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Diabetes Positive Approach, Issue #1310-- Cope with Diabetes; Live Healthy
November 05, 2013

We have been doing this and at the same time, I must say, we are building our self-image. To ensure that we succeed, why don't we do this? Let us make a list of our positive qualities and put it somewhere safe as a reference? If you are having a hard time finding good things about you, then ask your friends what they like about you and include that in your list.

And you add my thought of you in your list. In my book, you are a persistent and hard worker, loyal and kind because that is what you are to me. You are a subscriber to "Diabetes Positive Approach", and as such you have shown such remarkable patience and loyalty and I salute you for those traits especially now that we are going to tackle the diabetic complication topic for this issue and possibly the next as well.

In This Issue:

Lower Your Risk of Complications

DCCT, short for the Diabetes Control & Complications Trial reported that type 1 diabetics can considerably lower their complication risks by maintaining tight blood glucose control. The DCCT further said that in addition to the lower risk for kidney disease by 50%, the risk for nerve disease is lower by 60% while the risk to develop eye disease is reduced by 76%.

Those reductions in lower risks are significant. It is worthwhile then to do the best we can to achieve tight sugar control to avoid developing those dreadful complications. Eating healthy and exercising every day appears to be more enticing than having to bear diabetes leg pain, and heaven forbid, heart and kidney troubles.

Besides maintaining tight blood sugar control, there are other ways to reduce the risk of complications:

Stop smoking. This habit significantly increases the risk to develop cardiovascular complications which is something the diabetics are known to have a high risk to develop.

Take care of your feet. Examine your feet regularly for wounds like abrasions, blisters and cuts. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and socks. Go and pay your podiatrist a visit once a year to make sure you don't develop any foot problems.

Exercise every day. Doing this does not only improve one's over-all health condition, but it also helps maintain tight blood sugar control. Exercising also boosts one's mood and lowers one's stress. Exercising for 30 minutes a day is not much to do when the end result is good health and reduced risk for complication.

Look after your mental health. Stay away from stressful situation as too much of this can lead to depression. And you know what that can lead to. It can play havoc to the blood sugar. Ask for help on how to cope with stress and depression. Try to be happy to make the blood sugar happy too.

Keep up with the check-up schedule. Do all your check-ups in a timely manner. Don't forget to go to the dentist two times a year and to have a dilated eye examination once a year. A kind reader asked about this schedule and we featured the answer in the Q&A section of this newsletter below.

Want to know How to End Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy & Diabetic Nerve Pain Without Drugs, Surgery or Guesswork? Find out from this doctor about The Neuropathy Solution Program.

This is what Dr. Randall C. Labrum says of this extraordinary solution: My Self-Treatment Program Provides a Simple, PROVEN Solution.  And Yes, It Is Guaranteed.

Here is some of what has been proven about this extraordinary solution in my clinical work, through its many successful home users, and in indeed in my own case:

  • It works time and time again. Virtually without fail.
  • Works regardless of your age, background, ethnicity or gender.
  • Resolves chronic peripheral neuropathy & diabetic nerve pain in both the feet & legs and hands & arms.
  • Is very often permanent because it corrects your pain at the source by restoring damaged peripheral nerve endings.
  • Works whether your PN results from diabetes, chemotherapy, hypertension, or the process of ageing.
  • Works for Peripheral Neuropathy as a result of almost any other major causative factor or factors.
  • Is effective even if you are currently using prescription  meds or other protocols to control your PN symptoms.
  • Can be used effectively after neuropathy surgery, even in cases where neuropathy surgery has failed.
  • It is so simple that anyone can do it, and when done correctly the results can often be felt immediately.

As a retired clinician with over 35 years of experience my heart goes out to all neuropathy sufferers.  If you are one of them, I'm fairly certain I know what you're going through right now.  I feel for you.  I honestly do.

One of things that pains me most in fact, is how so many sufferers like you end up completely capitulating all semblance of their former lives to Peripheral Neuropathy. ...Especially when a ready, proven Solution exists but isn't used only because the sufferer knows not where to find it. Here is the link again. The Neuropathy Solution Program.

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New Sweetener

3. Once-a-Week Injection Could Fight Diabetes Complications

Hey guys, would you jump at the chance to get one shot a week to fight the diabetes complications? I don't know about you, but I will. This will be a dream come true. Once this is in place, I'm telling you I will give up this website for which I work 8 hours a day all year. Because then you won't need me anymore.

Imagine not having the fear to develop complications in the kidney, heart, eyes and the nerves. That is what I have been praying for all these years. Just a visit to a doctor who will give me an injection once a week. And voila, no more complications to worry about. Because those darn complications are the only ones that are keeping me from just staying in my rocking chair.

Because I have to keep track of the news for you. I am so afraid you will miss any news like this. That is why, I keep plugging away. You might miss any of this stuff and there you go, opportunity missed. But here I am, your eyes and ears to keep on top of all the news online and off line as well and to sort out the bad from the good.

And here you go. There is a small CA-based biopharmaceutical company in San Diego called Cebix who wants you to think of prevention instead of the Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. They developed a new drug called Ersatta which they are hoping to be the answer to our prayers. It relies on the C-peptide hormone which is produced along with the insulin in people who do not have problems with their pancreas.

Scientists have been trying to uncover the mystery of the C-peptide hormone and the clinical trials have shown that these have beneficial effects to such complications as retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy. So organizations have been trying to come up with a drug that will do the same thing C-peptide hormone is known to be doing.

The first-phase study was kind of successful because the participants said that after they stopped taking the Ersatta at the end of the trial, they realized the benefits of that drug. Their cracked dry skin cleared up, their hands and feet felt warmer and it appeared the nutrients reached the extremities because the circulation increased.

Even the FDA is impressed because I heard they are fast-tracking this drug because there are so many diabetics who are in pain and need this kind of help. It is about time, don't you think? Sometimes I feel like they have forgotten the diabetics. That is why I can't stop this monitoring of the blogosphere to make sure you will have the information you need in a timely manner.

4. A Success Quotation of the Month

“Friendship isn't about who you have known the longest    It's about those who came and never left your side .... “

I don’t know who wrote this, but I wanted to put this in here today because I am feeling nostalgic. I know I am being selfish instead of putting a quotation here for you so you will be in inspired to look after yourself, here I am taking care of myself. But I can’t help feeling successful because I have friends in all of you who have stayed with me and never left my side.

5. And here's the dessert recipe we promised you.

Tasty Apple Pie

6. Some Humour - Let's laugh together at this joke even if it's not funny. That's not really funny, but it's better than dwelling on the more serious stuff all the time. So let's find out what's funny around us. For example, you might find something funny when you snort milk out of your nose. There's also absurd humor when the familiar is replaced by something unexpected.

There are also superior humors like the lawyer asking have I left something out while the surgeon asks, "Have I left anything in?" There is also laughter when there is not even a joke said. Usually this is about relationships in the family and culture. Whatever, it helps us cope with life. It certainly relieves mental and physical tension.

Toot the Horn!

Man: Honey when I toot the horn, open the door okay?

Wife: Okay honey, what did you bring, the van?

Man: No.

Wife: The car?

Man: No.

Wife: The motorbike?

Man: No.

Wife: Which did you bring?

Man: Just the horn.

7. Do you have a question or comment for the team?

Drop us a line at our contact form and write your questions or comment there.

You may see your question answered in an upcoming issue of Diabetes Positive Approach like this one below.

7. Q&A: What schedule do I follow so I can avoid complications?

Answer: Diabetes complications are scary but they need not be. For one thing they can be treated. They can even be prevented. Talk to the doctor about how you can do this. If you follow a schedule of regular exams, you should be fine.

Here’s the schedule:

1. Every time you visit your doctor:

Have your weight checked.

Have the doctor take your blood pressure.

Have him examine your feet.

Report to him your glucose monitoring results.

Show him the list of questions you prepared the night before.

2. AIC to b done quarterly unless goals are being met.

3. Get the following done once a year.

Check the damage to the nerve.

Complete foot exam

Lipid profile but if normal, every 2 years is fine

Dilated Eye exam but if normal, every 2 or 3 years is fine.

Albumin-to-creatinine ratio to detect kidney disease, microalbumin

Serum creatinine and urinalysis for protein

Dental exam (your doctor may recommend more frequent visits)

4. You may need some vaccinations like for the flu once a year, pneumoccal sometimes only once but if over 64 or if immunity has been compromised, this has to be repeated.

Remember to consult your doctor for these are just general guidelines.

8. Got something to say? Please write down your questions and comments in the contact form in our website.

Just go to the contact form and write your questions there. Also go to the disclaimer.

Thank you for being a subscriber of Diabetes Positive Approach, !

Despite this dreadful topic we are working on, we are at the same time creating a healthy self-image. Go and shout it to the world, "I have a healthy self-image!" Brag on yourself every once in awhile. Get in your corner and I will be there rooting for you.

In addition to the positive traits you have, think of every successful thing you did in the past. It does not have to be a big thing like climbing the Mount Everest. Preparing a wonderful meal for the family should account as a success. And I bet quite a few of you have this accomplishment under your belt.

Warm Regards,

Roger and Evelyn Guzman

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