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Diabetes Positive Approach, Issue #1210-- Cope with Diabetes; Live Healthy
October 02, 2012

Diabetes takes a lot of time to manage and at best is a not an easy balancing act. There are three basic rules we have to accept in order to succeed at this. One, make diabetes an optimistic force of life, subscribe to and follow a healthy lifestyle of eating right and moving more and last but not least, work at doing the best you can without trying to be perfect. We can do this!

So here we are at "C" to help us with managing the carbohydrate consumption. We try to learn as much as we can on this, accepting the fact that we deserve to be happy and succeed. This positive self-image will help us with setting goals and accomplishing them.

In This Issue:

  • Free Foods for Your Low-Carb Diet
  • Must Reads Around the Web
  • How To Have Your Cake With a Low-Carb Diet
  • A Success Quotation of the Month
  • Dessert Recipe
  • Some Humour
  • Q&A: ""How Do I Keep Track of my Carbohydrate Intake?"

Free Foods for Your Low-Carb Diet

Foods that have less carbohydrates than others are called free foods. Now these are called free foods not because they are free cost-wise. They are only called free foods because they contain less than 5% carbohydrates and what a good thing they are for the diabetics.

Since these foods contain less carbohydrates, (The rest are fat, fibre, protein, water and ash.) they do not seriously affect the blood sugar level. The trouble is that it is not easy to get volunteers to conduct a study to test for glycemic index. The standard test portion is 50 grams so the volunteer will have to eat a lot of any given free foods.

It is easy to add some punch to your meal with free foods. The wise use of these will give life to your meal without having to worry about carbohydrates. Many of the condiments belong to the category of free foods so you go ahead and add them to your meal. Here they are:

1 tablespoon of pickle relish

1/2 cup salsa for you, Mexican food lovers

1 tablespoon of fat-free cream cheese (too bad we can't put this in a bagel)

1 tablespoon sugar-free gelatin

1 tablespoon Cool Whip (lovely on a hot summer day)

You can also find these free foods at USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. I found it difficult to find the free foods at that link so I might as well name them here:

The vegetables and fruits are raw unless stated otherwise. The number after each item indicates the carbohydrate content in grams (carbohydrate minus dietary fiber) in 100 grams of the food. They are alphabetically arranged so you can find the vegetable you want to look up.


Alfalfa seeds, sprouted 1.28, Arugula 2.05, Asparagus, cooked 2.63, Bamboo shoots, cooked, .92 Beans, green, cooked 4.69, Beans, snap, green, cooked 4.68, Beet greens, cooked 2.56, Broccoli, cooked 2.16, Brussels sprouts, cooked 4.5, Cabbage, cooked 2.16, Cauliflower, cooked 1.41, Celeriac (celery root), cooked 4.7, Celery 1.95, Chard, swiss, cooked 2.04, Collards, cooked 2.1 Cucumber 1.8, Dandelion greens, cooked 3.5, Eggplant, cooked 4.14, Endive 0.25, Fennel, bulb 4.19, Green onions, young, tops only 3.94, Hearts of palm, canned 2.22, Jicama 3.92, Kale, cooked 3.63, Lettuce, butterhead 1.32, Lettuce, cos or romaine 0.67, Lettuce, iceberg 0.69, Mustard greens, cooked 0.1, Mushrooms 2.94-3.57 (except shitake), Nopales, cooked 1.27, Okra, cooked 4.71, Olives, canned ripe 3.06, Parsley 3.03, Peppers, serano 3.00, Peppers, jalapeno 3.11, Peppers, sweet green 4.63, Peppers, sweet red 4.43, Pumpkin, cooked 3.80, Purslane 3.43, Radicchio 3.58, Radishes 1.99, Rhubarb 2.74, Sauerkraut 1.78, Scallions (green onions) 4.74, Spinach, cooked 1.35, Squash, summer, cooked 2.91, Squash, zucchini, cooked 2.53, Tomatillos 3.93, Tomatoes 3.54, Tomato juice 3.83, Turnips, cooked 2.9, Turnip greens, cooked 0.86, Watercress 0.79


Avocados 2.39, Chayote (christophene) 2.20, Raspberries 4.77, Strawberries 4.72


Macademia Nuts 4.83, Pecans 4.26


All meat and fin fish 0.00, Caviar 4.00, Crab 0.95, Lobster 1.28; Shrimp 0.00


Butter 0.06, , Buttermilk, lowfat 4.79, Cheese, cheddar 1.28, Cheese, Edam 1.43, Cheese, Gouda 2.22, Cheese, Swiss 3.38, Cream cheese, 2.66, Cottage cheese, 2% milkfat 3.63, Eggs 1.22 Half and Half 4.30, Heavy Cream 2.79, Goat milk 4.45, Mayonnaise 2.70, Milk, 1% milkfat, added solids 4.97, Milk, 3.25% milkfat 4.66, Ricotta cheese, whole milk 3.04, Soy milk, 0.51 Yogurt, plain, whole milk 4.66


Soluble and insoluble fiber (a part of other foods) 0.00


Coffee (without cream or sugar) 0.00, Diet Soda 0.00, Tea (without milk or sugar) 0.00 Water 0.00


Aspartame (NutraSweet) 0.001, Saccharin (Sweet'N Low) 0.001, Stevia 0.00, Sucralose (Splenda) 0.001

Stop Cheating On Your Low Carb Diet! is a brand new model of human motivation that helps dieters stick to their diets! This book will help you understand all of your cheating behaviors, and get them out of your life, one-by-one, until they're all gone, and they no longer stand between you and your leaner, healthier, happier, and more energetic self.

You get the 125 page instantly downloadable e-book Stop Cheating On Your Low-Carb Diet!. And there's no "fluff" in those 125 pages -- just everything you need to know about yourself and your diet to really succeed this time.

The author guarantees your satisfaction, and offers 100% money back guarantee. If, for any reason, within the first 60 days, you aren't completely satisfied with Stop Cheating On Your Low-Carb Diet!, please ask and you will receive a refund of 100% of your purchase price. So there is really no harm in trying it out.

2.Must-Reads from Around the Web

Morning Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes

How Diabetes and Hypertension Cause Eye Damage

Exercise Can Cut Kids Risk For Diabetes

Arizona Mom Demanding Answers After Diabetic Son Dies At Hands Of Spiritual Healer

Stop Diabetes With Insulin Tablets

3. How To Have Your Cake With a Low-Carb Diet

In order to have the cake in your Low-Carb Diet, here are ways to keep the carbohydrate count on a manageable label and yet have some flavour in the food you eat.

1. Top a pancake made with whole grain with margarine that is trans-fat free, chopped fruit and dust it lightly with Splenda.

2. Use half semolina pasta and half whole-wheat when making pasta or do what Suzanne Somers does when eating out, bringing her own whole wheat pasta to give to the chef to use in making her pasta dinner.

3. When eating pizza, bite a bit of the thin end of a slice and eat just the topping of the rest of the slice because the carb lives in the pizza crust.

4. When eating out at a favourite Japanese restaurant, just order a few pieces of the sushi and make the rest of the order sashimi without the rice.

5. You can still have your birthday cake, this time make it into a parfait without the frosting but with some sugar-free pudding instead.

6. If you love cheese and chicken quesadilla, use one whole wheat tortilla or low-carb for that matter and the other a white flour tortilla.

Now let's talk low-carb diets. The Zone and Atkins diets became popular and have been proven to have the participants lose weight when they stayed with the plan. The Atkins diets has the most advantage but it also proved to be difficult for people to stay on that diet.

Then there's the study on the chocolate that involved 1000 participants. (Oh, why didn't they tell me; I would have been a willing volunteer.) The study revealed that those who ate chocolate often had lower body mass index despite having consumed more saturated fat, calories and scored high on the depression scale. And they didn't even exercise more. Lucky ducks!

I was not really surprised with these findings for I have read all over the internet how good the dark chocolates are. But this time they said the chocolates are more beneficial when eaten every day or several times a week.

4. A Success Quotation of the Month

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.” Al Sears' favorite quote

5. And here’s the dessert recipe we promised you.

Poached Pears

6. Let's laugh together at this joke even if it's not funny. We just want you to forget, just for a moment what you are going through. Laughing will help get us healthy.

DVD To Return

Jeffrey: I have to return this DVD.

George: Why, did you borrow it?

Jeffrey: Oh no, I bought it.

George: Where did you buy it?

Jeffrey: From that store on Dundas Street.

George: Why are you returning it?

Jeffrey: There is no picture at all.

George: How about the sound?

Jeffrey: It does not have any sound either.

George: What's the title?

Jeffrey: "The Lens Cleaner"

7. Do you have a question or comment for the team?

Drop us a line at our contact form and write your questions or comment there.

You may see your question answered in an upcoming issue of Diabetes Positive Approach like this one below.

7. Question: "How Do I Keep Track of my Carbohydrate Intake?"

Answer: Sometimes it is not easy to keep track of the carbohydrate we consume. Not that it is hard; it's just that with all the things, we have to do, we tend to run out of time. The trouble is, keeping a food journal will help us with our blood sugar control. So what do we do to make it easier?

Here is a suggestion sent to us by a reader of our website. If there is no time to spare writing down the carbohydrate consumption, why not use the cell phone camera to take a shot of the snacks and meals you eat? Look at those pictures at the end of the day and write them in your food journal all in one go instead of writing them one at a time throughout the day.

Looking at the food you have eaten and at the results of your glucose testing will help determine how the body reacts to certain foods. You will be able to make the wise decision as to the foods that body reacts positively to. Carb control will be easier to handle then especially since you can pay attention to the starchy vegetables you eat like corn and potatoes.

8. Got something to say? Please write down your questions and comments in the contact form in our website.

Just go to the contact form and write your questions there. Also go to the disclaimer.

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We all have a huge potential that lies within us. Our mind is capable of gathering a vast amount of information. We just have to concentrate on learning what is important and then applying the useful information to every day opportunities we see around. let us all be motivated to use our imagination to use the knowledge we learn every day.

Dedication is more important than education and intelligence. We are dedicated to learn a lot of things and to do away with the excuses to fail. Instead dedication will give us the methods and the reasons to succeed as we use the potential that we all have.

Warm Regards,

Roger and Evelyn Guzman

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