When You Are Sick, Which is Better:  Exercise or Rest? 

When you are sick, exercise or rest is the question.  If you’ve been exercising and fit before you got sick, then you can take some time off because you have reserves to use to recover.  But here is something I don’t understand.  Why did a doctor say that if you continue to exercise you can get worse because you would go beyond the body’s capacity to recover?

The thing to remember is that when you are sick and under stress, it is better to rest as the body battles the sickness.  It is better to avoid too much exercise especially the intense variety as it will add more stress on the body.  Walking, therefore and similar exercise is fine but don’t overdo it. 

When You Are Sick, When Is It All Right to Exercise 

Symptoms like headache, sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion and sore throat are above the neck so it is all right to exercise although in a moderate way. With enough energy and if you can endure it, raising the temperature as a result of sweating from the exercise will in fact kill many viruses. 

Research has shown that those who exercised every other day for 40 minutes felt better than those who did not.  This was the result at the end of the 10-day trial.  The thing to remember when you exercise when you’re sick is to do so prudently because overdoing it will suppress the immune system.

When You Are Sick, When Is It Not Right to Exercise 

Having fever, coughing. vomiting with upset stomach and feeling tired and achy all over are symptoms below the neck.  This is the time when it is not all right to exercise.  There should be caution here though and that is to use common sense.  Whatever the symptoms are, you should be guided by how you feel.

At any rate, you should not be doing your full exercise routine as it will just add stress to your body.  This will only prolong the sickness.  Avoid high intensity exercises because this will only produce the stress hormone called cortisol which makes the cells that attack the virus function less.

When You Choose to Exercise Instead of Rest, Make Sure To Do This

Listen to your body.  When you’re tired, your body is telling you to slow down.  So get rested while the body recovers from the illness.  But here is a secret that some people employ which helps them recover.  They go grounding while they are sleeping.  Do you know what that is?

Another name for grounding is earthing and it is placing one’s bare skin on the ground.  It could be on the sand, grass, dirt or even concrete.  Why do you ask?  That is because the earth is rich in electron and grounding will result in better balance of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.  This is so essential when you are sick.

The electrons and the electrical fields the earth has are vital for the correct performance of the immune systems, bringing together the biorhythms, circulation and other physiological processes.  It is an antioxidant that is the cheapest most effective to obtain.  Barefoot contact with the earth can accomplish this.

Many have reported considerable change for the better in their conditions like fatigue and the change is rapid and can happen in 30 minutes.  Of course many of us will not want to sleep on the ground but there is a substitute in Earthing pad which provides the benefits of the electrons of the earth even when one is indoors.

You should read what people say about the earthing pad they bought:

"I suffer from Adrenal fatigue which is basically not having enough energy to do even daily tasks. The first thing I noticed immediately using this mat is that I have more energy the next day. I wake up more refreshed now where before I used to wake up feeling like the sleep didn't refresh me... like I still felt fatigued.

I also found that it's easier to stay asleep when grounded (insomniacs take note!). This energy has helped to be more positive every day; it helps me to do more of my everyday tasks and more easily. Seriously, I feel like I have a new life. I felt so good that I bought the queen bed sheet."  Ashwin

5.0 out of 5 stars Universal Mat for the Workplace and Beyond! By Elizabeth Browning Amazon Verified Purchase I love this product. The first day that I used it at my workplace, I was noticeably less fatigued after a 10 hour day on the computer in a busy medical practice, also NO HEADACHES!- and that could be the sole reason for purchasing this mat!

However, I've found other uses, such as putting it under my shoulders while reading in bed or propping my bare feet on it while sitting watching TV or reading, and wrapping it around my chronically painful left shoulder and upper arm for immediate pain relief. I bought one for my daughter as she also spends long hours at the computer, and she has had the same results as I have at the workplace.

Now you know the answer to whether to exercise or rest when you are sick.  There are some guidelines to follow like listening to what your body is telling you.  Your body should know when to rest and when to get active.  Do what it is telling you and you will soon be on the road to recovery.  Let us know what your experience is on this so we can share it with others.  Refresh When You’re Sick, Which is Better: Exercise or Rest?

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