Diabetes in Children - Part 2 When At First the Child is Diagnosed


Diabetes in children occurs when the pancreas are no longer producing the insulin needed for survival. In order to survive, there is a need to replace this need with the use of an insulin pump or shots. Just to be clear so we are on the same page, this condition used to be known as insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes.

Parents of the children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes find this overwhelming and devastating at first and rightly so. There are so many things to learn for one thing and the emotions involved could be overpowering to some. Some will be playing the blame game as in where did I go wrong, that sort of thing. There is no reason for this though.

It is wiser to put aside the emotional part of the equation for a clear mind is necessary not only to serve as a role model for the diabetic child but also to learn all the things needed to meet the challenges this condition poses for the family. There are things to learn like counting carbohydrates, giving injections and monitoring the blood sugar.

The good news is that you are not alone. There are a lot of places where you can find help. There are excellent websites that give information and send you in the right direction. Your child's doctor will also give you tips on what to do. The pharmacist at your local drugstore will show you the mechanics of giving injection and blood sugar monitoring.

Then there will be the diabetes care team who will help you come to terms with what is happening. The team will include the diabetes doctor, a dietitian, a social worker and a diabetes educator. Meantime you can educate yourself and others involved with the child about the daily care along with the goals and long term needs.

Constant care is needed, we know, but advances have been short of amazing that help is just a telephone away. Managing diabetes every day has been made easy by these advances particularly in monitoring the blood sugar and the delivery of insulin. The goal in all of these is to assist the child and the families to live a happy, healthy and well adjusted life and for the child to grow up normally in all aspects of living.

Support is needed for coping with the situation can appear to be impossible at the start. There will be support groups in the local community where you can pose your questions and get answers from people who have been through the same path you are going through now.

Where before the diagnosis of diabetes is akin to a death sentence, now diabetes in children need not be a scary thing, thanks to the discovery of insulin by Dr. Banting. There are countless examples of people who are living a full happy life, doing what they want to do.

There is nothing to stop the diabetics from pursuing their dreams. Now they can become a judge of the supreme court or go on triathlon running. With proper treatment and blood glucose control, a long, full, happy and healthy life is more than possible. The diabetics are in for a joyful life so parents need not worry about diabetes in children.

Alert: One of the best experiences that diabetic children can have is going to a diabetes camp. This is where they can learn to be independent of their parents and socialize with the other kids who have diabetes. They learn to be self-confident and at the same time have a great time. Most camps provide financial aid to those who cannot pay the full fees for camps.


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