier as it will help control the blood sugar.  One should have proficiency in counting calories but a nutritionist can refer one to some great resources.  

By now it must be clear that what is most important is to eat healthy meals in order to manage the diabetes in the most efficient way.  One may need to check on the basic nutritional values.  A registered dietitian will be a good help along this line.  There may be a need to set a goal on the number of calories one should take daily.  You and your baby can then look forward to a happy and healthy life together.

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