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When to Check the Blood Sugar

I am surprised to hear that most diabetics don't know the best time to check the blood sugar so when I read around the web this question, I thought I should remind the readers when to do the check-up of the blood sugar level. This is actually a problem because the connection between the blood sugar is not connected to the assessed activity.

This problem has not been solved because of the many challenges the diabetics are facing. Besides, we do not have one site that explains the whole thing. There is so much information that by the time they read to test the blood sugar level in pairs if they want to evaluate the effect of the meal on the blood sugar level before eating and then again about two hours after the meal, they are already exhausted.

We know that food affects the blood sugar level so it is good to check it. We also know that the blood sugar level should not go up more than 40-mg/dl between the test before eating and the test two hours after eating. The reason for this is simple. If we depend on the test after eating only, we might falsely presume that the lunch caused the elevation when it may have been already up before lunch.

So if we test in pairs we will know better what foods affect the blood sugar more accurately. We will know how our body responds to different kinds of foods and we will then be able to make adjustment as to whether to substitute a different food or check it again next time for verification. Then on your next trip to the doctor, show him the paired results, along with the food eaten. I bet you he will be impressed.

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Here's the link again: Reversing The Root Cause of Diabetes.

Why Type 2 Diabetes is a Bit like The Bourne Identity

Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity was thought dead but he just lost his memory. So he tried to change his destiny. This is why it is being compared to diabetes where the beta cells that produce insulin are presumed dead. But Columbia University's Domenico Accili studied this and got the idea that that the beta cells disappear but do not die; they just lose their identity.

In the film it is loss of memory, in diabetes it is called dedifferentiation. So like Jason Bourne in the film who tried to change his fate, so do the diabetics by managing their diabetes and keeping it under control. The researchers are trying to determine if what they found in mice that could stop the dedifferentiation will translate to humans.

. On the Road Again: How to Deal With Restaurant Meals?

Hope has such good suggestions for staying on tracks with healthy meals while travelling that I just have to share them with you. Not only did they not gain weight but also they did not eat at any fast food eateries. I plan to follow her recommendation when I next hit the road. Here's how she did it while on vacation for two weeks.

1. They split and share when eating in restaurants which is such a great idea because you get to taste more than what you order and teach the children how to eat healthy in restaurants.

2. They think of leftovers when ordering. Get a box to pack the leftovers in and eat it as a second meal. Not only are you being kind to your diet but also being nice to your wallet.

3. Order small serving sizes as in kiddie sized meals.

4. With fruits and vegetables as the biggest challenge, you can always pack the cooler with fruits, tomatoes and carrots that could last a few days and then replenish them along the way. Packing dried fruits is quite a life saver.

5. Then fight those extra calories with physical activities. Playing hide and seek with the kids while stopped at a park is a good idea waking up the kid in you and feeling good in the process.

Beauty Products and Food Containers May Be Slowly Killing US

Personal Care Products Contribute to Sharp Diabetes Increase. This is the finding of the scientists from four institutions (Harvard School of Public Health, Women’s Hospital, University of Michigan School of Public Health, Brigham and University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry).

Studies have shown that those with high levels of phthalates have twice the risk of developing diabetes. This is not the first time that this has been linked to health consequences. It is so prevalent that if you use fragrances, moisturizers, hair spray, nail polish, cosmetics etc., you’re playing with fire. They say that containers made of hard polycarbonate plastic will make one who eats regularly from these containers to get BPA.

It is almost impossible to reduce exposure unless you buy from stores that sell safe products and get yourself informed from guides online that are published by Environmental Working Group. It is good for consumers to work together and demand change. This is the way we can make changes in the marketplace.

Practical Endocrinology and Diabetes in Children Wiley-Blackwell What Should You Tell Kids About Diabetes?

It is important for the children to know what diabetes is all about at the level of their understanding of course. They need to be taught as much as they can understand. If the child has been diagnosed with diabetes, then meet with a diabetes educator or with a nutritionist.

The children need a lot of help and support from their parents but at the same time they have to be taught to learn to be responsible for their choices when it comes to food and their medication. If they are type 1, then they will have to learn to make sure their insulin therapy happens in a timely fashion.

Try to connect with support groups. There are camps where the diabetic kids can go in the summer where they are taught how to handle and cope with the diabetes and at the same time socialize with kids in similar situation they are in.

As soon as he is old enough to go to school explain to the child the rules for healthy eating. Teach the child to learn to be responsible for himself. Let the school nurse, the principal and anyone who will deal with your child in school know that he is diabetic. Develop a care plan with the school nurse.

Obesity, Diabetes May Raise Complications After Joint Replacement

This is good to know before having a total hip and knee replacement as a study has shown that among those who have them, 30% need critical care services. The study is based on almost 530,000 patients from 2006 to 2010 at 400 US hospitals. These are elective surgeries that are risky to older patients.

This post will alert the older readers who are contemplating on having the knee replacement to take the results of this study in consideration before making the final decision to go ahead with these elective surgeries. At least they can get ready for them by making sure they are absolutely healthy before making the plunge. There is more information if you click the above title for then you will be able to read the whole article if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

The High Demand for Medical Transplants

Someone passed this animated graphic to me about the high demand for medical transplants. If you are easily scared like me, do not click that title. I checked the site first to make sure it is legitimate and it is. I wrote the person back and said it was nice to get her message on the value of the body parts.

It is amazing how people can live on doing that kind of business but I guess we have to live with all kinds of people. We have just to watch out for something like this happening in our world so we can protect our families from such activities.

The Democratization of Health Care: Private Insurers and the Diabetes Epidemic

For sure there is a need for a systematic approach to the diabetes epidemic. Meeting the needs of those concerned should be a top priority. And here’s the challenge. The therapies have to be effective and be available to all who need them. The question is whether the health care system can meet those demands.

The health care system is composed of the government-sponsored social insurance and the employer-based insurance. When the employee needs medical help, he presents his insurance card to the supplier of the medical care and services who then submits the bill to the insurer for reimbursement. The bill is reviewed to control expenditure.

Please read the whole article because it has more explanations and I can only have two paragraphs to report it, so please click the above title “The Democratization of Health Care: Private Insurers and the Diabetes Epidemic”. You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet. 

Health Insurance: A Primer (Health Issues, Costs and Access) [Hardcover] People buy insurance to protect themselves against the possibility of financial loss in the future. Individuals and families without health coverage are more likely than those with coverage to forgo needed health care, which often leads to worse health outcomes and the need for expensive medical treatment.

5 Global Fitness Secrets You Can Steal

Let us go and join our global friends from whom we might learn a thing or two about exercise. In Japan, let us join them limbering up to a cheerful piano tune with 28 million people performing stretching exercises that help the blood flow to the muscles. In Netherlands, the Dutch ride their bikes for everything they have to do. In Singapore, they walk on rocks barefoot just like in Malaysia and Taiwan.

In Norway, they go on tour with their family often exploring the woods on foot in the summer and on cross country skis in the winter. In Cuba they move to the beat. They see music and dancing as two peas in a pod and they sway their hips to the music everywhere they go. So let’s go and join them, shall we?

Please read the whole article because it has more explanations and I can only have two paragraphs to report it, so please click the above title “5 Global Fitness Secrets You Can Steal”. You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet. 

7 Great Sources of Omega-3s

The American Heart Association recommends fish oils found in fish — technically known as the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA because they are good for the heart and circulation. The top source for this is the wild Alaskan salmon which a 6-ounce serving contains 2000 mg of omega-3s. But how about if you don’t like salmon? Don’t worry for I read about foods that are good sources of omega-3s.

Here are the seven top sources of omega-3s. Tuna contains as much omega-3 as the salmon. Sardines are one of the richest sources of omega-3 and on top of this they do not contain much mercury. The rest are rainbow trout, black cod, oysters, grass-fed beef, and eggs that are enriched with omega-3.

Please read the whole article because it has more explanations and I can only have two paragraphs to report it, so please click the above title “7 Great Sources of Omega-3s”. You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet.
  Four Interesting Tips When You Have Diabetes

Here are some questions from diabetics that hopefully we can learn from:

Question: I know that I am supposed to move my insulin shots around but I do not have a specific plan and I do not know why one site is preferred over another.

Answer - These are the main sites for insulin injection: abdomen, the upper outer thighs, the upper outer arms and the fleshy part of the back of the hips. The abdomen is still the best site for it is not affected by exercise.

Question: I know that lancets for my finger sticks with my glucose meter are cheap and I have lots of them but I am too lazy to change them. I don't think it makes a difference. I never get an infection.

Answer - You should change lancets after each stick so you can get the sharpest stick every time and get a good blood droplet the first time and may even dilute the droplet and the results may not be accurate. The risk for infection is more if you use the lancet more than once.

Question: The same goes for my syringe needles, needles on my pens for insulin or my other diabetes injectables called Byetta, Victoza, or Bydeuron. I am sick of taking the time and energy to change them.

Answer - It seems fine to try to save time when you have so much to do but the trouble is that it can have an impact on the blood sugar.

Question: The FDA put a warning on the statin medication labels that it can increase blood sugar, may lead to cognitive memory problems and increased risk for diabetes. I should stop taking this medication because of the side effects.

Answer - Consult with your doctor before stopping any medication.

Please read the whole article because it has more explanations and I can only have two paragraphs to report it, so please click the above title “Four Interesting Tips When You Have Diabetes”. You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet. 

Sugar is as Addictive as Cocaine, and Causes Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease: Researchers

Endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig said Americans should go to rehab for sugar addiction. He said that brain scans show that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. He said that sugar intake causes a euphoric effect that activates dopamine which is the chemical that controls the pleasure in the brain. No wonder, for an average American consumes a third of a pound of sugar each day, a whopping 130 pounds a year. Dr. Lustig further says sugar causes obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The good news is that sugar intake is down 40% but the bad news is that fructose corn syrup consumption is up, way up. The trouble is the sweet stuff is everywhere like peanut butter, bread, sauces and yogurt. The truth is we are addicted to it but we have to start somewhere. Just stop drinking sugary drinks and added sugar to foods. Men are to consume only 150 calories of added sugar while women only 100 calories.

If you want to read more details on sugar, click the above title “Sugar is as Addictive as Cocaine, and Causes Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease: Researchers”. You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet. 

Questions Remain About Weight-Loss Surgery for Diabetes

There has been a flurry of reports saying that weight loss surgery is the best option for type 2 diabetics who have poor blood sugar control but I beg to disagree. What worries me especially is that with the results of the study concerning the benefit of weight-loss surgery experts think that diabetes care will change dramatically. So I am glad to know that Los Angeles Times stepped in to ask some questions.

While it is true that there had been reports on 107 hospitals that performed well on bariatric surgery, still 100 were evaluated as poor performers. That makes my concern about patient safety and quality of care real. Besides the surgery costing between $10,000 and $42,000 each does not make it less expensive than medication.

Aside from the cost, quality of care and patient safety, how about the care of the patients who may go on remission? Will the primary-care doctors know how to guide these patients on their nutritional needs since the minerals and vitamins will not be readily absorbed by the shortened intestines? Also in the past, some bariatric surgery patients gained weight and the doctors will have to know how to meet this challenge.

Besides all the above, bariatric surgery may just be a temporary relief since slowly the insensitivity to insulin may make the pancreas’ ability to manufacture insulin go down again. Perhaps a good thing may happen from this. The focus may change to treating the evil twin of diabetes and obesity without having to undergo surgery.

If you want to know the carb content of these foods, click the above title “Questions Remain About Weight-Loss Surgery for Diabetes”. You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet. 

12 Best Snacks to Pack 

When it comes to snacks for diabetes, we have to think of low carb and a low-glycemic diet. Fiber, protein and natural fats are the order of the day. This is crucial to be able to manage the blood sugar level and prevent other health problems later on. Thus said, here are the twelve best snacks.

Hard-boiled eggs, fruit bowls, cheese sticks, and apple sauce cups are good. Then there’s the trail mix of almonds, one tablespoon of semi-sweet mini chocolate chips, sunflower seeds and three tablespoons of shredded coconut which has 15 grams of protein. Instead of almonds, you can use hazel nuts, pecans, walnuts and brazil nuts. Also good as snacks are cottage cheese, protein bars, veggies and dip, apples, popcorn, low sodium black olives and cereal.

If you want to know the carb content of these foods, click the above title “12 Best Snacks to Pack ”. You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet. 

New Approach to Treating Type I Diabetes? Columbia Scientists Transform Gut Cells into Insulin Factories

I hope this is something I have been waiting for so the diabetics can have their body manufacture insulin in order to get rid of the daily injections they have to endure. Now a Columbia study puts forward what they found that the cells in the intestines of the patient could be made to manufacture insulin.

Until this, the bright hope we have is in the production of insulin in the laboratory from embryonic stem cells. However these are not appropriate for transplant because the release of insulin is not an appropriate response to glucose levels which could cause hypoglycemia if the secreted insulin is not needed at the time.

If you want to know more on the new approach to treating type 1 diabetes, click the above title “New Approach to Treating Type I Diabetes? Columbia Scientists Transform Gut Cells into Insulin Factories”. You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet 

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Body

Just as spring cleaning the home is a must, so is spring cleaning the body. In fact, I believe we should do this every season. That is why the article struck a chord with me because it is so essential to do it not just for every diabetic in town but for everyone as well. Be proactive and this means to keep an open mind to take those action steps to prevent problems later on.

1. Start flossing.

This helps prevent plaque from forming and reduce or even remove the build-up tartar. The diabetics are susceptible to getting periodontal disease. There is a link among heart disease, diabetes and gum disease.

2. You don’t have to exercise longer, just smarter.

The author here recommended interval training. That means go on the treadmill and then walk flat. You don’t have to maintain the same speed, but ask the doctor if this is okay for you to do.

3. Lower the mental stress.

Some people eat to relieve the stress but this spring let’s find some alternate solutions like meditation, deep breathing, yoga, tai chi which I do or just walking. Eating the wrong food for comfort will just make the blood sugar go high.

4. Quit smoking.

Smoking is the worst thing you can do for diabetes. Not only does it increase blood pressure and heart rate but also it narrows the blood vessels.

5. Find happiness in everything you do.

This is my personal favourite for once you are happy, things look and feel better. It is not worth it to feel depressed when we know it is only going to make us feel worst.

If you want to know more on how to spring clean the body, click the above title “5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Body”. You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

Health Coaches Can Change Your Playbook

Health coaches do not blow their whistles and bench you if you are not playing well but they do help make you healthier. Usually they are diabetes educators, dieticians, nurses, pharmacists or social workers whose mission is to help patients face their challenges in managing their condition.

This is a great way to provide the patients with more health care without paying extra money for doctors’ visits. Health coaches help the patients build their self-confidence, set goals and adhere to them through motivational interviewing techniques. They may ask the patients to keep a journal on their eating habits and the blood sugar readings.

If you are covered by your insurance plan, here are the tips to get the most out of this:

1. The health coach should build trust immediately and should address you by your name and call you on time knowing what you talked about on the last visit.

2. The health coach should ask detailed questions about the issues you are facing like the diet and exercise issues and the support you get from family and friends.

3. A health coach should help set goals together with the patients and make them accountable to reach the goals.

4. A health coach should offer alternatives for eating out and exercise options that are more manageable for the patients.

5. A health coach is probably experiencing the same issues the patients have and should know how to cope with peer pressure, include exercise to one’s busy schedule and add more fruits and vegetables to improve your health, delay aging and cure major diseases to one’s diet.

How to Be a Partner to Someone with Diabetes

I am excited to share with you this excellent article on how to be a partner to a diabetic as I think this will help a lot of people. This will help people share the burden and the joys that come out of the self-care things to do to manage diabetes. Everybody needs a friend to do this and this article gives excellent tips.

One tip is to avoid guilt as it is a useless and solves nothing. It is best to be patient with one another. Ignorance is not going to help so arrange to attend diabetic classes together. Gently reminding the diabetic what to do is better than nagging and lecturing. Be compassionate while sharing positive behaviour together and showing respect for each other. Work together instead of controlling each other. This way you can even deal with sexual problems together.

If you want to know more on how to be a partner with a diabetic, click the above title “How to Be a Partner to Someone with Diabetes”. You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet 

"26 out of 54 People Who Avoided These Foods Got a Brain-Destroying Vitamin Deficiency"

Research has shown that vegan foods although are said to have B-12 are proven that few are not raising B-12. Neither do they prevent B-12 loss. This could put them in danger of vitamin B-12 deficiency. And so do the live fooders. What are the symptoms of vitamin B-12 deficiency?

At the start the symptoms is low energy but eventually it can lead to depression, permanent damage to the nerves, tingling of feet and hands, numbness, paranoia, nervousness, impaired memory, hyperactive reflexes and behavioural changes. Dr. Cousen said it is a good idea for vegans and live fooder to take vitamin B-12 supplements.

If you want more information on this, click the above title “26 out of 54 People Who Avoided These Foods Got a Brain-Destroying Vitamin Deficiency” You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

"I Don't Know Why I Can't Lose Weight"

It is difficult to accept the fact that we can’t lose weight despite all our hard work. Most of us are eating healthy and still struggling to lose weight. Some know what they have to do to lose weight but just don’t want to do it. But for those who are working at it, here are the top reasons why we are sometimes losing the battle of the bulge.

1. We are underestimating how much we eat. This can easily happen for a chip here and a chip there can add up. And don’t get me started with buffets. That’s my number one obstacle. Keeping a food diary can help. Hmm, maybe I should do that.

2. We are not exercising enough. Walking up the stairs is a good habit but it is not enough. Try 30 minutes each day of strength or resistance training which can help with weight loss and lower blood sugar level but check with the doctor first.

3. We are not changing our behaviour although we know there are three sides to losing weight: healthy eating, exercising and changing behaviour which can be such a challenge, but we can start small and work from taking a walk 30 minutes a day, three times a week or eating out no more than twice a week.

4. We are eating an unbalanced diet and are addicted to food like refined carbs that leave us not feeling satisfied. Try having fruits, vegetables and nuts instead. I know it is not easy at first because I have been through that route. Now I am addicted to walnuts ever since I heard a doctor say that eating seven walnuts a day will make one feel healthy. Now I look for them even when I am on a cruise.

5. We may have some underlying issues like eating for emotional reasons. Anyone who has difficulty understanding why he or she can’t control the eating and instead find comfort in food should seek counselling.

If you want more information on this, click the above title “I Don't Know Why I Can't Lose Weight” You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet 

Pre-diabetes Diagnosis Prompts Alec Baldwin to Lose Weight, Exercise

Alec Baldwin revealed he lost 30 pounds after he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. He said during “Entertainment Tonight” he has added spinning and Pilates to his exercise routine. He has also given up sugar. These new habits made the 53-year old actor lose the 30 pounds.

The problem is when he is shooting an episode. He solved this just by eating less. When he attended the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, he looked great. He said he just gave up sugar and he lost the 30 pounds in four months. He thinks it’s amazing and he feels great.

If you want more information on this, click the above title “Pre-diabetes Diagnosis Prompts Alec Baldwin to Lose Weight, Exercise” You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet 

On Numbers and Neuropathy

There are two interesting questions I read on numbers and neuropathy that I would like to share with you. One reader asked about how high and low blood sugar levels are before they affect the athlete’s stomach. Apparently the 8-year old son has been complaining about stomach ache. They even saw a specialist who wanted to do a biopsy.

The expert’s answer is that stomach aches in one who is an active type 1 diabetic sometimes occur due to the build-up of ketones in the blood stream during the time when there is hyperglycemia which is a sign called ketoacidosis. This is a dangerous condition that we all try to avoid.

If the A1C is ideal then perhaps the high periods are balanced by the low periods. Find out from the continuous glucose monitoring device the glucose patterns during exercise. If the advise of the specialist regarding the biopsy makes you uncomfortable, get a second opinion.

If you want more information on this, click the above title and scroll down to the topic “On Numbers and Neuropathy” You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet 

Diabetes Care Thwarted by Unstable Health Insurance

There is a need for diabetic people to have health insurance that runs continuously. A US steady researched 3400 diabetic people who received medical care between 2005 and 2007 from Oregon’s qualified Heath Centres. These centres were federally qualified and provided free or care at reduced rate for diabetics who have low income, regardless of whether they have health insurance or not.

Those with private insurance were not included in the study. At the end of three years the researchers found that 52% had continued health coverage, 21% did not have continued health coverage and 27% had no coverage at all. Among those with continuous health coverage, 48% received at least three lipid screening tests, 25% received three or more flu shots and 19% had three screenings for kidney damage.

Those who had no insurance or had interrupted health coverage received fewer screenings. This goes to show the patients should have continuous health coverage to make sure they receive sufficient preventive care. Otherwise the patients with no coverage or with interrupted health insurance will delay or stop getting the screenings they need.

You can read the full report by clicking the above title. You should be able to read the full report if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

The Dr. Oz Show: Information I Couldn't Share

Dr. Mercola was invited to be guest on The Dr. Oz Show. He was glad to talk to Dr. Oz who he believed is successful at spreading the message about natural health. The trouble was there were things he wanted to add to the questions raised but couldn’t because the answers on the show had to be condensed so he wanted to expand on these.

Vitamin D is such a crucial nutrient but the ideal way is not on just supplementation but to allow the body to optimize the vitamin levels through proper exposure to the sun. Sun exposure not only synthesizes vitamin D3 but does the same to vitamin D sulfate. The sulfur levels are tied to the cholesterol levels and so helps prevent heart disease. If you cannot get enough sun, Dr. Mercola recommends using a safe tanning bed.

Making Cents of Diabetes

It warms my heart to know of this place where the office of the nurse has become a meeting place for the diabetic kids all students at Minooka Junior High. These kids are learning to manage their diabetes with the help and friendship of each other and their nurse, Martha Heun, R.N.

The are very happy there to the point one said one reason he enjoys having diabetes is because he met the others and had fun with them. And you know what they even raised funds, all $1275, for the American Diabetes Association that would go to research.. And they did it by conducting Penny War among different teams by putting pennies into the team jars.

Read the details on how these diabetic children help each other to manage their diabetes in school with the help of the school nurse. If you like to read the full report, click the above title and you should be able to read it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

Type 2 Diabetes and the Circle of Life

Here’s another perspective on type 2 diabetes from a respected doctor. It is true that while information on eating less has proliferated the internet and the market place, this has not really stopped us from eating more and exercising less so we have to examine the entire circle of life.

The start is the doctor’s diagnosis when the body becomes insulin resistant but here’s the rub. The damage can appear almost anywhere because insulin resistance happens several years before diabetes becomes full blown. Science really does not know exactly how and why type 2 diabetes develops so the intense research keeps going on. Meantime the epidemic lives on.

Read this good doctor’s perspective on the symptoms, risk factors, widespread harm to the body, effect of stress, weight loss, eating right, exercising, smoking and of all things acupuncture. If you like to read the full report, click the above title and you should be able to read it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

Low Level Vitamin D May Contribute To Development of Type 2 Diabetes

A research on both obese and non obese children revealed that low vitamin D levels are more notably widespread among the obese group. And we know that obesity is linked to type 2 diabetes. I’s also has been linked to cardiovascular disease. Those with lower vitamin D levels had higher degree of insulin resistance..

The researchers also found that poor eating habits and increased consumption of juice and sodas were also associated with lower vitamin D levels among the obese children. There is a need though for more research to see the significance of the vitamin D deficiency and the type of treatment needed to improve the condition.

The full report is here; just click the above title and you should be able to read it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

Please visit our sponsor: The Third Edition of the classic text Vitamin D Here’s what -Eric Orwoll, MD, Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Clinical Nutrition, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, OR, USA says of this edition. "The Third Edition of the classic text Vitamin D is a superb summary of an important and topical issue. Its contributors are truly experts in the field and they have managed to comprehensively describe the biochemistry, pharmacology and effects of vitamin D as well as to eloquently weave in the relevant biology of bone, muscle, immunology and other relevant tissues.

"The 105 readable chapters offer a complete and well balanced mix of basic and clinical topics that provides an opportunity to understand the full breadth of vitamin D action. Each section represents an excellent summary of up-to-date information and, as a whole, this text offers an outstanding resource that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers - from students to established clinicians and investigators."

Obesity and Diabetes: Research Points to a Better Path

It is clear that we are gaining weight as a nation. Everywhere you go, you see proof on how obese the population is getting. We may be enjoying eating and doing whatever we like but this indulgence is costing us big time. And what is that cost, you asked? It’s none other than diabetes, my friend.

Everyone is reporting on this obesity epidemic and we all know that eating healthy diets and moving more will protect us from this. So let’s put our heads together and do it. I know it is easier said than done but the good news is there is hope. Restaurants are offering healthier fare. We know it is going to take time for we did not get to this situation overnight but rather it was generations of eating bad food and sedentary lifestyle. So we come down to the key which is prevention.

How did they do it? It’s with help and hard work and a study proved that the hard work is not impossible. The participants in the study exercised 2.5 hours a week, tried to lose 7% of body weight, ate a healthier diet of more fruits and vegetables. They had a team of experts helping them: doctors, nutritionists, nurses and exercise coaches, The participants had to keep a food and exercise journals, had calorie goals and met with their coaches. The coaches called to see if you walked that day, oh they were naggers but who cares if it meant you’d live healthier and longer. If you want to read the whole story, just click the title and it should appear unless the news provider took it out.

Here’s a groundbreaking ebook on the Chinese Secrets to Fatty Liver and Obesity Reversal.

Tips for Skin Care in the Winter.

Dr. Forrest Resnikoff, dermatologist, has these for winter skin care for you. Heaters run at home during cold weather and with the drop in the humidity, the dryness in the air makes the skin lose its water. This is specially true with diabetes because the oil glands are less productive, making the skin more liable to become dry.

Extreme dryness can cause peeling of the skin redness and irritation. It can become itchy and inflamed and scratching it can lead to open sores. Dr. Resnikoff has some suggestions to minmize dryness. Just click the title and you will get all Dr. Resnikoff's tips if the service provider has not taken it down yet. That said, for radiant skin you can detox the body and get that clean glow back.

Don't Believe These Myths About Diabetes !

We should just not believe everything we hear about diabetes. There’s the word spreading around that eating sweets can cause diabetes. That’s not true at all. Do you know who we can blame for this? It’s Mr. Obesity and his cousin Miss Little Exercise. Do you want to know what other myths there are? We all should know what they are for they could cost us money.

Is It Possible to Reverse Diabetes?

You will be surprised to hear the answers to two most important questions. One is on whether it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes. Of course we have heard all about this before, how it can be reversed with healthy eating and exercising. But read what the experts have to say at the above link. There is also why exercise can cause nausea. Now that is something new.