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Here are some snippets of diabetes medical news just to keep you current but click the link to read the full report before the one servicing it deletes each one:

Excerpt from Mary Tyler Moore's book: 'Growing Up Again'

March 31, 2009
What a lovely way to deal with diabetes! This is what I gathered from Mary Tyler Moore's new book. She mentioned the challenges and how she met them in her own humorous way. I found myself chuckling despite the seriousness of this matter. I'll buy the book and with time, I will share with my readers insights from this. Click here to read more

Family Camp Teaches Skills to Deal with Type 1 Diabetes

March 30, 2009
This is an excellent camp that helps awareness about diabetes in order to prevent its onset and to help people with diabetes manage their condition. Here are a father and a son who will learn survival techniques on how to look after their type 1 diabetes. They even offer scholarship for registrants.
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Seminar Details Diabetes Troubles

March 29, 2009
I think having a hospital outreach is a good idea as this is the place to get some education and screening when people can't make it to the hospital for tests. With this system in place, there will no more excuses not to get screened for diabetes once and for all, This will easily make one a winner for to be diagnosed as diabetic or not will give one a chance to lay out the strategies to fight the onset of diabetes or even prevent it.

Match for Life: Billie Jean King Takes on Diabetes

March 28, 2009
Billie Jean King who was a tennis champion is now wanting to champion the diabetes cause. For this we welcome her and hopefully, people with diabetes will be motivated in continuing their management of their condition when they see how this tennis star is doing the same. Diabetes Attack Overcomes Driver Before Crash

March 27, 2009
An automobile crash is never a good news item but this time this sad accident may just be what those who are at risk for diabetes need to act on getting screened. For this driver involved in this accident died of undiagnosed diabetes. So please, pretty please, get tested if you're at risk.

Cozmo Insulin Pump Pulled Out of the Market

March 26, 2009
Goodbye Cozmo pump! Smiths-Medical is pulling this out of the market but thank heavens they will continue support for the wearers until the lifetime of the warranty is over. The reason behind the pullout I think is money. The pump needs a lot of support that could be expensive for the marketer. Now there are only three suppliers left in the game and we desperately need more competition. The big three left are Animas, Minimed Medtronic and Insulet Omnipod just in case you don't have time to click below and see the full news item. Click here to read more

Diabetes Center Helps East Texans Live With and Prevent the Disease

March 25, 2009
This Horace C. Polk Jr. Regional Diabetes Center has a big heart for the diabetics. It is helping the East Texans learn to live with their diabetes and prevent the complications. It is the kind of center that is close to my heart. I shot them an alert saying that I wish there was a center like that all over the USA.
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Diabetes Alert Day: Know Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

March 24, 2009
This day being the American Diabetes Alert Day, it is the best time to remind ourselves and those we love to be mindful of the risk to develop diabetes so that they can be tested or screened. This way, if it is found early, it is so much easier to prevent the complications from setting in.
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Mary Tyler Moore Tells How She Took Control of Diabetes

March 23, 2009
Mary Tyler Moore could have easily bought an insulin pump and all those high-end gadgets so she will have an easier way to manage her diabetes. But no, she elected to continue pricking her fingers. She has been able to control her diabetes all these years.

$12.5 Billion Now Spent Each Year on Worthless Diabetes Drugs

March 22, 2009
Medicines are getting more expensive sometimes as much as 8 to 11 times more than the older medication and as this article reports, they may not be effective. Sometimes doctors don't know the risk of the medicine until after lots of people have taken it.
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Diabetics and Elderly May Fare Better With Bypass

March 21, 2009
Bypass surgery is reported to be beneficial for those with diabetes as well as for the elderly. These people fared better so did the study spokesman Dr. Hillis of the University of Texas Health Science Center say. He did qualify this finding by saying that they didn't have anyone over 75 years old in the study. Would this mean this fact will distort the finding somewhat? This I do not know.
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GM Tobacco Plants Could Fight Diabetes

March 20, 2009
I thought I'd never live to see the day that I would say tobacco plants could be beneficial for diabetics. But here's what the scientists are working on. They're combining genetically modified tobacco with medicines for anti-inflammatory and autoimmune diseases including diabetes. And this they say will produce some kind of protein that would be a potent anti-inflammatory cytokine.
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Here's another additional alert not related to the above: There's a new toy in town, oops, gadget which they call LifeScan Diabetes Management for Apple's iPhone. One amazing thing they say it does is it calculates sugar consumption during meals.

Investigation Shows El Paso Diabetes Association Dispensed Insulin Without Pharmacy License

March 19, 2009
El Paso Diabetes Association is under investigation for having dispensed insulin without a pharmaceutical license. I think what happened here is just an honest mistake that out of the goodness of their heart they tried to help someone. Still it has to be corrected as this could be dangerous. A doctor has to see the patient to see the over all health condition. Besides, in this day and age, things just change so fast that it is imperative to consult a doctor before embarking on any kind of treatment and change in the care plan. Click here to read more - Sorry, article no longer available.

Here's another additional alert not related to the above: There will be a Health Expo where there will be free vaccines and immunization and glucose check ups for the low and moderate income families. In addition, there will be free blood pressure screening and sign ups for mammography and prostate screenings. The Tampa campaign office is at (813) 353-8110.

Stem Cells and Diabetes

March 18, 2009
Diabetes stem cells, here we come! There won’t be any blocking this type of treatment anymore. I don’t understand anyway why they blocked this in the past because whatever the treatment approach is, it has to comply with the highest ethical standard. So the fear that some people will not comply should not penalize the others who may benefit from this. Anyway the unscrupulous will always find a way to do something no matter what whether the rules are stringent or not. Here's another additional alert not related to the above: Diabetes of the Brain is the topic of discussion here where there are different sides of opinion but the best was what one lady said that they should stop fighting about who is right. Instead they should concentrate on finding the bottom of whether Alzheimer's disease is actually a form of diabetes or not.

Diabetes Cure A Step Closer After Scientists Use The Liver To Regulate Blood Sugar

March 17, 2009
There seems to be a new breakthrough when it comes to the possibility of getting a cure for diabetes. Researchers have found a way to introduce a gene into the liver of diabetic mice which returned the blood sugar to normal and remained that way till the end of their lifetime. The next thing the researchers will have to do is to replicate this result with humans. I am just tingling with excitement over this and praying that this will be the end of what we have been hoping for.
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Here's another additional alert not related to the above: We know that high fructose corn syrup intake can increase the risk to develop diabetes but we were not sure how. But now a study has linked it to resistance to insulin which is a precursor to diabetes because the researchers found out that blocking the gene's activity provided protection from insulin resistance.

Diabetes Day in the Country on April 25 at Sicily Island Medical Center

March 16, 2009
There's going to be a family day complete with free health screening. Can you imagine getting a free bone density exam? There are lots of other screenings so if you live around there, make sure you go with the family. The children will enjoy it because there are pony rides, games and live entertainment.

Here's another additional alert not related to the above: Here's an active community who will hold its sixth annual Bowling Fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. They must be doing well for in addition, they will have a fund-raising walk.

Pre-Existing Condition Diabetes Research Benefit Artshow

March 15, 2009
Here's an art show depicting diabetes from the perspective of the artist. They have done this art show to raise awareness about this condition and at the same time raise funds for research in order to get rid of type 1 diabetes. I wish they mentioned where this is held so I go and see this and then report to you about it.

Here's another additional alert not related to the above: There will be a class on living with diabetes sponsored by Richmond County Cooperative Extension Service on March 23 in Rockingham. A registered dietitian will present the class. Participants will learn tips on the prevention and management of diabetes. They will also have a free sugar screening. Tell your friends who are at risk who live around that area. Or ask around where you live where they have free diabetes screening and get your friends to go.

Marlborough Hospital Offers Free Diabetes Screenings

March 14, 2009
This hospital is celebrating Diabetes Alert Day on March 24 by giving free diabetes screening. There may be other hospitals who do this so find out if you have one where you live and alert your friends who may be at risk to get the screening as sometimes one finds out about the condition when the complication has started to set in.

Here's another additional alert not related to the above: I can’t wait to hear the verdict on this as this Yonkers School refused to allow a diabetic boy to bring the dog that could alert him for hypoglycemia. But to give justice to the school, it has assigned a trained nurse for the boy. The trouble with this news item is that the company where the family bought the dog is being sued by the Missouri Attorney General for misrepresentation. And this is the verdict I am waiting for. As soon as I find out, you will be the first to know!

Stem Cell Infusion And Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Improve Islet Function in Diabetes


March 13, 2009

Stem cell infusion and hyperbaric oxygen treatment improve islet function in diabetes. This is what the researchers found when they conducted a study to see if type 2 diabetics will be helped by the infusion of self-donated stem cell called ASC (autologous stem cell infusion) and by HBO, no, not the TV movie channel but the (hyperbaric oxygen) treatment.

The ASC was found to have significantly improved the glycemic control and lowered the requirements for insulin. The combination of the ASC and the HBO decreased the mortality and morbidity rates among type 2 diabetics. They published these research results in "Cell Transplantation".

Esteban Estrada, MD, who co-authored the study said from Stem Cell Argentina that the mobilization of the stem cell and the release of the progenitor cells have been increased by the hyperbaric oxygen treatment through a mechanism that is nitric oxide-dependent.

Let us be clear about hyperbaric therapy. This was chiefly used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning. This has also been used when divers suffer from embolism and fairly recently, it has also been used to enhance the healing of wounds so some diabetics are not strangers to this.

So this study tried to assess if the combination treatment of ASC and HBO is safe in twenty-five patients who have type 2 diabetes. The researchers knew all about the inflammation of the pancreas and so they hypothesized that mobilizing the stem cells would lead to the growth of blood vessels.

They also said that this mobilization would release the progenitor cells which would be anti-inflammatory. With diabetes damaging the mobilization of the progenitor cells, they would need something that will remedy that. And they found the stem cell infusion ready to do the job.

To help the stem cell with this job, they used the HBO to increase its mobilization and they found that it just did so. They followed this up for one year and they believe the improved outcome cannot just be the result of the intensive diabetic management. The improvement also came from the infusion of stem cell.

Diabetes Medical News Nuggets

Here are some snippets of diabetes medical news just to keep you current:

More Americans Are at Risk of Developing Diabetes

March 12, 2009
Although the topic about the increase of diabetes cases has been reported to death it seems, still it is important to get this out in the open every once in a while so that people will be reminded to get tested. The factors making one at risk to develop diabetes are mentioned here again so please if you have them, get tested.

Here's another additional alert not related to the above: Again, the news that not enough sleep may raise the risk for diabetes is not new but a new research has confirmed it. So stop reading this right now and go to bed. Your chance to get diabetes is five times more if you get less than six hours of sleep a night over the years. So says the latest study on this issue.

Diabetes Trial Under Way at Christ

March 11, 2009
This man was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 26 and because he has just been diagnosed he qualified to become patient zero or the first one to be part of a national clinical trial on a medication that might repair the pancreas that are damaged and make it start producing insulin again. Here's another additional alert not related to the above: American Diabetes Association has designated March 24 as Diabetes Alert Day. They have free screening at this event which will probably save some lives because sometimes the symptoms do not appear until it is too late.

Space Wages War With Diabetes

March 10, 2009
Congressman Zack Space is the diabetics' new best friend. He just introduced a bill that will help those with diabetes tremendously. It is called The Catalyst to Better Diabetes Care Act and includes five major issues. One of these issues is the creation of a National Diabetes Report Card so they can track the progress of diabetes care.
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Here's another additional alert not related to the above: A mother of a diabetic child cycled for twelve hours straight to raise money for a diabetes cure. She raised a total of $118,000 along with her co-indoor cyclists. But do you know what she said? She had a hard time doing it but her effort pales in comparison to what her son does to control his diabetes. Reading that just made me want to cry for every diabetic in the world. Perhaps I should not because they are just a brave and normal group of people who do extra ordinary things everyday to take care of their condition.

Free Clinics are Flooded With New Patients

March 9, 2009
This news has shown me there are 1200 free clinics all over the country. There must be one around where you live. It's good to know where you can get this kind of help especially with the financial mess the world is in. I heard that so many people are taking advantage of this.

Here's another additional alert not related to the above: A new study from Duke University found that obesity is not the only risk factor that leads to type 2 diabetes. They are now saying that stress along with obesity leads to higher blood glucose level reading. This is good to know so we can try to eliminate stress from our life.

10 Diabetes Super Foods

March 8, 2009
Here's a list of ten super diabetes foods complete with explanation for each one which is valuable. Some carry high calories so we just have to eat a little bit of them perhaps a handful of nuts everyday? Then we will be in the recipient end of the benefit to glucose control and yet not gain weight in the process.

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Here's another additional alert not related to the above: The Baptist and Lions Club got together to help diabetics. Isn't that great? They had a diabetes awareness fair where they checked the blood sugar and blood pressure and gave out information on diabetes from medical personnel. Ask around where you live where they have events like this. Promise?

Virus May Be Diabetes Cause in Some

March 7, 2009
Oh, please, say it is so! How I would love it if diabetes is found to be caused by a virus! Why, because then it will be easy to work on a vaccine to help stop this insidious condition the way they did with smallpox so long ago. Anyway, the researchers of a medical school are working on it.

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Here's another additional alert not related to the above: Way to go, Fayette County Leaders! These people are working to provide education for the public to warn them of diabetes dangers. In doing this, they may just have saved a life! Hope all communities will do the same!

Amputation Could Be Avoided With A New Foot Wound Model Called 'Betty'


March 6, 2009

Amputation could be avoided with the new foot wound model called Betty. This foot wound care is a new teaching model developed by the University of Hertfordshire academics. This teaching model could help improve how to take care of patients who have diabetes. This will help lower the risk of developing foot ulcers related to diabetes.

This development came one year after the School of Nursing and Midwifery of the university had their Tissue Viability Team develop a model of a man that is three-dimensional. They called this model George who came complete with an ulcer and a surgical incision.

When the surgical incision is removed, one would see a large wound in the abdomen and a fungating tumor that can be removed. The George project was so successful that the team developed Betty which is a foot model with infected toes and neuropathic ulcer. It also has a removable pressure ulcer.

Julie Vuolo led the team that developed Betty. A senior lecturer at the school, Julie Vuolo joined Tina Moore who graduated recently from the Model Design Course at the University. Betty will be able to help show the foot problems linked to diabetes.

Betty arrived just in time since the number of diabetics in the UK has doubled since 1991. With inadequate physical activity and its concomitant obesity, the statistics will still be on the upward trend. With Betty illustrating the diabetic foot problems such as gangrene, crowded toes, ulceration and callus formation, early diagnosis could be done and problem attended to before amputation becomes an option.

The nature of diabetes is such that the blood supply does not reach every part of the body it should, but have no fear. This teaching model will help teach the students how to treat the wounds so that the foot ulcers do not develop into a larger problem because early treatment will help avoid the need for amputation.

Medical News Nuggets

Here are some snippets of diabetes medical news just to keep you current:

Controlling Diabetes Topic of SCCC Talk

March 5, 2009
Here's a lady who reversed her type 2 diagnosis in six months just by following a formula of eating healthy, exercising regularly, monitoring her blood glucose level, buying books (must be on diabetes) managing stress and living happily. Let's follow her good example.

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Here's another additional alert not related to the above: Astra Zeneca has tried to develop strategies to defuse the claim that the drug Seroquel cause weight gain and diabetes in the patients. They did this despite the FDA warning to warn patients of this diabetes side effect.

Sad or Angry Teens Have Less Success With Diabetes Control

March 4, 2009
Adolescents will understandably have a hard time with managing their condition. Not only is the growth spurt so huge but also they are struggling to be independent from their parents. So with the research result on the youngsters who are happy getting better glucose control than those who are angry will alert the diabetes care team on how to deal with this.

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Here's another additional alert not related to the above: Bariatric surgery has resurrected again in the form of a University of Minnesota study reporting that 78.1% of those who underwent the procedure completely resolved their diabetes.

Diabetes and Your Emotions

March 3, 2009
Once diabetes is diagnosed, all kinds of emotions are involved. There's denial at first especially if someone has no symptoms to speak of and is feeling healthy. This should be only a temporary stage that should help one eventually accept it and do something to fight it. There are other emotions that you will find if you go to

Here's another additional alert not related to the above: Dr. Neal Barnard is someone I admire because he advocates for ethical medicine and research. He started the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and even takes it on the road sometimes.

Mount Sinai Hospital Researcher Makes Stem Cell Breakthrough

March 2, 2009
Here's an update on the stem cell treatment. Dr. Nagy found a new way to create pluripotent stem cells without harming the genes that are healthy. This can regrow other cells into stem cells without the use of viruses. Nor his method uses embryonic stem cells that has moral and ethical implications. Hopefully this will lead to new therapies that will ultimately cure mankind of diabetes.

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Here's another additional alert not related to the above: Young adolescent women are more prone to develop eating disorder when they have diabetes because this condition stresses healthy eating and managing weight. This creates problems among adolescents given that this age is accompanied by the desire to be independent from parents and approval of peer. Improvement in family dynamics is important.

Diabetes and the Heart

March 1, 2009
Diabetes is a complicated condition not only because the management is not that easy to plan and carry out but also it is linked to other diseases among which is the heart disease. But this should not be a problem as long as preventive measures are followed like watching the weight, cholesterol and blood pressure levels and exercising and eating healthy.

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Here's another additional alert not related to the above: The diabetes rates are higher in the United States with the Pacific Islanders and the Asian Americans having higher rates than in Asian countries. This is the finding of a study that lasted ten years. They expected this for type 2 diabetes but found that the rates are higher for type 1 diabetes as well.

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