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Diabetes Positive Approach, Issue #1207-- Cope with Diabetes; Live Healthy
July 03, 2012

This is the last issue on the blood sugar testing, we promise. Next issue we will deal with next letter of the alphabet. We are sorry it took a long time to safely exit the blood sugar testing; we just wanted you to become champions at this. And you are all champions in our book.

Truly, the beautiful people are not the jet setters with their fun and games. For us the beautiful people are you and anyone else suffering from anything else. You are the ones to admire because you refuse to accept losing out to diabetes. Instead here you are, trying to be successful at being happy and well-adjusted despite any handicaps. True, we have our ups and downs, but when we are down we are not out; we just stand up and get going again!

In This Issue:

  • Safe Sharps Disposal
  • Must Reads Around the Web
  • Checking Blood Sugars in Pairs
  • A Success Quotation of the Month
  • Dessert Recipe
  • Some Humour
  • Q&A: "How Much Blood is Enough for Testing Purposes?"

Safe Sharps Disposal

There are so many lancets and needles used every day that we have to practice proper disposal procedure in order to protect ourselves and others. If you do not have a sharps return program where you live, there are quite a few household products that can be safely used.

The requirements to qualify to be safe for sharps disposal are 1, they have to be resistant to puncture, and 2, they have to be made of unbreakable materials with an opening that can be sealed tightly and easily. Some containers that meet these requirements are bottles of shampoo, bottles of liquid detergent for the laundry and coffee with a hole to insert what you are disposing.

When travelling, think ahead of how you will transport and dispose of your sharps. You can probably buy a disposal container before you go away on a trip. Old thermos and a pencil box that is puncture-proof can be alternative solutions which you then can dispose of safely when you get home. This way, no one will be injured.

Different states have their own guidelines about disposal of household sharps. Click the state where you reside in the map where 50 state websites are showing their guidelines and you will be able to read them. As for the guidelines for your town, check with your local health and sanitation department. If they do not have guidelines, follow these rules:

1. Don’t flush sharps down the toilet; put them in a sharps container.

2. Don’t throw loose sharps into the garbage at home or away on vacation.

3. Remove the needles from the pen needle and syringes by using a safe clipper device. Otherwise, the needle could get lost, could fly off or fall and may injure someone. Also don’t clip or recap any that has been used by someone else or this could lead to accidental needle sticks which may result in infections.

4. Don’t throw the home sharps container into the recycling bin including the lancets, pen needles and syringes because they are not recyclable. Ask the community how you can dispose a full sharps container.

5. Keep the sharps away from the reach of children.

6. Don’t handle someone else's syringe unless you have been trained by a health care professional on the proper way to inject and dispose of the sharps.

If you want to dispose of your sharps by mail, here’s how to do it:

1. Buy a Sharps Disposal by Mail from a local drugstore. This container has room for 300 lancets or pen needles or up to 100 insulin syringes. This kit has a postage-page mailing box and a red wrapping bag.

2. Put all the lancets, pen needles and syringes that you have used into the container.

3. Seal the container when it is full and put it in the red bag before dropping it inside the mailing box.

4. Fill out the form and keep a copy for your records.

5. Give postage paid box to the postman or someone in the post office.

6. When your box reaches the treatment facility, someone will scan the tracking form and send you a certificate of destruction.

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2.Must-Reads from Around the Web

Trial of Artificial Pancreas Gives Diabetes Patients a Break

Pricks and Needles: What Living With Type 1 Diabetes Is Like

Basal Insulin And Omega-3 Fatty Acids Fail To Improve Outcomes In Diabetics And Prediabetics

How to Get Your Blood Sugar Under Control

3. Checking Blood Sugars in Pairs

Checking the blood sugar level is no joke. In fact, it could be stressful to some and we can’t blame them. One almost has to be a diabetes detective to get all the necessary information one needs to manage this condition. One way to do this is to check the blood sugar in pairs.

What advantage do we get out of checking the blood sugar in pairs? This will show the effect of any activity be it exercise, mealtime, taking of medication and other every day activity to the blood sugar level. Knowing the effect will allow one to modify any activity for better blood sugar control.

So how do we check the blood sugar in pairs? Here are the step-by-step procedure:

1. First, find out what event to you want to check. Is it a form of exercise you do or a meal you eat?

2. Check the blood sugar before the event you choose and after the activity is over. Do this for a week at the same time every day.

3. Take note of the changes. Is there a trend? Do you want to change something that may make the blood sugar better? The numbers you get tell you what is working in your treatment plan or not. It will give one a chance to know what is causing the effect of high or low reading. Make sure you let your doctor know of this possible change.

If you are monitoring the snacks for instance, after a week you will know which snack caused a high reading. You will now have a better chance at choosing the better snack choices the next time around. You can do the same thing for breakfast or for any type of exercise and so on.

Remember we are not trying to be perfect here. We are just trying to find the better way to control the blood sugar. And we congratulate you for your effort in trying to find a plan of action to make you feel better and healthier. This may not make us learn everything but it will be a step in the right direction.

Here’s where you can download the free Testing in Pairs tool either in English or Spanish.

4. A Success Quotation of the Month

"Hope gives us strength when our emotions fail us. Hope gives us clarity when the world around us is cloudy and uncertain. Hope gives us encouragement when we falter." Laura quoted the March issue of Oklahoma Runner Magazine

5. And here’s the dessert recipe we promised you.

Peach Floats

6. Let's laugh together at this joke even if it's not funny. We just want you to forget, just for a moment what you are going through. Laughing will help get us healthy.

Hearing and Speaking

Plaintiff: Judge, he stole my radio.

Judge: Is that right? Did you really steal his radio?

Defendant: (Just smiles)

Judge: Did you really steal his radio?

Defendant: (Just smiles)

Judge: Answer me! Did you really steal his radio?

Defendant: Oh, sorry Judge, I thought this was only a hearing. I didn’t know it was also speaking.

7. Do you have a question or comment for the team?

Drop us a line at our contact form and write your questions or comment there.

You may see your question answered in an upcoming issue of Diabetes Positive Approach like this one below.

7. Question: "How Much Blood is Enough for Testing Purposes?"

Answer: It is good to get enough blood because inadequate amount can result in inaccurate blood sugar numbers. Not only that, it could cost one money because if the meter says there is not enough blood, the strip would have been wasted because you will have to use another strip.

Another point is that your blood sugar may be too low or too high and you will have no idea. And then you could be treating a high when your blood sugar is not high. So be certain how much blood your meter needs to give accurate reading. Talk to the pharmacist where you bought the meter or to any of your health care team about getting a meter that needs the least amount of blood.

8. Got something to say? Please write down your questions and comments in the contact form in our website.

Just go to the contact form and write your questions there. Also go to the disclaimer.

Thank you for being a subscriber of Diabetes Positive Approach, !

We are glad you’re still with us. That means you really like to know what is going on. Some people won’t even read and frankly speaking they are not better than people who can’t read. So together let us continue reading and learning but we must remember that learning without action isn’t real learning. Like we do, just do a little something every day, and we will all be fine.

So allow us to congratulate you for not only have you started; you are on the right track and you are not like most people who just wait till everything is right. We may not be successful yet but we don’t mind because success is not a destination anyway. What we are going through is a journey and we are going in the right direction!

Warm Regards,

Roger and Evelyn Guzman

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