Diabetes Bracelets as Personal Identification

Wearing diabetes bracelets is advisable not only when traveling in different areas of the world but also when one is around the home area.  This should identify one and the condition just in case one gets hurt or becomes unconscious.  The situation does not even have to happen in remote areas for this identification tag to be of help.

It is a known fact that when one is having a hypyglycemic event, usually he is irritable and uncooperative and may not answer questions asked of him by paramedics who are ready to help.  Besides, the symptoms of hypoglycemia sometimes mimic those of a drunk and people may not want to help thinking it serves the person right for consuming more alcohol than he can handle.

This is one reason why diabetes bracelets or other medical identification products can help to make sure that proper treatment is made available in an emergency situation.  No one should travel without some kind of personal identification. 

There is also a new product in the form of a keychain which can hold four glucose tablets.  This is especially designed for type 1 diabetics who drive.  In an emergency situation as in a hypoglycemic episode, one can just take the glycemic tablets to treat hypoglycemia.  In fifteen minutes one can feel as good as new.  If not, call for help right away.

There are other identification tags that will do the job of diabetes bracelets.  There are decals with the words "Diabetic Driver” on them that can be affixed on the inside of the windshield.  This will alert the police or any paramedics that may happen to come to the car to provide help. 

There are also wristbands that come in a variety of colors for both adults and children that have the word "Diabetic" embossed on each, plus the caduceus which is the medical symbol.  Boys and girls will love wearing the ones described at the end of this post.

Sometimes children, especially boys will not want to wear this kind of jewelry.  There is something available for them and it is in the form of a tag that can be tied up in the sneakers.  This way when they exercise without considering the schedule of their meals and insulin dose, then they are covered when an emergency arises. 

This identification tag or other medical ID's also come in the form of a charm in 14 kt gold or in sterling silver for different sports, each one with the caduceus symbol.  There also other  types called Beaded Daisy which are easy to wear and 100% waterproof. 

Some diabetes bracelets and necklaces can have this text written on them:  I HAVE DIABETES PLEASE TEST MY BLOOD BEFORE TREATING ME.  Isn't that neat?  Now there will be no excuse for making mistakes that could be fatal. 

So, don't forget some form of diabetes bracelets or medical ID's in the tool box because this will identify one when he gets hurt in an accident or injured in some other way especially when he becomes unconscious.  There is no excuse for not wearing one as they come in different colors and sizes.  There are even some designer ones, too.  

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

Type 2 Diabetes Medical ID Alert Italian Charm Bracelet with Red Caduceus Script Diabetic  

medical charm is hand crafted

stainless steel bracelet

stretches over your wrist

FREE sizing of bracelet

links or charms can be taken out, more added, moved around

you will receive instructions on how to take out or add links or charms

Here’s something for the boys:

TYPE 2 DIABETES Medical ID Alert Bracelet with Embossed emblem from stainless steel. Style: Classic wide, premium series. Word: TYPE 2 DIABETES is engraved on the front just right of the medical emblem.
Back side of the bracelet plate features engraving: SEE WALLET CARD. The Medical Id Plate 1-5/8" x 7/8" is made from non-allergic, rust free stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish and curved for wrist wear. The Polished stainless steel Curb chain is 5 mm wide with a sister hook clasp and is available for bracelets from 5.5" to 9.5" long in increments of 0.5".
If you need "Lobster Clasp" hook, please send us a message. Traditional "deep grove" engraving using "Arial" font is easy to read and will provide protection for years to come. A Free Medical Emergency wallet card comes with every item purchased.
Free shipping in USA and Canada for each item. Tell a Friend

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