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Here are some snippets of diabetes medical news just to keep you current but click the link to read the full report before the one servicing it deletes each one:

Legendary Ben Vereen Dishes on Diabetes

Do you know why I'm glad Ben Vereen has diabetes? It is because he has become a powerful role model and advocate. With this legend telling us how to deal with diabetes and not to let it get the better of us, we can't help but listen up. He is such a triple threat, someone is bound to listen to him. I saw him perform in Broadway and he just showed himself to be a terrific actor, singer and dancer.

Insulet Applauds Employee for Bronze Medal Performance in World Blind Sailing Championships

A sailing blind tournament? Give me a break. I can’t even board a canoe with both eyes wide open but this Jason Wallenstein was in the helm of this world class event and won a bronze medal for his effort. Blind and diabetic he did not allow these conditions to stop him from pursuing his passion. He puts me to shame yet brings tears to my eyes because he gives me the impetus to continue trying to reach the diabetics and motivate them into doing self-care and if they hit a bump on the road, just to keep going on like this man did. He was honored by the legislature but I hope these lawmakers will translate this into laws protecting and helping the diabetics more.

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High Co-Pays Keeping Chronically Ill From Their Meds

I just hate this type of news item. Why pay lip service to better diabetes care and then forget about getting the necessary medication because the cost goes astronomically high? There should be some kind of law to protect those who are ill and cannot afford to pay for their medication.

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Chronic Care: Reducing Socioeconomic Differences in Outcomes

This is so true. If those under 65 years old were covered with health insurance, there won't be any difference in the health care based on race and socio-economic status. There might some subtle disparity for that is the way some people are. As a friend of mine said, "If we woke up one day and found ourselves the same in appearance and in everything else, some will still find a way to disparage others for some perceived reason or another." At least though, health care will be available.

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Queens, NY - Probable Cases of Swine Flu Hits New York

This is an alert we appreciate very much. Since the diabetics with the high blood glucose reading weakens the immune system, it is imperative that they get this kind of alert so they can be more vigilant. Try to stay away from big crowds. Mexico did it right by getting the tournament played out without an audience just to make sure this swine flu does not become a pandemic worthy of the 1918 event.

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Speedway Buzz: Driving with Diabetes

Here's a role model for all of us. He has diabetes but he does not allow it to rule his life. He's still car race driving and it amazes me how he does it. Find out how he takes care of his diabetes and let's follow his good example. Well, not the race car driving part, you funny you. Me? I can't even turn the radio on while driving as I can only focus on the road.

Physician's Corner: Diabetes

There's a Physician Corner at the site below that I hope will become permanent but there's no telling it will. It is good to have something like this so we can ask questions and get answers from an expert but we can't be sure it will be there when we need it so click at the link for we will never know when they will bring it down.

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Minnesota Hospitals Detail Dire Fallout of State Cuts

Minnesota hospitals will have to close their dialysis and nutrition clinics because of the looming large budget cuts. This will only lead to more admissions to the hospitals thus inflating the budget again. So I shot them an email to say that this is a misdirected step because "an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure". It is true what the author said that if uninsurance were classified as a disease, it would be the number 3 killer.

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Are Diabetic Kids Getting the Care at School?

We have to make sure the diabetic children are well cared for not only at home but at school. It is good for Utah to have passed a law allowing medical tools and supplies brought to school and in making it possible to have a trained volunteer to administer help to avoid life-threatening events.

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Are Stem Cells On A Path To Cure Type I Diabetes?

There's more good news on the use of stem cells to treat type 1 diabetes. After treatment, the diabetics have become insulin independent for four years. Imagine not to have to inject insulin for four years! And further research can only lengthen that period. This can only mean we are coming closer and closer to the real thing. My only hope is that the cost will not be beyond what people can afford. I hope those who discovered this would follow the good example of Dr. Banting who just donated his insulin discovery for I think $1 if my memory serves me right.

Diabetes and Alcohol

Alcohol and diabetes are a bad combination especially if one has some complications. Alcohol can make the situation worse as it will bring more damage to the nerves. If unsure, consult with your doctor if it is safe for you to drink alcohol and how much limit you will have to exercise.

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Dr. David S. Fox, 1922-2009: Chicago Surgeon Didn't Let Diabetes Slow Him Down

Dr. Fox has left a legacy for the diabetics to follow. He never let diabetes stand in his way. He continued on with his work all the way till about two months before his death while carefully monitoring his blood glucose level. Thus he was able to live a fruitful and long and healthy life in the process.

Laughter May Lower Heart Attack Risk in Diabetics

Laughter is the best medicine as proven by studies where the comedy group lowered their bad cholesterol level and raised the good one by 26% thus reducing the risk for heart attack. So another news alert said that a sitcom a day will keep the doctor away.

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Sugar to Treat Diabetes

Sugar to treat diabetes? This I've got to see! Apparently tagatose is a form of natural sugar that helps keep the blood glucose down. Apparently the manufactured form has been approved by FDA in 2001. Why I never saw this before I'll never know. I'm sure I have not seen that anywhere or I would have told you. Click here to read more

Be Cautious of Warning Signs of Pre-diabetes

This is a good article with some sound advice on things that are good for the diabetics. But what is more important are the free presentations they will have sometime in May which are complete with nutrition experts who will be able to give recommendations on what to eat and how to do it.

Diabetes Services Set for Overhaul

The Australians are lucky to have a government that sees and understands the growing trend in diabetes. That is why they are overhauling their system so that diabetes can be stopped on its track. They realize the folly of not attending to this because the hospitals will not be able to cope with the rising statistics.

Controlling Diabetes Crucial for Brain Health

We have known this all along but new studies have confirmed it. What is it? It is the fact that blood glucose level that is dangerously low could lessen one's brain power and diminish one's memory. This I can't do without. Take away all my money in these tough economic times but please don't take away my ability to think because this what will help me get over all the bumps in life. Click here to read more

Diabetics Skimp on Lifesaving Care

Skimping on diabetes care is not the way to go but with the economic turmoil the way it is going on right now, some have to forgo daily care like medications and visits to the doctor. Clearly, the diabetics have to have an advocate to steer them to where they can obtain free health care. Please check out in your area where you can do this.

Girl Scouts Plan Walk to Fight Diabetes

Here's another perspective on the girl scouts and what they are really like. These girl scouts are proving themselves worthy of the motto "Be Prepared" for they are prepared to launch this walk that will raise funds for research work that hopefully will find a cure for diabetes. Click here to read more

Backers of Stem Cell Research are Vigilant

It is good to see people being vigilant about issues they know are right for them. Right now, this group is watching a bill prepared by a powerful Republican senator to block studies on stem cells with the use of federal money. I don't understand why some people are so against the use of stem cells when it will help a lot of diabetics and others. I know they are probably worried about the ethical issue but that has been resolved. No life will be lost in the use of stem cells. Click here to read more

News Nugget: Can You Fight Fat with Fat?

Brown fat is the good fat that will help fight the bad fat. This I have to follow up. Not that I am that fat. Oh well perhaps 10 to 20 pounds overweight depending on how many buffets I have had during the week. Oh, sorry I digress but anyway with this brown fat that a new study has discovered, other researchers may be able to activate this and there you go, we'll have an easier time with the battle of the bulge. Click here to read more

Man Accused of Selling Diabetes Meds as Ecstasy

This is something I don't understand. How can a man sell diabetes pills masquerading as ecstasy and to a child at that? Aren't diabetes pills more expensive than ecstasy? And what is a 12-year old girl doing on the street and hooking up with the seller? Ah, there are so many things I don't understand in this world of ours. Someone please enlighten me. Click here to read more

Leave it to Beaver — for Prescription Help

Here's a big help from Leave it to Beaver, Mathers, who is helping the diabetics see if they qualify for assistance with their prescription drugs. They are going around in a bus shaped like a pill bottle with laptops that will help people get free or the most cost-effective prescription through the Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Millions Are Not Aware of Diabetes Threat

The frightening thing about diabetes is that so many are not aware they have it. They say it is underreported because it is often thought that the cause is say heart attack when this came on as a diabetes complication. It is therefore very important to have a test as a screening process so that strategies can be employed to fight the onset of this condition.

DIABETES: Blue Cross Blue Shield Program Deserves Expansion

The Bridge to Excellence project of Blue Cross in Texas truly lives up to its name because it is such an excellent project. For one thing, it will help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes because the physicians will be able to identify those who are at risk.

Shelby County Obesity, Diabetes Rates Increase

The authorities are worried that after five years of work and campaigns, the obesity rates are still rising. But then a medical journal reported the results of a French Study where the obesity rates decreased compared to the other non-participant places where the obesity rates were so much higher.

World Renowned Professor and Author To Share His Expertise on Diabetes

The combination of this renowned diabetes expert and the highly experienced diabetes educator is unbeatable. It's too bad they didn't mention when and where they will hold this seminar-like meeting but I like the topics for discussion as they will really help the families to live with type 1 diabetes.

Journal Retracts Gene Therapy/Diabetes Study

April 3, 2009
This is the way research should go. If it does not work out, then admit it and move on. We learn from both successes and failures. This research for instance is not really all failure; they just could not duplicate the results but other researchers may learn something from this.
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Kids Walk for a Diabetes Cure

April 2, 2009
Children at an elementary school lived the life of a diabetic for a day in support of their two classmates who have been diagnosed with diabetes. This is a great way for these kids to have a better understanding of their classmates' plight.
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New Program Fights Diabetes In Children

April 1, 2009
It goes to show that when people join together for a good cause, only good can come out of it and this news item proves this point. In one elementary school, health professionals with the educators addressed the issue of obesity and type 2 diabetes among children. They decided to do something about it.

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