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Diabetes Won't Kill You; Complications Will

I have two to reports today because I find both important. This one is on a doctor who is a diabetes expert answering twenty questions that may motivate you to continue on with your valiant effort of taking good care of yourselves. Just in case the provider deletes the link, in essence, he said that while it is good to talk to your doctors and nurses, you are the one with the full knowledge of what your body needs and that the care you do determines how long you live.

'Basalog', New Once in a Day Treatment for Diabetes

Here's a new once a day treatment that I thought you could discuss with your doctor on your next visit. If it is true, then once a day treatment will be such a treat as it will free you from a lot of tasks involved in looking after yourself. Besides, they said that hypoglycemic event at night is reduced.
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Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology

My fervent wish is for every diabetic in the land to be able to obtain a glucose continuous monitoring device especially now that this article is reporting that it is becoming a part of the standard care. I hope that the health plan President Obama and his crew are concocting will include this device for the diabetics and that they will not get dissenters on this issue. I am hoping and praying that this is so.

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Fenofibrate Decreased Amputation Risk in Type 2 Diabetes

They have found a medication that will help lower the risk for amputation by 36%. It is called Fenofibrate. So if you need this tell your doctor on your next visit to him if this is something you should consider especially because the risk for major amputations did not differ much between the users of this drug and the non-users.

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Judge Sotomayor's Diabetes: Not a Weakness But a Strength

No one will ever know how happy I am that Judge Sotomayor was President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. That she has diabetes made me happier still for now she will be quite an addition to our growing list of great role models for the diabetics.

Youth with Obesity, Obesity-related Diabetes Demonstrate Cardiac Abnormalities

Youth and obesity plus diabetes we all know is bad news and here's another confirmation on this. But wait a minute! I am the type who does not see the hole in the donut. You know the type. One whose cup is never half empty but at the worst is half full. Being this way, what struck me with this article is the doctor saying that early intervention can reverse any cardiovascular abnormalities. So let's prove him right, shall we?

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He's Had Diabetes for 30 Years - but TV Star Dominic Littlewood Still Makes Mistakes that Could Kill Him

This BBC TV star has been a diabetic for thirty years but is surviving because of his positive attitude. He did say he could still make mistakes that could be fatal just like when he visited his sister in Hong Kong. He was so tired from the trip that after dinner and a couple of drinks he went to bed without checking his blood glucose level which he usually does. He had a hypoglycemic attack and called the front desk but because his speech by this time was slurred, the hotel clerk thought it was a prank call and didn’t reply. He hit redial which thankfully went to his sister who knew he was in trouble. She came right away and took him to the hospital which luckily was just across the street. There they put him on a glucose drip and wrapped him up to bring his temperature back up to normal.

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Grants Shed Light on Needs of Poor

There is help for families in financial distress due to foreclosure and unemployment. Some just take half of their medication or none at all in order to continue feeding their families. Enter the Faith Community Pharmacy of Crescent Springs and the likes who have grants to help the needy with the purchase of medication.

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Milk May Help Build Muscle - With or Without Exercise!

The Australian researchers discovered a remarkable compound that increases and builds up muscles even without exercising. This will prevent metabolic syndrome which in turn could lead to diabetes and other conditions. Since this compound is in milk which is a natural food, the news therefore attracted a lot of attention.

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Elderhood Project: How to Prevent Early Onset of Diabetes

I am glad to note that Hawaii is trying hard to get people to avoid the onset of diabetes. Although the ways to do this belong to the same old tune of eating healthy, exercising and losing weight, still the main goal is the same and that is to prevent diabetes on its track. And we are winning both the war and the battle.

Unbeaten on Court, Unbowed in Life

Here's another name we can add to our growing list of models to emulate. Kellegrew is both a winner in the volleyball court and in life. What a guy! How about you? Do you know of anyone we can add to our list of role models? They do not have to have accomplished anything great. Just being able to control the blood sugar level is enough reason to get in our list of role models. You can even nominate yourself. Just fill in any contact form in this website and indicate that you nominate yourself or another. Then you will see your name or your nominee's name in the list I will publish.

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Exclusive - Test Switch Will Double Diabetes Cases

The number of cases with diabetes will double and this is a good thing. Why? Because switching to a more reliable test will help detect more cases and this early diagnosis is good because those found to have the condition will be able to lay down the strategies to stop diabetes on its track.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Retinopathy Linked in Diabetes

Here's a way to stop from getting retinopathy if you have OSA which is short for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Get it treated so it does not lead to retinopathy which could result in loss of vision. OSA symptoms are snoring, daytime sleepiness, and apneas which is stopped breathing. They may need more studies to confirm what these experts found but it is better to err on the side of caution. Besides, there is no harm in looking after OSA anyway.

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Diabetes Walk Raises More than $275,000

Here's another fund-raising event that netted the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation a cool over a quarter million dollars. We must be getting closer to a cure now. That's two in a row where the fund raised is quite substantial. It's about time anyway because it's quite a while since the insulin was discovered.

Thousands Walk to Support Diabetes Research

Raising three quarters of a million dollars for diabetes is not something to consider lightly. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International is indeed lucky to have people walking three miles to raise funds for the diabetes cure. The participants really showed they want a cure now. Can you blame them?

Spit Test Shows Promise in Diagnosing, Monitoring Diabetes

Using spit to diagnose diabetes instead of all those needles? Please hurry up and get that going so people who are at risk will be more than willing to get tested. Early diagnosis is a must to fight this condition. When caught early, there is a good chance it can be turned around.

ADA Golf Tournament Nets More than $100,000 for Hawaii Diabetes Programs

Here’s a golf tournament aptly called Driving Fore a Cure in Hawaii that netted the American Diabetes Association $100,000 all for a worthy cause. This is the sixth year they have been doing it and had over three hundred golfers participating. I like the name of the tournament, don‘t you? It is so creatively crafted to suit the cause they are aiming for.

Diabetes Experts Issued New Recommendations for Treatment of Prediabetes

It's good to obtain the latest information on how to deal with pre-diabetes right from the experts. For who knows more about diabetes than the endocrinologists? They are doctors with seven years of university education, three or four more years of residency training plus all the experiences on dealing with the endocrine system. Now it looks like they favor aggressive treatment for the diabetics to stop this condition on its track. The ball is on your court, guys. Tell your friends and family who are at risk to develop this to get tested. I need not tell anyone that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

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Keeping Diabetes Under Control Still Elusive for Many Americans

This type of news gets me upset and worried because the latest statistics on diabetics with blood sugar control is only 55% . That means that for every 100 people with diabetes, 45 do not achieve the targeted blood sugar control. This just means that complications could come in although I am praying they do not.

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Walnuts Found to Benefit Diabetes Control

Walnuts are not only good for the diabetics but also for everyone as well. It is not just a matter of eating healthy diets but inclusion of foods that will help with glucose control, rich in fiber and other things to make one healthier is an option no one should miss. And walnuts are an overall winner.

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Yeast Infections and Diabetes

There’s plenty of information here on yeast infection. Among them is for both partners to get treated or they will just keep on infecting each other. There are some daily things to do to prevent this and some recommendations for treatment. Controlling diabetes is the first thing to consider to avoid yeast infection.

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Buster Douglas Takes On New Fight

Here's another role model to follow not for the way he knocked down Mike Tyson in a boxing match but the way he is dealing with the challenges of diabetes. He has diabetes but he does not let diabetes have him to the point he has become a philosopher, a cook and an author.

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CCMH Diabetes Education Center Receives ADA Recognition

CCMH was given a special recognition by the American Diabetes Association for their good work on diabetes. But what drew me more to this news item is the link and the telephone number at the end that will allow us to ask for the location of the other diabetes programs that are recognized. We can either contact the ADA online at, or call the CCMH Diabetes Education Center, 712-243-3250.

Hospitals Urged to Scale Back Blood-Sugar Controls

We have always been told to control the blood sugar level. This is based on a Belgian study that found this to be the thing to do in order to avoid dire consequences to the point that the American Diabetes Association and others have recommended the same. But now, surprise, surprise, there is a new study that appeared refuting that recommendation saying that it is better to ease up on tight sugar control in hospital setting.

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Memorial Hospital Sponsors Diabetes Event

This is a good program Memorial Hospital is sponsoring where people will learn how to manage diabetes better. Then there will be health screenings like blood pressure and others. They are also offering a free lunch. What more can anyone ask for?

It looks like the simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplantation is one option open for those who may want to discuss this with their doctor. There was some kind of contradictory statement as to the efficacy of this procedure. They said the survival rate is 88/6% yet down the end of the article it sounded like they refuted this finding. Let me know if you think the same way because sometimes when it comes to possible cures I like something to work so well for the diabetics that my judgment is skewed.

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Walking Toward Health and the Big Apple

Here's a program any group can have. This particular employer instituted a walking program for the employees and made it into a contest where by the winner will receive a two expense-paid trip to New York City. This became the incentive to start walking which made them all winners. They lost weight and one reported her diabetes was better. They all feel healthier as a result.

Hawaii Hit Hardest in US by Rare Flesh-Eating Bacteria

I am glad I came across this as it is a good thing to send out an alert to be careful as diabetics are vulnerable to cuts and bruises. I am also optimistic in this regard as this flesh-eating bacteria is in far-way Hawaii where they have a higher risk because of their moist and warm weather. In addition its occurrence is quite rare.

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Diabetes Prevention Tips

These are very good tips from the perspective of one who is undergoing diabetes. The five tips are great: Find out if at risk, Set realistic goals, Wise food choices, Record the progress, and Keep at it. I thought the tips were perfect that if followed will surely put one on the right track to avoid the complications.

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The Diabetes/Abilify/ Connection

The connection between diabetes and abilify had this young man gaining weight and then developing diabetes. Apparently the abilify works well but its side effect is weight gain so now the doctors are monitoring their patients for whom they prescribed abilify so that weight gain can be watched that could lead to diabetes.

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Swine Flu Update: Vaccine Won't Be Available for Months

It is not much of a surprise to read this alert that the swine flu vaccine will not be ready until September because not only will they have to work at it but also they will have to conduct clinical trials to make sure it is safe for human consumption.

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Swine Flu and Diabetes

Here' an alert for those with diabetes while the swine flu epidemic is still on. You can also exercise judgment to be careful whenever there is some other kind of epidemic going on. The immune system of diabetics is usually weakened by high blood glucose reading so with this swine flu, the Center for Disease Control issued this alert.

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