Get Rid of Stuffy Nose and Diabetics Should Get Their Flu Shots

Get rid of stuffy nose is what the cry about, but it is more than that for the diabetics.  It is imperative to get vaccinated despite the high flu shot cost because this will help prevent complications that are related to the flu.  We will get to that in a moment.  So before the next winter sets, get the flu shot.

There are different choices now of the type of flu vaccines.  The usual type is the traditional injection.  Then there is the intra-dermal vaccine which is a newer type.  In addition, there is the nasal spray which is not for people whose immunity may be compromised like the HIV and transplant patients. 

The nasal spray has a live virus and is usually suggested for those in the 2 to 49 years old group.  When you get the Flumist nasal vaccine, you should not come close to someone whose immunity is compromised for at least seven days.  Don’t even come into contact with any of them.

Now there is also a shot that is injected into the muscle rather into the skin.  The needle used for this is much smaller than those usually used for the flu vaccine.  This type is approved for those who belong to the 18 - 64 years old.  This may also be the answer to those who are afraid of the needle.

As for seniors who are 65 years and older, there is a new option of high dosage which was approved by FDA.  It was approved through the accelerated drug process.  This group has a weaker immune system because of the aging. The stronger antigen mix in this type of flu vaccine will help this age group avoid catching the virus and get rid of stuffy nose.

Some believe that the vaccine will be effective but there are others who remain skeptical.  For one thing the stronger vaccine may result in more side effects like swelling and redness and some pains and aches.  Needless to say, these can also be shown by some patients who are given the regular dose.

You can get the flu shots from the doctor’s office, local pharmacies and flu clinics but call ahead so you will avoid the peak times when you may have to wait a long time.  The flu shot cost of $30 will be paid for by Medicare and most insurance companies.  Others say the flu shot gave them the flu but this is not true because the flu shot gives full protection after two weeks so they may have gotten the flu before this time frame. 

The flu shot is not a guarantee though because the manufacturers usually use specific strains for the current vaccination that the researchers think will most likely occur but another type of flu bug may appear. There are some too who get sick of the flu despite the vaccination because of their immune system. Still,  it is good to have it for added protection.

If you have the flu vaccine and still get mucus in the nose.  How do you get rid of the stuffy nose?  Steam treatment will help by resting your head over a pot of steaming water but check that the water will not scald you.  You can add a bit of chamomile tea to the water.  Then drape a towel over your head so you can get more of the steam.

Another way to get the steam treatment to get rid of the stuffy nose is to go into the shower with the warmest water you can bear for 10 to 15 minutes while breathing in and out completely to fill your lungs with the steam.  The deep breath should also fill the nasal passages as well.

You can also get rid of stuffy nose with a nasal spray that you can make yourself.  Here is the recipe for that.  Mix well one cup of warm water with 1 teaspoon of salt.  Then with a dropper and your head tilted back, drop the salt water into the nostril.  Allow the salt water to stay for approximately 10 seconds then discharge all the mucus and water out of the nostril.  Repeat the procedure on the other nostril.  That should help get rid of stuffy nose.

Humidifiers can also help with putting moisture in the air.  It does not matter what type of humidifiers you have.  Whether it is impellers, vaporizers and ultrasonics, all will help get moisture in the air.  You see when the air is dry, the mucus will not flush as it should.  As a result, the drainage will be more difficult.

Diabetes can cause the immune system grow weaker making it difficult to fight the flu bug.  When one is sick, eating properly can be a problem and the blood sugar can go up and down.  In addition, the diabetic is at risk to develop complications related to the flu-like pneumonia.   
Now you know how to get rid of stuffy nose.  On top of that, we also understand better the flu shot cost and the different options now being offered.  There is no longer any excuse for not getting the flu shot, is there?  With the flu-related complications we can develop, it seems imperative to get the flu shot.

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Flu Shot Cost High But Should the Diabetics Get It?

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