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Diabetes Positive Approach, Issue #1208-- Cope with Diabetes; Live Healthy
August 07, 2012

"C" is for carb counting and what newsletter issues await us! We are fortunate that we have eyes to read all about it but what is more important is that we can also see with our heart, to reach out and touch someone and reveal what is good in him. Yes, for it is what is inside us that will make us succeed!

So fasten your seat belt for we will all be on a wild ride. It will be full of suspense for sometimes the blood sugar comes down and sometimes it goes up, but we will have each other to give reminders that we have tools to use and one of them is carb counting. But first, we must believe that we can do it for then we will already be halfway there until we get what we want instead of just wanting what others have!

In This Issue:

  • Carb Counting and Dietary Exchange
  • Must Reads Around the Web
  • Carb Counting: Is Sweetness Your Weakness?
  • A Success Quotation of the Month
  • Dessert Recipe
  • Some Humour
  • Q&A: "How Do I Lower the Carb in the High-Carb Foods?"

Carb Counting and Dietary Exchange

Don't feel guilty about your carbohydrate intake as you can add some punch to your meals with some free foods. You can do this through the dietary exchange system where you can add a free food. What is free food? Free food either has 20 calories or less or five grams of carbohydrates or less per serving.

Using the free food in your dietary food exchange system will help add a zing to your menu. Many condiments are included in the free food list. This will give a little bit more taste, making any meal more enjoyable. Let us see what this not-so-secret free food list is, yet not too many people know of them.

Some of those free exchanges are 1 serving of sugar-free gelatin, 1 tablespoon cool whip, 1 tablespoon fat-free cream cheese, 1 tablespoon pickle relish and 1/2 cup salsa. As for vegetables 1/2 cooked vegetables of broccoli, cabbage, zucchini and carrots, 1/2 cup vegetable juice and 1 cup raw vegetables or salad can qualify as a food exchange.

There is a list of vegetables, fruit, nuts, meat and fish, eggs and dairy, dietary fibre, beverages and sweeteners that have less than five grams of carbohydrates in 100 grams of the portion of the food. This is the first (exchange plan) of the three major diabetes food plans used by PWD (people with diabetes) to manage their meal plan.

The other two diabetes food plans are the counting carbohydrate food plan and the constant carbohydrate food plan. The counting carbohydrate plan keeps track of the carbs and adjusts the insulin doses based on the carb intake while the constant carbohydrate food plan keeps track of the carb in the diet with the amount of carb the same at each meal.

Complete Guide to Carb Counting: How to Take the Mystery Out of Carb Counting and Improve Your Blood Glucose Control is a completely revised 3rd edition that offers you the tools and knowledge to learn how to do carb counting. It has been reorganized to explain carb counting needed in the diabetes care plan. It will teach you how carb counting helps with the management of the blood sugar, how much carb to eat, and how to count the carbs.

There has been good reviews about this book. Micki Hall said he loves the book which is thorough and complete. It has all the information he needs which is written in a conversational style. It also gives 'self-assessments' to see if you are ready for the next step. Each step is clearly spelled out, giving you all the tools you need so you can do it yourself. It gives resources and examples and how to change the meal to make it healthier.

Using any of the plan helps keep track of the food intake and how the body reacts to the food. Since foods affect the blood sugar level, following the plan could help one maintain better control of the blood sugar level. Check the blood sugar level though and keep a record of it along with the food eaten. This will keep you in the know as to how effective the treatment plan is and to make adjustment when needed.

2.Must-Reads from Around the Web

Randy Jackson Talks Diabetes, Not Much Else

The Most Common Causes of Preventable Suffering (and Their Simple Solutions)

Alcohol, Diabetes and You

8 Secrets to a Good Night's Sleep

D-Mom Says: “Kids First, Diabetes Second”

3. Carb Counting: Is Sweetness Your Weakness?

Carb counting could be in jeopardy if the weakness is sweetness but there is a solution to this. You can still clean up your diet by taking one step at a time. If there is something you want to avoid eating but can't seem to succeed at it, then follow the strategy of committing to mixing the sweets you want to avoid half and half with something healthier.

For example, you like sweet yogurt and can't avoid eating it no matter how hard you try. Just mix half sweet yogurt with half of plain yogurt. How about club soda, you asked? Mix half regular soda with half of the diet soda or seltzer or club soda. You can do the same thing with sweetened whipped cream with half of the unsweetened variety.

You can also mix half of the sweetened cereal with the unsweetened one. And if you cannot avoid using table sugar, you can mix half of it with half of the artificial sweetener. Then after a week of doing this, you can graduate to mixing 1/4 of the sweetened with the 3/4 of the unsweetened one. And there you are, you're on your way to not craving sweetness as much.

4. A Success Quotation of the Month

“It is easy to be pleasant when life flows by like a song, but what makes it worthwhile is when one can smile when everything else goes wrong. For the test of the heart is trouble and it always comes with years, and the smile that is worth all the praises on earth is the smile that shines through the tears.” Ray’s Quote of the Day

5. And here’s the dessert recipe we promised you.

Peach a la Mode

6. Let's laugh together at this joke even if it's not funny. We just want you to forget, just for a moment what you are going through. Laughing will help get us healthy.

The Best Joke

Jeffrey: I will start. Did you hear of the fool going around saying "no"?

George: No.

Jeffrey: Oh, so it's you!

George: That's not funny. How about this? Who is the greatest thief of all time?

Jeffrey: I give up. Who is it?

George: Atlas, because he held up the whole world. Here's another one. What's the favourite sport of insects?

Jeffrey: I don't know, what is it?

George: It's cricket! I won! I had the most jokes!.

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7. Question: "How Do I Lower the Carb in the High-Carb Food?"

Answer: The crust in the pizza has the most carb so have a few bites at the thin end of a slice, then eat the topping of the rest. As for a cheese and chicken quesadilla, use either a low-carb tortilla or a whole wheat bread and one white flour tortilla.

You can have a pancake and eat it too by using whole-grain mix. For the topping, use a light sprinkle of Stevia sugar with fat-free margarine and chopped fruit. You can eat sushi too but just have two with the miso soup and make the rest of the meal a sashimi without the rice.

Who says you can't have pasta? Yes you can, by using half whole wheat and half semolina pasta which is white but should be added later as this cooks faster. How about the birthday cake? Yes you can have your cake and eat too by turning it into a parfait. How? Put a small piece without the frosting into a dessert plate with some pudding that is sugar-free. Yummy!

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We hope we are motivating and inspiring you to become the better version of yourself and we believe with all our heart that you are. For why else will you still be here reading this when there are more interesting things all over the place? Yet you are here so we know you are on the right track.

But remember, reading to the end of this ezine will not make it the end of your journey for our body needs healthy food and so does our mind needing mental nourishment. But we are not worried about you for having come to this point, we know you're on your way to the top!

Warm Regards,

Roger and Evelyn Guzman

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